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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.10

  • Allosaurus GEN2
    • Critical chance increased to 30%.

Unecesary…he is already stronger than T-rex…gen maybe buff others chompers?

  • Ardentismaxima
    • HP increased to 5700.

Completly aweful,he was already almost the number 1 of the game now he is beyond broken

  • Carbotoceratops
    • Gains Immune To Damage Over Time.

I have never play or play against him so…

  • Diplovenator
    • HP increased to 3900.

At least somethings good

  • Dsungaia
    • HP increased to 3240.

Not sure if his buff was necesary

  • Irritator GEN2
    • HP increased to 3750. Damage reduced to 1000. Ready to Crush replaced by Ferocious Strike.


  • Nasutoceratops
    • Attack increased to 1000. Basic Attack becomes Long Decelerating Strike.

as carboto…i had never saw one of them

  • Paramoloch
    • Gained Immune to Stuns.

good for him but i think stun start to become not very useful by these times

  • Sarcosuchus
    • HP reduced to 3900. Attack reduced to 1000. Exploit Open Wound becomes Lethal Wound.


  • Stygidaryx
    • Gains Immune to Damage Over Time.

mmmhm k?even if dot wasn’t his bigger threat

  • Thylacotator
    • HP decreased to 4350.


  • Tuoramoloch
    • We have heard your feedback and have buffed this superhybrid.
    • Attack ever so slightly decreased to 1020. Gained Immune to Stuns. Impact and Run becomes Rampage and Run.

i guess…its good for him??i can’t say

  • Gallimimus
    • Attack reduced to 1170. HP reduced to 2700.


  • Indoraptor
    • Attack reduced to 1420.

whats about indoG2 which need a HUGE NERF?

  • Kelenken
    • Attack drastically reduced to 1350. HP reduced to 2700.


  • Monomimus
    • Attack reduced to 1130.

never saw this one

  • Ornithomimus
    • HP reduced to 2850.

this one should have dmg nerf aswell

  • Phorusrhacos
    • Attack reduced to 1400. HP reduced to 2700.


  • Proceratomimus
    • Attack reduced to 1550. HP reduced to 3600.

The nerf is still not strong enough

  • Quetzorion
    • HP reduced to 3750 but gains Immune to Distraction.

ok?i never play him anyway…

  • Smilodon
    • Attack reduced to 1400. HP reduced to 3000.

he needed a buff…

At least nothing really interesting
The immune plague is still rampant and worst,they put the creatures which start to “fall” into the immunity section…
In 4 month we will play a immune game where you will forget stun,distraction ,slow…


Carbocera getting immune to DoT makes sense since Carbo has it and it’s, ya know, a turtle. Can’t cause bleeding if it’s tucked away inside its shell.

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Let’s hope so…Currently its legendary is even better

WHOO! Indoraptor is worth using again! :smiley:

P.S. Nerf Procerathomimus! Nerf it hard, like, 4 months before today! Please?

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Who? Where? What time? This “feedback” that is claimed by Ludia is hilarious…yet the over 1000 post DC thread goes as unanswered feedback? IN what world did you guys sum up feedback from? Does it come in the dreams as the devs sleep? Imaginery friends? The recent nerf to daily, day spawns was a huge nerf and it is already hard to find certain critters on those specific days… now you are talking an even bigger daily, day nerf. HA. Might as well buff the hell out of those dinos since they will be incredibly hard to make, level and complete now!

Besides the boost reset, all the rest could have easily waited… horrible update.


I think Monomimus finally deserve a buff. Maybe just small increase of raw stats health increase 200 and attack up to 1400. Maybe change Distracting strike to Distracting Impact … Maybe both of it

He is really weak, maybe the weakest of Legendaries


If Yoshi had evasive strike as a move I would agree, but since it doesn’t this doesn’t make sense at all.

I meant evasive stance. Got my moves mixed up :joy:

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I really like that they didn’t feel they had to wait a whole three months before changing stuff! :smiley: I’ve never seen this game do that before. And they’re making a real update, too! Looks like some good work!

With a health nerf I can’t see Yoshi users wasting a move that does no damage to be honest.
I would still say it’s a nerf.
Same goes for Indoraptor.
In the higher arenas a third of 5000 damage is still enough to consider evasive stance as too risky.

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Id say keep it as is minus this new hp buff. 1300 atk is meaningful but not ridiculous or lacking. When I saw that 5700 I was like “Oh lawd they didn’t!”

Pretty pleased about quetzorion being immune to distraction and the new 100% dodge for sidestep ok so it lost some hp but she will still be great. I’m almost level 29 atm

Does indo g2 get the same nerf as indo g2 for the cloak change? And which loon thought maxima needed more health. 10k Maximas will be everywhere.

The whole point of ES is to try and survive until Rampage is off cooldown. It’s able to actually do that with ES without it being as much of gamble. Yes it got a 300 HP reduction, but it is also a lot more likely you can successfully dodge. Most of the feedback I’ve seen from Yoshi users is that it’s decent trade in their mind.

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Not much changes, except few buffs and nerfs and of course boosts reset.

What about scents in parks? Will be fixed or we should wait till 1.11?

Just remove daily spawns already. Commons are useless and never nerfed enough. Rare are now really hard to find, while epic will probably become extinct with update, as they were extremely rare even when dailies were released.

Please return Anky back in one of local zones. For me is almost extinct as daily spawn. Found much more when it was in parks.

Some nerfs were unnecessary, as well as Ardentis’ buff. My only wish is that every boost is returned because if we lost any on the update it’s going to be the biggest mess ever.

It would be so much better if Anky will be global spawn. Instead of Spino or Bary )
I miss him for two weeks and Darwy for three weeks in a row =(

But I think it should be managed by this proportion. 40% for zone spawns, 30 for global spawns and 30% for daily ones. Hybrid pursuit shares chances with daily spawns 40% to 60% accordingly.

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what’s this?


what’s this? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

??? is this just a note to a future update?

this is not an update, it’s a bug fix. :roll_eyes:

based on polemical discussions about a carnivore eating a goat in sanctuary, i suggest this can be turned on and off in settings. some people may not like.

indoraptor g2 and maxima should be a tyrant+ now. :laughing:

@Piere87 i believe @Ludia_Developers don’t wanna let you rest.

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I wish more effort was put into game play than wasting time and energy by adding blood and guts. There is a lot good about this game- all of us here are playing and like it. Why add gore?
It would be a good idea to make it optional. Lots going on in our world today. It’s nice to NOT have realism in our game.


Niiiiice, can’t wait to see that. Though not really necessary. Should be an opcional effect.

I’m happy with this.:point_up:

In general, the creature rebalance seems mostly fair, except for those:

It is perfect the way it is in 1.9, was this really necessary?

NOOOOOOOOOOOO I really wanted to run this thing, not sure it’s worth it anymore. It had a perfect balance of stats from the parents, now it feels lacking.

LOL At least we got the meme back?

Hasn’t that already been done on 1.9? If this isn’t a typo, I see no reason for this. No one asked or wanted this, if anything, epic daily spawns are horribly scarce as is. Common daily spawns are fine. Rare could use a small buff, but mostly fine. Any less than how it is right now would be bad.