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[Release Notes] Disney Wonderful Worlds | Worldwide Release (v.1.9)

Greetings Parkitects,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived - Disney Wonderful Worlds is now available worldwide! Returning and new players can now design their own magical Park in this new version of the game! Our amazing and magical team has made a lot of changes to the game throughout its development, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with everyone!

We cordially invite you to read the fascinating changes detailed below!




Start your enchanting adventure with 5 magical Keys to unlock one of the two available lands, Fantasyland and Adventureland.
Which land will you unlock first? The exciting choice is yours!


Complete tasks to create your dream Park!

Tasks can be considered as:

  • Building and Customizing Attractions.
  • Welcoming new Disney Characters.
  • Unlocking Decorations.
  • Unlocking Costumes.
  • Choosing new Decorations.


As you complete tasks, your progression meter will fill up! Charge the meter up to 100% and unlock the next Section for more exhilarating content!



You’ll be able to unlock various Decorations as your Park expands!
Decoration slots often feature various Decorations, so make sure to select the one that best suits your Park!

Plus, you’ll also be able to select dazzling Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Decorations for a limited time! Make sure to get them before they’re gone!


Wishes are still available but have been slightly modified.
Make your Guests’ Wishes come true to unlock great rewards to customize your Park better!

*Please note that Wishes have been disabled temporarily.


  • Basic Match-3 pieces have been redesigned.
  • New, updated, and revamped Levels. (1 - 300)
  • Shake feature has been added to give added zest and gusto to your game.
    • This feature can be disabled in the Options menu.
  • New and fun mechanics and blockers have been introduced.
  • Delightful visual changes have been made to existing mechanics.


  • Overall visual improvements and changes have been made to enhance the user experience.
  • New languages have been added: Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Global SFX and music updates made.
  • Various bug fixes.

We want to thank everyone for providing their feedback and suggestions to improve the game. The magic doesn’t stop here as we invite you to continue sharing them in our Suggestions section! Our Park Engineers look forward to hearing about your experience!

We’re also aware that some players have encountered a few issues while designing their Park. Rest assured that our Park Engineers are working tirelessly to fix these issues.

Lastly, please check our dedicated pre-registration thread if you haven’t claimed your pre-registration rewards yet!

Good to know that US has the Game after it was release date