[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11


Hello fellow DPG members,

This update is focused on Convenience Features like Multi Fusion and Contextual Teams. Buckle up DPG members! A variety of anticipated enhancements are on the way.

Here’s what we’re excited to bring you in the coming update:

  • Contextual Teams
  • Multi Fusion
  • Campaign
  • Alliance improvements
  • Geo-Location & Sanctuaries
  • Emotes
  • Ability Updates
  • New Abilities
  • New Creatures
  • Battle Balancing
  • Creature Updates
  • Misc.
  • Bug Fixes & Known Issues


Ever wished you could play Friendly Battles without needing to re-do this weekend’s Tournament Team selection? Well, wish no more!

Each game context now has its own team. Editing a contextual team does not affect any other context.

  • Tournaments have their own contextual teams.
    • Tournament Teams are saved as soon as you press DONE in the team editing interface.
    • Tournament Teams are exclusive to a specific tournament. Tournament Teams “expire” once the reward is ready to be collected.
  • Friendly Battles and PVP Teams each have their own contextual teams.
    • Each can be individually edited in the Roster screen. You can switch between each team using the tabs at the top.
    • Friendly Battle Team option is accessible once you have unlocked 9 different creatures.
    • Friendly and PVP Teams are saved as soon as you press DONE in the team editing interface.
  • Every Strike Event has its own contextual team, which is auto-selected for the next step.
    • The team selection flow for Strike Events has been changed to match that of Campaign mode. You can now fill up the creatures’ slots by choosing from your whole roster.
    • Launch the battle to save the Strike Event team. (It is not saved while being edited).
  • As before, Campaign Missions have their own contextual teams.
  • Changes for Sanctuaries:
    • Creatures on PVP, Friendly, and Tournament teams cannot be placed in a Sanctuary while they are in your teams. If you want to place a creature in a Sanctuary, you need to remove it from your teams first.
    • A creature that is used in a PvE context (Strike Events, Campaign Mode) can be placed into a Sanctuary. Doing so will remove the creature from these PvE contexts (if necessary). Like before, while the creature stays in a Sanctuary, it cannot be used in battles.


For our veteran players, this system lets you perform 5, 20, 50, 100, or 250 fusions at once. You need to have the required amount of DNA to perform the selected amount of fusions.

  • Access restrictions: Available at User Level 17 & the hybrid must have been created beforehand.
  • From the hybrid’s character sheet, tap the purple Multi Fusion button to access this sub-interface.
  • Select how many fusions you want to do, then hit FUSE.
  • Watch the animation play once and give you the sum of all of the performed fusions.
  • Note that with this feature, it is possible to go over the required amount of DNA for a Level Up.
    • This lets users accumulate a large stockpile of hybrid DNA to work on that creature’s superhybrid, for instance.
    • If you wish to perform a level-up, go back to the character sheet using the < back button.

A Note On Inventory Quantities

  • It is possible to bring your total DNA near (or up to) the DNA inventory limit while using this feature.
  • The system stops performing fusions as soon as the total DNA stock goes above the DNA limit, preventing you from losing any resources in the process.
    • The currency costs (DNA Type 1, DNA Type 2, and Coins required to perform the operation) that are displayed in the interface assume a full “run” of the selected amount of fusions.
    • If the system stops the multi-fusion batch mid-way because the limit is reached, any fusions left to perform will not be performed, and the associated resources will not be spent.



Mission Rebalancing

Mission #72 was made easier by changing the opponent’s Stat Boost Tiers from 8 to 5. This makes them more in line with the difficulty of the Missions that were there before and those that are after.


Friend & Alliance Management: Last Online

You can now see how long ago someone was last online in your Friends list and Alliance Members list. This will help users manage their Alliances and Friends (based on specific attendance needs). We know features to help Alliance Leaders manage their members are much requested and we’re happy to deliver this first one. In the future, we hope to bring other improvements to Alliances.

Known limitation: When adding a new Friend or Alliance member, this information may take a little while before appearing. Also, users who haven’t connected in the game since October 23 won’t have their “Last online” information visible.


