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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.13

Can’t be distracted though, so it’ll take a big chunk of HP. only works when it’s not set up on PFS to do a big DR.

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I was thinking the same thing.

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2099 3355 4879 :wink:

0839 7784 3329

release date of?


Thanks!!!(10 Characters)

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Bad Ludia


this announcement proves what i already told you: ludia doesn’t care for this forum.

any release note related to something mentioned in forum is mere coincidence.

we should apply all efforts to surveys.

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I can’t wait for the “Should we nerf Procerathomimus in 1.14?” survey.

90% of players will vote “Yes”, 10% will vote “No”, then the patch will arrive and Ludia will say “The majority of votes from our survey suggest players do not want Procerathomimus to be nerfed”.


at least dracocera is dead now, and one of 9999999 cautious effects is gone.

but ludia needs a mascot, then let’s make some more (ignored by ludia) threads, while they analyze game data and surveys.



Well the ability to bleed Indo Gen 2 is a good thing. That was one of the more used creatures I was playing at my level. Indominus Rex is still #1 in the 4K range.

this game has SO MANY bugs, that some like these i never noticed.

vulnerable never got affected with rending moves in the first place. If it did, that would just make Draco better

I mean Thylacotator WOULD HAVE BEEN a brand new counter since it could bleed and indo either has to accept its death or go for MF giving Thylacotator a buff but cause it got nerfed guess mot

When looking at the patch notes for 1.13, you may have noticed that quetzorion has gotten it’s ATK nerfed from 1650 to 1520 and also realizing that erlidominus didn’t get a HP nerf. Due to this Quetzorion can no longer 1 shot erlidominus with null rampage anymore. Ludia, us players are really bummed out because of this, since Quetzorion is the one creature that can take out erlidom without taking any damage. So please Ludia, in the 1.14 patch, give quetzorion the ability to 1 shot erlidominus again and if you still feel like it’s too op, reduce the HP to 3600.


So…where’s that creature show up on the teaser?
I might be wrong, but that seems like a hybrid between Amargasaurus & Allosaurus gen2
(Amarga + Alloraptor?)

edit: that’s Tryostronix.:sweat:
1.13 teaser|500x500

That’s tryostronix


Lol forgot my little Tryo.
Anyway, still expect for some new dinosaurs


Yep quite a few nerfs don’t make sense. I mean Orion is already balanced. It shines when it enters a match at the right time. It also has counters of its own being slowed, stunned, or even doing erlidom speed up vs orion side step games at times. You know when the orion keeps going side step as you keep going slow with tenrex for example. It really didn’t need any adjusting.