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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.12

Apple available yet or just android?

Megalogaia Unlocked!!! :grinning:

It’s cool, but I can’t shake the feeling that it has a really short, deep face. Way more than any regular boa. Almost like a bulldog, minus the wrinkles.
Anyway, now that the update has dropped, I’m off.

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Doesn’t look like zones changed.

That’s mostly fair, I think. I got the impression from the comment that the CM was getting some stuff directed straight to them. I can’t say I saw anything abusive, but people have their limits I suppose.

I’d imagine the forum is only part of the community that gets managed, and even then it isn’t likely to be much more than a PR /Marketing role. The CM will still likely have to feedback to the developers and wait for a response, just with more clout.

I get the frustration, and I feel it too. I don’t know how long I’ll keep playing when the dinodex is complete and I’ve given up on the arena twice this week. More regular and better/clearer communication would be appreciated, but how often can we here ‘we are still waiting for a response’ before this causes issues too?

It’s all a bit broken, isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

Congratulations! I don’t even have Megaloceros up to 10 yet, but I’m sure there’ll be threads about it soon enough.

Let me be clear you can vent about Ludia, you can not be rude towards people (in the open forums or in DM’s). I hope this clarifies our postion on the issue.


my thylacotator still shows 1 turn delay on rending takedown

Ah man! I got Sucho’s around me! What a rubbish migration.

It should only have 1 turn.

i thought that’s what was getting a 2 turn delay and why everyone was mad and making RIP thylacotator posts :confused:

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Apparently it was a “typo”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ya thylo is safe hopefully your didn’t unboosted it

I guess the double Smilodon means one is actually the new Snake?


Anyone on iOS been able to get in


This, right here ^^

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No Android here yet.

Of course, shows up when I pressed enter on the post - lol

Why respond to me though? I just showed the messed up Smilodon image. I get what you’re getting at, by I didn’t say anything about that.

I haven’t :frowning:

I haven’t been able to