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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

I agree! They should let us redistro boosts every patch.


Assuming this all works (and I’ve properly got my fingers crossed), this is a really good update. It delivers loads that we have been clamouring for on here, and shows that Ludia ARE listening.

That said, I will reserve judgement on the Draco change as we have been here before, and really cant see the logic in buffing cautious strike. It was a problem as it stood, this just makes that worse.


Redistribute them once into the bin and we all never talk about this time again. Doping is wrong.


I’m looking forward to continuing to play. Thanks for the information @E.D!


I want my boosts from Draco back so they can go to IndoR G2. Going Rat-less coming meta since IndoR G2 is a must have.


Where is the feedback thread they alluded to?!?! I HAVE SOME FEEDBACK FOR THEM


Draco drops in my book. It’s best use was against speedy guys after a small initial hit. No longer the case. It does 40% of max HP minus 50% if there is a shield. Minus another 30% if that’s the armor. So not great against tanks either. If you are going to use it, then buff HP and speed. Dont bother with attack. Luckily I didnt apply any bugs to mine. Will probably drop it from my team even at level 30.

Ardentis got nerfed, but I think still a tyrant. Just not as OP. Gemini may be just as good now.

Indo Gen2 is the best dino in the game now possibly. Cautious strike goes through dodge. So it’s not a killer that it’s big move doesnt. And on top of that, now Ardentis isn’t as good a counter too like it was before. Indo gen1 gets a slight buff for this reason too. As does anything with dodge type moves. Procera got better for this reason too. Looks like Indo Gen 2 is about to get my 27 buffs I’ve been holding back.

Erlidominus just got a little more relevant as 2 of it’s big counters just got nerfed as a counter. Draco cant easily take it out unless it’s under 40% of max HP and not cloaked. And Ardentis cant take it out as easily.


You know when I saw this and I was like yes finally the game will be fixed we’ll go back to pre 1.7 game play and then I read the patch notes I was at first happy they listened I said they got multi fuses, different decks, friendly battles are now fixed zombies dinos and connection issue have been fixed and addressed. My happiness although did drop like a tad when I saw no new dinos except for a rare surapod(lol) most Cenozoic creatures that will be heard to get to the levels need to get there hybrids, but I was like alright okay this not that bad but then I read the move changes and my jaw actually dropped like I couldn’t believe this they had dug there grave in 1.9 then made in cement in 1.10 and now they have covered that grave in dirt and made sure it’s filled cover with grass a s everyone press F on the small keyboard as this game dies. Like nothing else mattered not the rat nerf/buff, not that maxima finally got nerfed or that indo got an inconvenience all the mattered was cautious strike

Now devs and moderators ya have a chance here to fix this all you have to say is we’ve heard ur opinions and reactions to the update and we will chance some thing accordingly

Cautious strike loses cleanseing, speed up and precise abilities. After further analysis we have concluded that it was a gross miscalculation on our part and we apologize


Just one question. Is Scaphotator epic or legendary? Pic says legend, description says epic.

but also


Rat got nerfed not buffed. Doh.


First of all, FINALLY ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT!! This is worth more than everything else!.. And FINALLY a real rat nerf! It’s still gonna be boring but at least it won’t one shot anything

I’m not so excited with these new hybrids though… and I’ve got to say, when I was reading the Cautious Strike buff I said out loud “WHAT?!”… But at least they nerfed Indo2


Why the actual hell was Procerat not nerfed or changed at all whatsoever? All the other dinos considered to be broken got nerfed, but the lowest rarity broken dino didn’t? BS

I was reading through the notes, saying wow, this is actually a good update. Then I see that Procerat did not get nerfed, and now I think this is crap update, because now Procerat is the most broken dino in the game, and it’s only an easy to obtain epic


YES, Woolies are heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!


Just wanna point out to the dev’s that when they change or nerf a dinosaur they should always refund all stat boost on it, because why is it our fault for keeping up with the meta when they will just change it later?


Ardentis should have more armor now that it lost definite rampage. Indoraptors dodge kills it now. 20% isn’t bad and now the rat is even more useful against it when It was a decent counter for that too.


Could be like stats and or moves have changed on this creature would you like to refund all boosts or keep them

i personallly think they deserved it… it’s called karma

though if I had handeld it’s nerf it would have been even worse, by far!


Rat countered procerat, rat got nerfed. Indoraptor G2 countered procerat, Indo G2 got nerfed. Ardentis could counter procerat, Ardentis got nerfed. Procerat didn’t get nerfed.

I think I’m seeing a pattern here. I love all the other changes but this is worst update because of this bs they pulled


Wells actually it can just eithe go for CS again and then just rampage

Yes but my main point is, as I said before, they nerfed all the other “broken” dinos but not the lowest rarity dumbest green pile of poop chicken.

Indor G2 can still beat it, but I just extremely dislike the fact that procerat didn’t get nerfed