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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.11

There’s no alliance mission reward changes mentioned in the release notes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Meanwhile you got profit on tournaments and regular battles when upgraded those dinos. Are you getting back those rewards?

I understand your point of view, of course but others decided not to upgrade certain dinos and don’t have a complaint on it.

Well, from the sound of it it’s supposed to be a relatively easy-to-create Unique, so hopefully they mean to make Woolly Rhino a more accessible Epic.

Thats the reason i commented.

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Wherever and whoever the guy in this thread that talked about ludia suddenly jumping on selling indo g2 components dang was he right. With Blue now being the monthly dino and and an indom g2 inc for sale this is just ridiculous.


How about a month of Blue rewards lol. Great call! Do you work for Ludia! :crazy_face:

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I know this was asked several times, but not sure if it was answered. The text says epic, but the image shows legendary. Can we get confirmation as to the rarity of this creature? Thanks


Where is the downtime Announcment? Removed from the Forum and from Facebook?

There never was a downtime announcement to be removed.

Ohhhh okay

there is a feedback thread. so maintenance may be delayed to address what appears in that one. only time will tell tho.

Ah nice. But still, creating a feedback thread the day before the update, yeah well planned. I mean we already put all the feedback in the release notes thread like that asked.


you aren’t wrong. but this thread did got overloaded with likes and dislikes of other things, and possibly “disagreements” (idk. can’t be bothered to read through this many replys.) Moving to another thread thta is more specific seems like a logical choice. To do it right before an update so that things won’t get changed immediately, not so much.

I know what your saying, but this is sooo much better than it used to be, if that really is the purpose.

Lol but wait look who else is on sale today before the update



My dracocerstops feedback is that I boosted the attack and have now lost months worth of boosts to refund them. Let us refund 100% of this timelocked currency already. Or at least make a window where we can between seasons.

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It’s been confirmed that it is an EPIC.

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Has been confirmed ???Where ???:face_with_monocle:

in this thread.

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No Ardentismaxima needs a counter. The thing was way worse than Indo G2

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