[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.12

Hmmm I wonder if my contestant spam and showing of the polls helped maybe we will never know :smirk:

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Lol although what was your speculation on why would like to know if it really is similar to mine

I’ve been harping about alliance chat for a year, even sent a public video message, no response.

I shall continue the good fight in making sure they never forget it’s broken, there will always be at least one person (and a couple puppets) to remind them.

They can never claim they weren’t aware, got that well and truly covered =)


I have no idea how it’s even possible for a chat to flip messages around like that. Is it how it sorts the dates?


Oh my god, yeah.
That’s very VERY similar.
That’s pretty cool actually


Contrary to how we joke about it, they do from time to time use some of our suggestions.


Immunity to Stuns

So yeah if you guys and gals do have game suggestions definitely post them because they could be added in some form, maybe not verbatim but yeah.

I will probably try come up with a few suggestions also…and no I won’t be trolling, legit ideas.

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I’m gonna miss this
image image


Most of the changes and additions I’m okay with. The one I’m most not okay with is no change to deciding speed ties in a fairer way. Currently they are not decided on by who presses their selection the fastest but by who has the faster phone with the most reliable and faster connection. Don’t know who would vote to not change it, but for over a year now the community has been vocal about how unfair the “fastest finger” method is.

I’m sure the reason they are sticking with the existing speed tie method is because they didn’t give any good options in the survey, so it stays the same by default.

They needed a “none of the above” option.

Or it could be a case of them not wanting to put in the dev time to do something that ultimately only improve things for the players, not their money.

Basically for them to bother there has to be something in it for them. That’s why they wont fix alliance chat, coz if they fix it they gain nothing.


SELECT [message] FROM messages ORDER BY weather_in_toronto * number_of_players_online + RAND() DESC;

You really didn’t know that?


I highly doubt it was a typo. They changed it, we raised hell, they changed it back.

They just didn’t want to admit that they ticked off so many of us.


Also the other day they changed the cool down on the change log from 2 to 1 due to a typo, wouldnt they have seen the other typo when they fixed that one?

Either way I suppose it doesn’t matter, ultimately it was fixed which is good.


Lol exactly

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There still is no unique with a vulnerability ability. I think gryptolyth needs vulnerability strike because defense shattering strike is redundant with it’s counter attack.


All these Dino’s have counters. Just because you don’t know how or don’t have them yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist

so what are updates to rending attacks (not counters)?
the session says “ability updates” but some abilities listed there are not changing.

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Wow it’s so amazing right :rofl:

the image for them is changing. differentiating them from swap in savagery.

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it’s only my collection with locked creatures number increasing each update?

there was a time i dreamed with completing the collection.

now i can’t even unlock dinos before new released. level them up to battle, it’s a forgotten task.

so i spend 2 updates to take a new good dino to battle level and then it can be nerfed or have to be replaced.

and i still have 1.6 bugs here.

how about this for 1.13:

Hello fellow DPG members,

This update is focused on Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements. From Multitasking behaviour to Chat stability to Connection reliability, these changes are aimed at enhancing the player experience.