[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive 2.12 [Fan Made]


Update 2.12 We are in the 6th Mass Extintion so the new Update will add some of the creatures extincted in the Holocene.

Whats New.

New Creatures
New Raids
Creatures Updates.
Boost Reset Coins.

New creatures.


Passenger Pigeon (Flock)

Toolache Wallaby

Pyrenean Ibex

New Hybrids.

Thylasinoraptor (Unique) (Thylacine + Utasinoraptor)
Passenger Argenteryx (Flock) (Legendary) (Passenger Pigeon + Argenteryx)
Wallalloraptor (Unique) (Toolache Wallaby + Alloraptor)

New Apex
MagnaBenjamin (in honor to the last Thylacine)

New Raids

MagnaBenjamin remplaces Mortem Rex 1 December
Thylacine Remplaces Tyrannosaurus Rex 8 December

Creatures Update.
Indoraptor Armor Piercing Rampage change to Definite Rampage.
Mortem Rex Roar 2 Cooldown change to 1 Cooldown
Testacorniburs Power Counter Heal to nothing
Attack 1100 to 1200
Attack 1300 to 1400
Attack 1200 to 1400
Stun Resistance 66%
Attack 1400 to 1600
HP 3900 to 4200
Deceleration Counter to Medium Deceleration Counter

Boost Reset Coins
Now every friday you can get a Boost Reset Coin use this on a creature and reset his boost, of course you can get even more in the shop. whis this you cant have to wait for a boost shuffle event.


I… don’t think they would add creatures that have just recently gone extinct. It would ruin the point of the game being “Jurassic”. There are even photographs of some of the creatures you wanted to add @David_Mesas.


We have dodo

Yes but Dodo is what you consider a “classic” amongst these games.

And we’re not adding pigeons to the game

it is modern, but not modern to us, it was more of early humans that drove them extinct, but there are actual pictures of these and photographs were invented in the 1800s which is pretty recent. dodo is also just a fan favorite while not many might know these besides passenger pigeon and thylacine

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dodo is clasic
pyrenean ibex was extinted 24 years ago, too short?


No please don’t remove Mortem Raid…

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They should add dinosaurs not extinct animals.

I can’t tell whether testa got buffed or nerfed

Ma se togliete il Mortem Rex come fa chi non lo ha sbloccato!!!

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Translated From Italian

“But if you remove the Mortem Rex like someone who hasn’t unlocked it does !!!”

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Dinosaurs are extinct animals.

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Everyone in the “dinos only in my dino game” gang just shuttered. :joy:

This is just for fun though, so I won’t fault you for being creative. However, I do personally think there are some more interesting (and realistic in combat) extinct animals left to choose from before we get to pigeons and goats. We do have Dodo, but it makes sense as a “mascot” of extinct animals in general (if you played Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals, you know), so I personally think it’s a great addition. Out of your picks though, while I find most to be unlikely to ever happen, I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if we got a Thylacine at some point down the line. We may even get a Kangaroo too - just more likely the giant Procoptodon than the relatively obscure and unremarkable Toolache Wallaby.


Repeat that, but slowly

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I don’t want to ruin your day sport, but 1) We already know what the new update will give us
2) they ain’t removing any Apex raid as long as it’s the only free way of obtaining them