[ Release notes] [fan-made]

[ Release notes] (fan made)
Jurassic World alive
Update 2.15

The new aquatic update!

In this release notes we will show you new creatures,new features and a whole new battle arena.

New creatures:

New features (1):

The code name:

Before this update you weren’t always possible to change your name. That may be frustating or not fun because maybe you know a new name and want to change your player name. So we were looking for a way to do that and here we have it:

You can now change your name with 500 coins OR if you don’t want to spend coins, becauss you need it but you want still change your player name, you can also use 50 cash for it.

New battle arena!:

You may already saw some NEW aquatic dinosaurs. You think now: hey cool aquatics are finally coming to the game… but… how do we need to do it with the battles? Now here you find the information about it:

Like by the dinosaurs we already have in the game, we have a new arena JUST for the aquatics. You can see it almost as jurassic world the game. You can have 4 creatures in a battle. It’s just the same as the normal battle arena’s.
But: that isn’t everything:

We also have a second special map: just a map like the old, but now for the aquatics. There are events on it, like strike event’s, you can find aquatics like the epic mosasaurus, megalodon, if you’re really lucky you can even find the megalosaurus.it’s just the same as the old map. You can find the map under the scents place. Later we have more information if we get more of the aquatics.

For now is that anything on the new aquatics creatures, battle arena and the new map. When we have more aquatics we also go for aquatic raids and even more!

NOTE: this is my first time i did this. Im still bad at doing it good for new creatures. It’s more about a new creature idea. If you want to help me, please be my guest to give me tips and info to make better creatures idea’s. ( the new creatures are the ones i really want in the game).
I hope this may be a good update idea :slight_smile:

It may be hard to look at the new creatures idea’s. I have the idea it didn’t came totally out if i wanted it but i hope it is possible to read it all good. If you have questions, just ask them. Also plz let know how you think about this update and if you think this will be nice.

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You call this an aquatic update when there’s barely any aquatics


Also the mosa hybrid uses the same name as a creature already in the game.


Same as alloraptor

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Yeah i dont really know more sorry

But is it for now good idea or not?