Using Scent Capsules in Parks

Long-time players will remember that Scent Capsules used to have the unofficial side effect of sometimes (rarely!) attracting park creatures when used in parks, but due to a recent bug fix, that side-effect was unfortunately removed. Based on your feedback, we brought back this feature in a more official way! This change was made possible by the technical changes brought in the previous update and paves the way for some other improvements to our geolocation gameplay in the future. In the meantime, we hope this will make it easier to find elusive Park creatures!

The following Scent Capsules can be used in parks to attract park creatures:

  • Small Scent Capsule
  • Large Scent Capsule
  • Rare Scent Capsule
  • Epic Scent Capsule

Notes: The odds of encountering these “park exclusive” creatures while using a Scent Capsule in a park is about the same as when you’re not using one (varies between 49% and 70%). The guaranteed Rare or Epic creature that comes with using a Rare or Epic Scent Capsule will not guarantee a park creature.

Known limitation: With our planet always being full of surprises, there are some very tiny parks in the world that are shown in green in the game but are so tiny that they never attract park creatures. Using Scent Capsules in these tiny parks, unfortunately, won’t attract park creatures either. Our biologist experts think it’s because there’s not enough greenery to eat!

Geolocation Distribution

In 1.10, we made some significant changes to our map system and distribution of objects to accommodate for future features and improvements. Following these changes, we asked you to send us your feedback so that we could look at the effect of those changes on your personal experience. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to make further modifications to our system which should generate more objects in zones that had seen a decrease in points since the previous update. These changes will roll out to all zones over the coming week.

On top of that, one key change you’ll notice is that objects on the map will sometimes change places every 1-4 weeks to provide variety. We’ve always been committed to making sure our game is playable outside, not just in big cities, for a fairer experience.

Drone Targets

We have adjusted Drone targets of the following creatures to bring the difficulty to the same level as other creatures of the same rarity:

  • Allosinosaurus
  • Amargasaurus
  • Amargocephalus
  • Ankylocodon
  • Ankyntrosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Dimetrodon
  • Diplotator
  • Einiasuchus
  • Erlidominus
  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Gorgosuchus
  • Indominus Rex
  • Koolasuchus
  • Lythronax
  • Majundasuchus
  • Marsupial Lion
  • Megalosuchus
  • Monostegotops
  • Purrolyth
  • Rajakylosaurus
  • Scaphognathus
  • Smilocephalosaurus
  • Smilonemys
  • Suchotator
  • Trykosaurus
  • Utasinoraptor


Pterosaurs in Sanctuaries

Pterosaurs and other flying creatures can now be added to Sanctuaries!

Other improvements

  • When choosing which creature to place in a Sanctuary, the interface will now display the DNA bar (DNA you have and DNA you need to level up) under each card, as well as the name of the selected creature. This should make it easier to select the creature you want to place in Sanctuaries.

  • New notifications when all your creatures have returned from Sanctuaries. Please make sure to turn notification on to benefit from this feature by going to Settings > Notifications > Sanctuary creature returned and make sure your device allows for notifications.

  • Some creatures have new animations when caring for them, to provide more variety.


Players can now communicate using in-game emotes… featuring Mr. DNA!

Some pre-selected short sentences can also be used. These sentences are automatically translated to your opponent’s language so that they can understand you.

  • Emotes can be used during the action selection phase in battle to praise or taunt your opponent.
  • You can deactivate this feature via the Emote tray. The mute persists from battle to battle, so if you change your mind, you have to manually use the unmute button.

Note: muting the opponent also prevents you from using emotes and messages yourself.


Cautious Strike

The addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities is the only change that has been made to Cautious Strike. This addition means that the move’s attack will deal damage to an opponent who activated a Dodge. The offensive addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities has made this defense-heavy move even more versatile.

Regenerate and Run

This powerful move is toned down by removing the cleansing component. The main goal is that swaps usually perform all of the required cleansing by virtue of removing the creature from the field… but we want to allow the “creature that wants to cleanse using a swap” to remain vulnerable to Swap Prevention negative effects. In this way, you can prevent Edmontoguanodon and Bajatonodon from healing and swapping out all the time with one well-timed Swap Prevention effect.

Note: As opposed to Regenerate and Run, the Regeneration ability still keeps its cleansing component.



