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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

it’s usually on tuesdays, not mondays


A lot of players claim tinfoil hat when you say things like this. The whole game is manipulative and built on addictive gambling. We need to hold our ground as a group because the house always wins.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…:evergreen_tree::elephant::grinning:

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its true tho. go to gamepress. look at the date of their datamine. they even made a note to mention this change was there


I know it’s true. People are too blind to see it.

You really should use “I”. Don’t use “we” to imply your opinion is shared by everyone. Not everyone wants to be grouped in your nerf protest.

I personally want the rat nerfed. This update is good but I want to see the rats swap in move limited to once per battle. We only get 3 takedowns per battle. The rat does not need to be a finisher for all 3 of them


Just ignore it. They’ve been trolling this update anouncement the from the beginning.


About Ardentismaxa, I supposed it’s too late to changes, but I think, that changing Definite Rampage to Defense Shatering Rampage is wrong. As was mentioned it makes all dodge/evasive creatures stronger (indo, indo g2, procerato, erlidominus).

A better option would be Nullifing Rampage:

  • still counter evasive creature (most notalby Indoraptors gen 1 and 2)
  • it is counter by Tryko, Dioraja, Stegodeus, Tragodist way better
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Hmm that actually good give it good chances again trysor (the Barry hybrid) and other chompers but super affective against speedsters

Tru but it will also allow them to retain there armor to survive

If Maxima gets null rampage instead i see no point of going for It instead of ardonto. Maxima must retain it’s parent’s shattering and evasive countering abilities to be worth the investment imo. It would be just comparable to a stegod with more hp and less armor. Not good at all, and not what we invested on. Secodonto parent is not there for nothing. Maxima without the ability to shatter and pierce armor is just boring, no different than other already existing tanks and honestly not worth the effort. A much more acceptable and optimal nerf is a damage reduction to 1120-1150 damage, to allow chompers to counter It and still be a eligible indo gen2 and evasive counter in general.


I agree a small damage nerf to Maxima. Not changing its move. And than chompers will be killing it… The way it should be. But it will still deal with dodgers. That just sounds great.

It keeps a counter for dodgers while adding more dinos into it’s own counter list.


Thank you!!!

Tools for alliance.

Mostly, thank you for nerfing DC, not because it needed it, but so I don’t have to listen to the constant unnecessary whine of how someone got beat by a legitimate creature in the game.

Of course, now they’ll simply switch to some other loud moan about how it’s still broken, or some other poor creature that they don’t have, but they wish they had, which beats them all the time. (Mine is Magna, just don’t live in the right place to get it… I hate that thing but I’m not gonna cry for a nerf.)


So I’ve been using the Christmas Turkey since its introduction because I really enjoy its moveset of having few attacks but being able to manipulate the battlefield with evasion and distraction. It is the same reason I enjoy using Indominus Rex and Tryostronix, because of the risk/reward system. It is very satisfying to play for the risk and come out on top.

With that being said, I have been trying to get Indoraptor Gen 2 since it was introduced and just got it last week. So I plan on using her despite the hate or whatever, not because she is a broken dino and a cheap, easy win, but because I love the concept of Indoraptor Gen 2.

I guess the whole point of this post is just to say that the dinos I use in battle and choose to level up aren’t based on me wanting to play the Tyrant tier or to have the easiest wins possible regardless of how cheap they are. I believe in fair play and I believe that a dino like Indo Gen 2 or Christmas Turkey is more fair than a Dracoceratops because you always know what you’re dealing with. At the end of the day, I just want to have fun. Happy they did not nerf my Turkey, not sure if a hybrid would be cool or not but I’d be interested. Curious how the nerfed damage on Indo Gen 2 will effect things, and pretty neutral about the transfering Definite from Rampage to Cautious. 'Tis my rant/justification for my team and this update.


I think they nerfed it in the wrong way to be honest. The main problem is that i can continuously use that swap in. fix that, and i think most of the problems with it would disappear. People will still complain about loosing because of one at the end of a battle, but it’s that tactical finisher that it should be then. I would be more or less ok with it.


Subscription cancelled, time to delete game. Everyone can see which are the best dinosaurs and if your sensible you concentrate on them. Then every time there’s an update you get punished because all the Muppets who haven’t been sensible have complained


@Ludia_Developers, are you people nerfing the cautious strike before the update or not.

If you would have read the notes or the comments you would know it’s getting buffed to also include Precise abilities.

I think he was referring to the fact Ludia asked for feedback and therefore is asking if they have reconsidered it before the update goes live.


I’m so sad. I have DNA for Delta for daaaaays - and I just knew she was due for a hybrid. So happy. But for her to be fused with Allo G2? I don’t even have it at hybrid level… Uuuuuugh! I wish she had a straight up unique ;-;
She’s at level 19 and for all that DNA to be wasted hurts my heart.

I’m also conflicted about Charlie being fused with Erliko G2. I’m struggling enough as is to collect it for Spyx, and now she has to share the DNA? Jeez.

And why must Monorhino be a thing? We don’t even have the means to get Wooly Rhino. Don’t know if it’s park locked, arena locked, in a specific area, nothing. It’s gonna take forever.