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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.12

Thyla is popping up a lot in the top of the arenas. People are investing HP boosts in it. +8k HP is possible and the moveset was amazing. Not anymore.

An interesting update with a lot of + and -:

For the +:

-2 news creatures with interesting powers.
-4 more challenge!!Yay
-Change of geolocalisation:im scared aswell
-On escape ability seem interesting…finally something to counter the swappers
-The 2 new counters attack seem very interesting
-New hybrids?im curious
-An interesting alternative to some olds creatures (dilophosaurus gen2,spinosaurus gen2,miragaia)

For the -:
-Cautious strike still have no nerf
-Procera still untouched
-Ardentis buff while it need a nerf
-Overall nothing to beat the immunes new,still an immune meta
-Olds bads creatures remain untouched (Majundasuchus,nodopatotian,rajakylosaurus…
-monolorhino still suck
-kelenken did not receive a hybrid
-Creature balance really scare me for 1.12…

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Surely alliance chat is fixed now…surely.


I knew there was a reason I chose to level Suchotator to 25 on my second account instead of Thyla to 18 or 19 (forgot where it’s at now). Instincts are never wrong, and besides I love Suchotator!


Oh wow, the image, I mean, honestly, that’s worth listing it as an update. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Suchotator is my favorite Hybrid.I think it will come back to my team!


I don’t really understand all the nerf to rend i.e. loss of ability to go through shield.

No one complains about rend and it seems very balanced

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On my main account I have her at L30, and during boosts 1.0 had her boosted pretty decently and on my team.

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Mostly disappointed not gonna lie, here’s why:
-Procerat is not nerfed or changed at all
-Cautious strike is not nerfed or changed at all
-Geminititan loses Long protection
-Miragaia and Mammoth got more hybrids instead of Dsungaia and Mammotherium getting hybrids
-An epic introduced in this patch once again got a unique hybrid…
-Only 2 new non hybrids, and only 4 hybrids, that’s much less than usual

What I do like, or find interesting:
-New passive “On Escape” moves
-Slower dinos = More dna from darting
-Maxima can break shields, although not as effectively as in 1.10

And as for the migration… idk if I like that yet until I see what dinos moved where lol


Huge nerf to Thyla. Maxima gains a buff (!?!?) And PC and CS no attention despite HUGE threads ON this forum.
Oh Boy oh boy… starting to look like the new DC. :joy:

Edit: also 0 balances to existing dinos? What the hell happened to you guys? You used to balance stats on regular basis… another 2 months with the same teams we have been playing for ages due to no changes that would help get other creatures up to par with the current meta. (Minus Thyla bye useless creature I have dumped max boosts on lol)


I faced some lvl 29 thyla in gyrosphere and it was good but it wasn’t op. And after all at least it’s a super hybrid. It was a great example of a useful but not op epic.

Can’t have people doing that, gotta pump the arena full of all maxxed boosted procerats to help encourage boost sales.


So basically,you tell us you prefer whale to stay whales?


Cautious Strike is unbalanced. No basic move should have 5 abilities rolled into one, particularly when it includes distraction, evasive, and speed up.


Campaign mode will have more battles. That’s good…i think

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Other than procerat getting no changes and Cautious Strike not getting nerfed (despite being an Indo Gen 2 user, i agree Cautious Strike is a bit much), i kinda like this update


Not an ability change, but they modified the icon so its clear it breaks shields.

In my opinion, Smilo was already very strong. I think that’s unnecessary…

(although immune creatures are strong against him)


They’re greedy but lazy now. They have no problem throwing boosts at a premium though.

As hyper as I am for the enteldont hybrid, it disappoints me that yet again ludia has failed to change nether indoraptor gen 2’s overpowered strike nor dracocera’s swap in attack, which should only be a strike and not a rendering attack.


Sigh… a lot of coin wasted taking my Thyla to 30. Glad I didn’t put any boosts on it.

I thought Woolly mammoth was suppose to be strolling around according to a Twitter post from them.

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