Bajadasaurus | Rare Resilient High Hit Points Sauropod (Healing, Vulnerability, Immune to DoT)

  • Bajadasaurus is a tall sauropod that is at her best when she can use her Superior Vulnerability before attacking with Devastation. With Swap in Heal, she can be swapped out for something else when she has taken some damage then swapped back in (in order to heal up and take another hit).
  • Bellow lets her gain Shields and speed control against faster creatures. Bajadasaurus has average damage, high HP, low speed, and is Immune to Damage Over Time.

Megaloceros | Rare Resilient Fast Tank (Healing, Shield, Speed Control, High Speed, Immune to Deceleration)

  • The Giant Deer interposes its panache in order to use its Shielded Decelerating Strike. With high speed and HP, it uses Swap In Heal and Dig In to Heal up and cleanse at opportune moments. For longer-lasting speed control, it can choose its Decelerating Impact to maintain the speed superiority for more than one turn. Megaloceros is Immune to Deceleration.

Woolly Rhinoceros | Epic Resilient Anti-Tank Tank (Definite, DoT, Armor, Immune to DoT)

  • Woolly Rhinoceros uses its cavity tooth in order to pierce the opponent’s flesh with its Lethal Wound. It has high health, low speed, and average attack. None can get out of the way of its Definite Rampage. When it needs a leg up against a speedy foe, Woolly Rhinoceros uses its Decelerating Strike. Its thick fur makes it Immune to Damage Over Time and gives it a bit of armor.

Woolly Mammoth | Epic Resilient Anti-Tank Tank (Armor-Piercing, Damage Increase, Shield, Heal, Speed Control, Immune to DoT)

  • Woolly Mammoth swipes its tusks in order to stoke its own fury with Persistent Ferocious Strike. It has high health, low speed, and a higher-than-average attack. Woolly Mammoth raises its trunk and unleashes a Bellow to initiate Shields and gain Speed control. Armor Piercing Rampage lets it get the advantage against armored foes. Its thick fur makes it Immune to Damage Over Time and gives it a bit of armor.


Alloraptor | Legendary Fierce Fast Anti-Tank Hybrid (Rend, Defense Shattering, Distraction)

  • Mixing the genes of Allosaurus GEN2 and Delta, Alloraptor is a fast anti-tank creature that can use its Definite Impact and Rending Takedown to deal with armored and/or shielded foes. Alloraptor has 1350 attack, 3600 health and 126 speed. With Pounce and Distraction, it can take care of Fierce creatures that aren’t immune to distraction. While its speed does not compete with that of most raptors, Alloraptor is at least Immune to Deceleration. Delta’s special mobility trait emerges of the hybridization process as Immune to Swap Prevention.

Bajatonodon | Legendary Resilient Healing Tank Superhybrid (Regenerate and Run, Shield, Vulnerability)

  • Edmontoguanodon is an even better tank with the addition of Bajadasaurus DNA. Trading Edmontoguanodon’s stunning abilities for Healing ones, Bajatonodon gains Swap in Heal and retains Regenerate and Run. It can also Bellow at the opponent to gain some temporary shields and longer-term speed advantage. Like Bajadasaurus, it is Immune to Damage Over Time and has the effective ability combo of Superior Vulnerability and Devastation. As expected, Bajatonodon has high health, average attack, and low speed.

Erlikogamma | Epic Cunning Mobile Pouncer Hybrid (Precise, Speed Increase, Hit and Run)

  • Fusing Charlie and Erlikosaurus GEN2, this creature remains as cunning as its progenitors. Short of being stunned or taken out, nothing can keep Erlikogamma at bay with its Immune to Swap Prevention. It uses Precise Pounce and Rampage and Run to deal tremendous amounts of damage while relying on Debilitating Distraction to keep its opponent’s damage in check. When facing opponents of similar speeds, it can use its Minimal Speedup Strike to gain (or keep) its fast edge. Erlikogamma has higher-than-average damage, lower-than-average health, and extreme speed.

Mammotherium | Legendary Resilient Anti-Tank Tank Hybrid (Defense Shattering, Damage Increase, Shield, Heal, Speed Control, Immune to DoT)

  • Combining the DNA of Woolly Mammoth and Elasmotherium, Mammotherium is an Anti-Tank Tank. With high attack, high health, and average armor, Mammotherium can duel against most armored and/or shielded foes thanks to its Definite Rampage. It can increase that powerful attack with Mammoth’s own Persistent Ferocious Strike. In between these offensive bursts, Mammotherium regains lost health and cleanses any impediments with Dig In and keeps the speed superiority with Bellow.

