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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.12

I’m wondering if we will get some new locals? Without daily epics there will be a lot of things to condense into the small 4 locals +parks


We’ll know soon enough :slight_smile:
I’ll be super happy if Anky becomes farmable.


I’m sure the new geolocation will be a huge success.

You only have to look at the improvements that occurred with the drops and green drops when they last changed them :rofl:


I’m hoping Darwin doesn’t go back to a park locked dino


All I really want is for the prox spawn range to be extended to the outer circle.


Me too…just wish they would make it a little more frequent or allow us to get more than 5 dna from the Sanctuaries…its taking me forever to get Pterovexus


Proximity spawns should stay for at least 5 seconds so you can still get them when driving or otherwise moving fast, and when your phone is lagging.


I hate missing Epics because of that. You have to be extremely quick, and sometimes your phone just won’t allow you to be fast enough to click on the creature and then launch the drone. I missed a few Mammoths because of that :pensive:


Uh huh, and my hubby won’t pull to the side and let me get it either…grrrr lol


I know it’s an old joke but doesn’t local 5 have all the epics all the time?


Okay pls enlighten us on how is you keep doing the exact opposite and then when you do ask just completely ignore it. We have boost sales for 41 one days… 41 Heckung Days yet absolutely nothing from you. We told you guys nerf CS it does way to much and what do you do YOU ADD ANOTHER ABILITY TO IT?! What?! we asked for maxima to be balance with definite making so that chompers it’s main counter by giving some stats nerfs yet nope just make it dsr and leave call it a day … and oh wait you gave Gemini immunity when It didn’t need it and now a defense shattering ability what it’s wrong with you people do you want the community to hate you?! So until that all change we might be a bit rude cause we have to be to get your attention. We have tried asking nicely, we tried polls, thread. But seem you won’t listen. We seen you won’t listen after boost 1.0 and 2.0 and after the Dracoceratops meta. So until you ACTUALLY LISTEN AND ACTUALLY want to them we might act a bit nice towards you. You can’t expect us to be nice and then you guys completely treat us like trash that not how things work.


Same I need it for tryko so bad

Its not the mods fault, mate. They aren’t making the game. I get and agree with your frustration, but you’re taking it out on the wrong target. :+1:


Great post Thylo_75

I started a post when boosts had been for sale every day after 20 odd days, asking why they were now being sold every day.

Guess what?
Not one single response from anyone associated with Ludia!
Just silence.

Why haven’t we been told why this decision to sell boosts every day was implemented?
What changed?
Any response from anyone involved with Ludia would be nice.

They could say something like “Your question has been received. We passed it along to the team but cannot predict when they will give an answer.”
And that’s that. No more questions. But now it feels like Ludia is completely ignoring the simple question about why there are so ridiculously many boost sales.
Not the mods fault, but they have the means to say something.


Exactly the fact we get no note of if they saw it if the issue will be addressed next update explain changes they made nope nothing

We all know it’s not the Mods fault on this forum, but we have no direct route to those whose fault it is. It’s rather offensive of them to ask us to be nice to the Community Manager when they treat us as if we are nothing to them, like they can ignore us and continue to make mistakes without us even raising an eyebrow.

It’s unfortunate that Mods sometimes get in the firing line, but that’s the way it is, particularly when you deal with a company like Ludia. The frustration is added to when the CM changed hands which gave the community hope that communications would improve, and all we got in return was worse communication and more mistakes every week.

I’m not sure where this “they are trying to give you the communication you’re all asking for” is coming from, because communication is not hard to do.


So nothing anybody is likely to use in battle then?

As you guys perceive it I can see that logic, behind the scenes it’s a very different story. We can only do what we are permitted to do.


All we ask if that you let as know that we exist like I fourms such as 32 Straight Days of Boost Sales - Can You Overmilk a Cow? I Mean, Whale? and all this nerf proRAT and indo gen 2 forum at least say we have read this and will share the feedback let us know that we are even heard

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