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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.10

and why not showing bug fixes

Because this is not a big update like 1.9, 1.8, 1.7 etc.

This update has been squeezed in mainly to provide the changes to boosts instead of waiting until they are ready for the next big update. I’m sure there will be bug fixes in 1.11.

Update tomorrow at 8AM EDT

Oh okay 10 characters

Less animation and speedier game play would be appreciated. Not sure we need more animation, blood

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I’m just going to throw this in here :slight_smile:

Going to be a good time figuring out the new boost system. I’m not sure what the BONUS will look like. I hope all the $ invested isn’t a huge waste because they decided to scale it poorly.

Hardly anyone puts boosted dinos in sanctuaries so its probably a trivial point anyway.

Maybe your alliance doesn’t do that, but there are a lot that do. It’s key to reaching level 20 as fast as possible.


Adapt or die. BtW the green bird looks nothing like a rat. What do you have against rats anyway? I think boosted Thor is broken as all get out. So is matchmaking when I constantly battle a team of boosted 30s. My team is 27-29

Still can’t fathom the Indo1 nerf and not Indo2…not that I think the other one should be nerfed too, it’s Indo1 that should have been left alone!


Oh man Thor is easy with Magna and rinex a few others oppose Thor also or atleast set up your next dino to kill it and then your dino has attack 2 ready.

Idk but I struggle much more when a team has dracoRAT and proceRAT. I’m actually more annoyed with the green one. Now it will be dodging, distracting, nullifying, fastest, and immune… Its an abomination imo. Just my opinion especially I don’t use one. And the rat just one shots dinos more than Thor…

I guess my problem with them is neither could be considered tough to get yet they drastically change matches much more than any others. I also think they limit what dinos a team can use in most cases. It slims down what everyone is willing to use.


Please never stop to talk.

I support your text 100%.

Miss some things here in this new patch:
■ exchange epic dna with max of 3 times
■ exchange legendary dna with max of 1 time
■ birds in sanctuary
■ level dino that is in sanctuary
■ remove dino from sanctuary

I don’t think Indo 2 is as op as the unique version

That is a good point I don’t know if anyone would want to see anything like that, in fact the game is already quite violent so Ludia doesn’t need to add more blood and gore to the mix.

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Where is dat DC nerf we are all waiting for?


No DNA exchange greater than Epic.

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let me talk a cent about all these nerf/buff questions:

maxima buffed, why? indoraptor2 not nerfed, why? etc… why?

because ludia wants you to SPEND. incubators, coins, booooosts.

we have a buffed dino. wow, let’s spend dna, coins, incubators, boosts, to have a great beast to arena.

then, it’s nerfed. pity, let’s drop it and choose another great meta dino and spend everything to it too…

then, it’s nerfed, and that first dino is buffed again. wow, let’s spend more, now worth it again. and let’s drop the other.

and… and… and… this is the eternal meta cycle. it’s not about balancing, it’s about spending resources.

indoraptor, magnapyritor, monostegotops, we alteady watched this movie. let’s watch again with procerathomimus, monomimus, indoraptor2, maxima, whatever.


Having frequent updates is what makes this game fun IMO… Please add an option to turn the blood off tho

Edit: found it! Thanks!