Monolorhino | Unique Fierce Anti-Tank Tank Superhybrid (DoT, Distraction, Definite, Nullify, Immune)

  • Add some Woolly Rhinoceros DNA to the Monolometrodon and you create the Monolorhino. Because two of its “ingredients” are common, Monolorhino can be a Unique for players who are below the Leagues in the rankings.
  • With average damage, high health, average speed, and a bit of armor, Monolorhino can defeat Resilient opponents with its Lethal Wound and Definite Impact. With that latter ability it can successfully deal with Dodgers. With Distraction and Distracting Impact, it can deal with high damage opponents for a few turns. Thanks to its Immunity, Monolorhino’s speed cannot be reduced, giving it an edge in some matchups against slow speed control tanks.

Scaphotator | Epic Fierce Mobile Bleeder Superhybrid (Swap-in DoT, Swap-out DoT, Regeneration, Distraction)

  • Mixing Diplotator and Scaphognathus results in the very mobile Scaphotator. With Swap in Wound and Swoop, Scaphotator is highly mobile and efficient at inflicting enough damage over time to take out a creature in three turns. Scaphotator boasts higher-than-average attack and health, and high speed. In between its arrival and its departure, Scaphotator has access to Regeneration, Distracting Impact and Nullifying Strike.


Top Tier Tweaks

Some precise changes were done to alter the late arenas’ battle ecosystems.

  • Definite Rampage made Indoraptor GEN2 and Ardentismaxima a bit too strong. We are nudging their power level down a bit by allowing dodges to be a valid counter to these big moves by switching the Definite Rampage to the (still quite powerful) Defense Shattering Rampage.
  • Dracoceratops’ swap in damage is now based on the max HP of the target creature, which means that it must be used as a “finisher” rather than a team-cycling assassin.
    • We want to keep this creature’s reliable usage to a very specific set of circumstances.
      • We believe that you can counter by using long-lasting (or swap-in) Shields, high armor, and/or HP% left on the creature.
      • Even with a Swap In critical hit, if your creature has at least 51% HP left, it cannot be defeated instantly.
      • This also means that unarmored, unshielded creatures with 40% or less of their HP are indeed still vulnerable to a Dracoceratops swap in.

Because this is an important change, our designers want to hear your feedback. Your feedback about the Top Tier Tweaks should be posted in this thread, to ensure visibility to our dev team. We would be delighted to see your thoughts on the Dracoceratops change.

  • We are specifically interested in feedback about the mechanical changes to Dracorex Gen2 and Dracoceratops and how their roles have changed in the meta, as well as feedback regarding Regenerate and Run, Ardentismaxima and Indoraptor Gen2’s battle balancing.



  • Definite Rampage becomes Defense Shattering Rampage.


  • Attack increased to 1500, but Swap in Rampage becomes Swap in Savagery.

Dracorex GEN2

  • Attack increased to 1500, but Swap in Rampage becomes Swap in Savagery.

Indoraptor GEN2

  • Definite Rampage becomes Defense Shattering Rampage. This change was done in order to give players a choice. To guarantee that Indoraptor GEN2’s attack targets precisely, use the Cautious Strike!
  • Attack reduced to 1400. The attribute change was a tweak that should have occurred during the 1.10 update (when we implemented the dodge refactor).


Battle Network Connectivity

We now have two on-screen indicators regarding Battle Connectivity.

  • When your connection is spotty for 2s or more, an icon appears in the center screen.
  • The icon is removed when a good connectivity is re-established.
  • When you reconnect to a match, a mention of “catching up to the present” appears to show that we are replaying the match (and to show that the user should not be entering any inputs at this time).


  • Small improvements to Leaderboards to make them easier to navigate, load faster, refresh faster, display more entries, etc.
  • You can now consult the Leaderboard for the previous PvP Season.


There are over 325 bugs fixed in this release. Here are the most major fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • The map becoming unresponsive after minimising the game is now fixed.

  • The VIP perks should now always be granted when you are a VIP. Thank you for your patience to all our VIP players!

