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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

Yess bois it here


DracoRat has a buff surprise surprise


Finally the rat looses swap in rampage.


Rat is dead bois


Monolometrodon hybrid and my boy delta mixing with allo g2. First want to point that out before I look more lol.


Okay while indo gen2 did get sorta a nerff I have to add tho and this is the only problem with update ummm @E.D who the hell decided that cautious strike needed another ability


Endgame is already the most boring part of the game cautious strike cautious strike cautious strike sooooooo…lets buff it and make it even more boring…well done…well done indeed


Okay, I have to say that this looks like a slight buff to the rat and too cautious strike… The two things that are getting the most complaints on the Forum got buffed? I’m sorry I don’t normally complain like this but it’s almost like you’re trying to drive people away every update


DC IS A NERF NOT A BUFF!! :weary:Not happy about dracoceratops keep reducing them. Keep nurfing the dc want shattering rampage back. It’s a max of 40hp % so does that mean if mine currently hits 3754 ON LVL 28 It won’t nuft someone lower health swapping in? Only 40%. So made it a finisher. However I’ve also been using mine on my team as well after the swap in with rampage and stun. It’s not just a finishing creature but it does liven it up. Your making it too safe people will swap in knowing they don’t have to worry about the dc. Not happy after update changing boosts either you change the moves just after people have used boosts on them not good!


Get ready for Blue incubators to be on sale…


Cautious Strike

The addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities is the only change that has been made to Cautious Strike. This addition means that the move’s attack will deal damage to an opponent who activated a Dodge. The offensive addition of Bypassing Evasive Abilities has made this defense-heavy move even more versatile.

Is this a joke?
Did you just buff the most buffed ability in-game to allow it to strike cloaked creatures as well?

You are clueless to what we asked for, and that ability needed. IT NEEDED A NERF… NOT making the strongest possible thing!?

Edit: Most people spam Cautious Strike over any of its other abilities. Now it has no reason not to keep spamming it with a cloak bypassing move as well, as long as that distract does its job… just wow

Edit 2: Also one unique that has no bearing to the meta what so ever. I feel that was extremely lazy.

Mammotherium - Useless
Monolorhino - Useless
Scaphotator - Dot reliant creature? What is this Patch 1.5?
Bajatonodon - Useless
Erlikogamma - Possible good since it has 75% distraction - But it is an epic, with very low health. There is a unique with those capabilities and it is lacking heavily already.
Alloraptor - No Allog2 to ever get it to team level unless Allog2 is being released into the wild


This does put a smile on my face


Not only that they nerfed regen and run but not regular regen which the RaT has what the hell man

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Overall looks awesome, besides the cautious buff. Now IndoG2 really is broken.


As I was sort of just saying dinos need definite rampage because of the stupid procerat. So I think it’s bad to remove it. Looks like you did a lot of work on this and congrats. But that worries me. What are we supposed to use against that dino?


Still no :poop: about grypo?? I call it. eIV284HUjkspUxDVrv

Anyone with more competence will tell you “lives find a way”. Park dinos should be found anywhere when pushing a scent. Shouldn’t be otherwise just because it’s the way they are programmed to be.


Speaking of the proRAT no other creativity balance changes or buffs or nerf how is this a big update again the last update was more game changing

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Too bad there wasn’t something positive about the boosts in these notes. Like maybe, we’re sorry for the huge mess, we’re going to remove them and give back the in game cash.


We’re do we stand with Dino’s now boosted? You haven’t just changed their stats but you’ve now changed a move set. After real money being spent, these new moves are wasted on what people have given up their hard earned cash for.
Both Dracoceratops and Ardentismaxima are no longer able to perform the damage you advertised at the time of sale.


Both of maximas components have a definite strike in some capacity. So I definitely don’t agree with taking away its ability to break through dodge and evasive. Doesn’t make much sense.