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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.12

Dracoceratops’ swap in move is fine now. Nowhere near as bad as swap in rampage


First impression to me is that everything actually looks pretty good. New creatures look interesting, nothing super destructive like many of the past updates.

Darting speed options, new dino migration, new campaign challenges…Honestly, I am pretty happy with the planned update if it occurs as written.


Only until January 6th. It’s event exclusive now i think

I think this update will be the worst since a while.
Why did u make a survey if u won‘t change Cautious Strike or fix Proceratomimus.

It‘s a frakking epic hybrids and it takes out legendaries and uniques.

Those new no escape moves sound interesting, but I think I will hate them. In the current meta I use many hit and runners like Rinex and Erlidom and also legendaries. I don‘t see any need in that move.

That so called „buff“ to Maxima disappoints me. She‘s not easy to get, doesn‘t do much damage and I just don‘t understand why the hell u didn‘t give her definite rampage back.

Rat is fine as it is, she doesn‘t need another nerf in my opinion. But leaving broken things like Cautious Strike and Proceratomimus unchanged makes me really question the meaning of the survey.

The new creatures look ok. Dunno how long I‘ve been waiting for frakking new DINOSAURS in a dinosaur game but noooo…we get snakes and mammals instead.

I really just can‘t understand ur thoughts and ur logic, @Ludia_Developers.

The new moves look unnecessary to me BUT we will find out in time. Maybe I‘m wrong, I‘d be happy if I was wrong.

The changes to sanctuaries are good, thank u. :+1:t2:

But the way the survey turned out to be kinda pointless and the introduction of non-dinosaurs just disappoint me a lot.
Also that u won‘t change the speed ties problem.

I‘m very underwhelmed. I already had low expectations and when I saw the patch notes I just got disappointed.

This could‘ve been the update that would improve the game. Appropriate nerfs to balance the arena, nice new abilities, buff to Maxima, fixed bugs and speed tie problem and amazing new dinosaurs and hybrids. But noooooo…we get this. And „amazing super exclusive everyday boost sales“.



ggrrrrr…it figures. :sob::sob::sob:

Nobody there realized that no escape on stigydarix is absolutely useless since it can only deal bleed while escaping??

Yeah, i dont know what theyre trying to do with that thing lmao

So, over powered cautious strike was not nerfed
Anyways the update looks cool

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I didn’t want to level and use Indo G2 because I was expecting a change based on the fact Ludia asked players to vote. Now they aren’t doing sod all to it all I can think is if I level and use it now then in 1.13 they’ll turn around and say they are nerfing it to hell and back suckers!


Stygy can escape, the opponent doesn’t

That’s exactly what they want people to do hahaha.

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They changed it back to 1 turn cooldown, but it’s still ludicrous. We now have to wait another patch until they realize how pointless the rending takedown nerf is.


It would be totally unnecessary to have Cooldown 2!

thanks for updating me,now i’m thinking a little more if Thyla will be on my team or not…


What a relief. I’m so glad all the thylacotators and the alloraptors in the arena have been neutered so that our yoshis and indog2s can live without fear! I’m so glad I can always count on Ludia for stellar balance changes.


I will only say this about this update
No proRAT nerf
No CS fat nerf
No majundasuchus superhybrid
No new dinos
Bs boosts still untouched
Ludia you are pathetic


Poor Majunda…I feel bad for this creature


Thyl still at 15…wise

Phew, MEGA Becky is safe… For now

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The changes to Maxima actually turned out exactly as I voted, many others must have done the same, and thats giving it a Definite base attack to remove dodge at will, and also Instant Invincibility to deal with massive cloak or not shattering hits.

I think it was wise taking away the definite rampage though, because of the fact that maxima is immune it meant that Definite rampage was totally impossible to mitigate, as you cant dodge it coz it nulls, cant block it coz it shatters and cant distract it due to the immunity, basically there was no option the opponent could take to lessen the attack.

As for ProceRat I knew they wouldnt balance it, its still making them money clearly, and CS was never gunna get a balancing this soon, its their new salesman dinosaur for everyone to max boost.

I do love the idea of the on escape things, though I think this will also hurt poor unique spitter since its got a hit an run attack, and already apparently suffers in the meta due to being immunity dominated.

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Me either :pensive: i will uninstall this game before it gets a superhybrid
My hope on JWA its totally lost they cant save it and dont want to all they care is €€€€

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