  • Sending friendly battle request should be more reliable. Let us know if you see a difference.

  • Disconnection should be handled better in game, particularly during battle. We haven’t resolved all issues yet but you should see improvements. Don’t hesitate to let us know the good and the bad regarding connectivity.

  • The free incubator should now always display the correct uncollected status.

  • Rounding methods were inconsistent in battle. We have normalised the methodology so you should not see different numbers in different interface for the same attribute.

  • Fix a problem where a creature could remain alive with 0 HP in battle.

Known Issue:

If a player has been inactive for over a year, they will identified as online however without a green notification. A fix is on its way!

A note on data collecting
We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been participating in our numerous surveys and providing us with constructive feedback on our forums and social channels. We believe in player feedback and although changes rarely occur immediately, the very tangible data we collect, especially from our surveys, help guide us on our roadmaps and future optimizations.


Yess bois it here


DracoRat has a buff surprise surprise


Finally the rat looses swap in rampage.


Rat is dead bois


Monolometrodon hybrid and my boy delta mixing with allo g2. First want to point that out before I look more lol.


Okay while indo gen2 did get sorta a nerff I have to add tho and this is the only problem with update ummm @E.D who the hell decided that cautious strike needed another ability


Endgame is already the most boring part of the game cautious strike cautious strike cautious strike sooooooo…lets buff it and make it even more boring…well done…well done indeed


Okay, I have to say that this looks like a slight buff to the rat and too cautious strike… The two things that are getting the most complaints on the Forum got buffed? I’m sorry I don’t normally complain like this but it’s almost like you’re trying to drive people away every update


DC IS A NERF NOT A BUFF!! :weary:Not happy about dracoceratops keep reducing them. Keep nurfing the dc want shattering rampage back. It’s a max of 40hp % so does that mean if mine currently hits 3754 ON LVL 28 It won’t nuft someone lower health swapping in? Only 40%. So made it a finisher. However I’ve also been using mine on my team as well after the swap in with rampage and stun. It’s not just a finishing creature but it does liven it up. Your making it too safe people will swap in knowing they don’t have to worry about the dc. Not happy after update changing boosts either you change the moves just after people have used boosts on them not good!


Get ready for Blue incubators to be on sale…


Cautious Strike

The addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities is the only change that has been made to Cautious Strike. This addition means that the move’s attack will deal damage to an opponent who activated a Dodge. The offensive addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities has made this defense-heavy move even more versatile.

Is this a joke?
Did you just buff the most buffed ability in-game to allow it to strike cloaked creatures as well?

You are clueless to what we asked for, and that ability needed. IT NEEDED A NERF… NOT making the strongest possible thing!?

Edit: Most people spam Cautious Strike over any of its other abilities. Now it has no reason not to keep spamming it with a cloak bypassing move as well, as long as that distract does its job… just wow

Edit 2: Also one unique that has no bearing to the meta what so ever. I feel that was extremely lazy.

Mammotherium - Useless
Monolorhino - Useless
Scaphotator - Dot reliant creature? What is this Patch 1.5?
Bajatonodon - Useless
Erlikogamma - Possible good since it has 75% distraction - But it is an epic, with very low health. There is a unique with those capabilities and it is lacking heavily already.
Alloraptor - No Allog2 to ever get it to team level unless Allog2 is being released into the wild


This does put a smile on my face


Not only that they nerfed regen and run but not regular regen which the RaT has what the hell man

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Overall looks awesome, besides the cautious buff. Now IndoG2 really is broken.


As I was sort of just saying dinos need definite rampage because of the stupid procerat. So I think it’s bad to remove it. Looks like you did a lot of work on this and congrats. But that worries me. What are we supposed to use against that dino?


Still no :poop: about grypo?? I call it. eIV284HUjkspUxDVrv

Anyone with more competence will tell you “lives find a way”. Park dinos should be found anywhere when pushing a scent. Shouldn’t be otherwise just because it’s the way they are programmed to be.


Speaking of the proRAT no other creativity balance changes or buffs or nerf how is this a big update again the last update was more game changing

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Too bad there wasn’t something positive about the boosts in these notes. Like maybe, we’re sorry for the huge mess, we’re going to remove them and give back the in game cash.