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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

I know what your saying, but this is sooo much better than it used to be, if that really is the purpose.

Lol but wait look who else is on sale today before the update



My dracocerstops feedback is that I boosted the attack and have now lost months worth of boosts to refund them. Let us refund 100% of this timelocked currency already. Or at least make a window where we can between seasons.

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It’s been confirmed that it is an EPIC.

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Has been confirmed ???Where ???:face_with_monocle:

in this thread.

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No Ardentismaxima needs a counter. The thing was way worse than Indo G2

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Thank you so much!!!:smile:

I’m glad “Scator” is epic :star_struck:


I really want Stygidaryx and Grypolyth buffs, these 2 are way too hard to make for being not nearly as good as say erlidominus


That’s awesome ! Even more creatures that Ludia won’t release Into the wild. Seriously getting bored shooting the same Dino’s over and over again. You guys at Ludia seriously need to change what you release into the wild you have too many that are not.


Dont worry about darting them, they can sell you all you will ever need :slight_smile:


you mean that “vip”, a little increase for supply and some more mAh for drone battery, for the price of a gamepass ultimate?

huahuahuahua. that “plan” is a joke.

i mean a monthly with more benefits than that, or cheaper… and ads to free play.

Just wait till everyone on the forums is complaining that they have unlocked IncomeRaptor but cant level it due to the Blue DNA…oh man the Blue incubator sales will be coming left and right!

Edit: im getting excited and giddy at all possible puppet content ideas =D


Please do not upgrade cautious strike anymore please please please.

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Even worse blue is the new daily as of today, Indorex g2 incubators for sale and I am seeing echos all day (hybrid pursuit of the week?). Welcome new rat in the same update that nerfs the old one.


Yeah Rat wasnt meeting its quota anymore since players stopped buying rippoff boosts, so they got a new salesman.

Dont worry the Blue DNA wont be free for long, just long enough to unlock it and ensure its on every team…then those teams will need to buy the rest.


I’m super excited about the update and here your excited about all of the ways you can make fun of the update…Wich I’m also excited about :thinking:.

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Thats the best part of JWA updates, there is ALWAYS something to talk about haha!


As long as Ludia thinks there has to be one OP creature above all the rest then yes we will complain

Ardentistmaxima with extreme high hp and near tier 10 damage has few counters. With the new nerf, its counters are anything with Evasive Stance.

Before Ardentistmaxima was the counter to the Indoraptor duo, now its just fodder for both