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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

I still belive dodgers are broken both indos are super hard to counter without nullyfying or dinos able to slow then down im not even talk about Pro RAT after the update, i still think indo should lose its immunity to stun and indo g2 should lose immunity to distraction this way both would be diferent and more balanced

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Would you rather have it go back to 50% chance of total damage mitigation? Evasion as it it does its job and can’t be used to cheese at 100 health like it could way back. But since Ardentis lost DR you bring a fair point in regard to counters. I feel like a damage tweak to Ardentis instead of DSR is needed.

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Thats what i like to hear. Ways to balance dinos that don’t involve changing a mechanic a third time. I would do the opposite of that tho. G1 immune to stun and G2 immune to distraction.


Thank goodness. Finally a way to somewhat monitor activity in my alliance. #NotPlayingNotStaying

But why take away for Maxima?!? It wasn’t OP. You guys let Pro, Thor, and dracoceratops run around like mad men and the counter to them just got nerfed. That’s lame!

I like the sanctuary update. I’ve always wondered how much dna I have while looking at creatures. So this is a welcomed addition.

Erliko gen 2 getting a second hybrid?!? Nooooo I am 28.5 on erlikospyx. Now I have to create this other hybrid. Ugh. That dna is so hard to get.

Park scents are back which is good but sounds like it was a glitch from the start and now they’ve made it official but nerfed lol.

Don’t care for the new creatures other than the long neck as it IS a DINOSAUR. The others will just be a waste of time collecting to complete my dinodex again.

Still mad about Maxima.

Scared about what will happen with the map!

Hopefully alliance chat is fixed in one of those bug fixes.

Everyone complaining about your stat boost, nobody forced you to buy them or use them. Name of the game is to make money. If you invest in dinos they’ll change meta so you are forced to buy more. I’m enjoying my unboosted team from the start.


Same here. Unboosting is good on the wallet. No need to worry about having to reallocate boosts and all

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This is complicated because we are talking top tier, and Ludia has not defined top tier. Luckily it has been done here. The Tyrants that are not Tyrants because of the boost system and a huge game imbalance
Top 3. Indoraptor gen 2, Ardentimaxima. Geminititan.
Magnapyritor Trykosaurus Quetzorion

Three others to consider
Diorajsaur (gets replaced by Geminititan when high enough level)
Erlidominus which use is dwindling.
That’s the top tier based on usage by the top players, who have adapted to boost system, that has made over 60% of the unique dinosaurs end game irrelevant.
So how does the new Dracoceratops do against this bunch?
Not well.6 are armored and Indo will be cautiously cloaked, requiring players to have a calculator to take in account armor and such. In a nutshell DC is bad against those.
Quetzorion will also most likely be cloaked due to swap or ability. The two turn invincible shield will annoy. So Dracoceratops will be semi useful against Magnapyritor and the lesser used Erlidominus and Thylocator.
Based on this quick analysis Dracoceratops drops out of the top tier.
Ardentismaxima will still be top 3, you would think this might allow Erlidominus to creep back into.the scene, but Ardent had an instant invincible shield, it will use when Erlidominus uses the cloak.
Sure Dracoceratops might be fun, because of 20 boost health and regeneration and run tactics, but running away leaves the swapped in dinosaur taking a hit.
Basically in a nut shell, you nerfed a top tier dinosaur and it will drop out of the top, but it won’t change how useless the other unique dinosaurs that are no longer endgame viable, because Dracoceratops has no affect on their lack of end game usage.

what, no paragraph of changes to monomimus? this might be a first :sweat_smile:

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Ludia devs.


i kinda get ig2’s nerf at least you’ll get precise with cautious strike. but the whole point of ardentismaxima is to fight the small pesky dodging dinos like erlidom, quetzerion, procerat, even ig2, etc, none of which have shields or armor. so why make it just shattering rampage? defeats the whole point of it being in the game.

maybe lower it’s damage some if it’s gonna get nerfed, but keep definite rampage.


First thing thanks for finally taking on the Dracoceratops again. We will see how this goes.

Second Indoraptor GEN2, I have never heard anyone complain about Definite Rampage but Cautious Strike being too over powered is always talked about. Now it can do even more with bypassing evasive abilities. It’s now a 6 in 1 basic attack. You just made things even worse on this one.


No one:

Not even the universe:

Ludia: HoW aBOuT We JuST YEET ThAT Out The WINDOW.

PLAYERS: why, my boost are all gone, why u do?

Ludia: Y E E T…

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No one:

Not even Raptor Jesus:

Not even existence it’s self:

@Ludia_Developers : yA kNoW wHatTt nEeDs a BufF… CaUtIoUs StRiKe iTs NoT StROnG EnOUgh!


I feel like dentist losing definite rampage is a bit too much. Precise maybe would have been okay. I mostly use it as a reliable evasive/cloak counter. It’s overpowered currently, for sure. A bit of a health and maybe attack Nerf would have been warranted, IMO. Those plus precise instead of definite might have been preferred.

I’ll wait and see a bit, but it feels like a situation of “haha you shouldn’t have boosted it!”


I think there may be one person who would have suggested the CS buff. No, not me.

Honestly it’s they had just made it a precise rampage then that basically would have made it good against why it needs to be good against ( indos, raptors, rats, pro rats, erlidom indom, etc) it would have balanced out that it recks tanks which was kinda unfair and why it didn’t have that may counters. See it took less than two days to come up with better balances to these dinos

They mention that it doesnt break shields or armor.

How is indoraptor gen2 nerfed to a normal Dino?
It got a buff.

I’m not liking the sound of this dracorat situation…but at least I don’t have to deal with ppl switching in their disgustingly OPed draco and one shotting my erlidom anymore! :sweat_smile: #cheapshot

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At least it only does 1X damage



HAHAHA good! I’d love some crying pics of all the users who spent all their boosts on draco since the last update :joy::rofl: