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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.13

I noticed too after the last update there were even more glitches.
Seems never ending and frustrating to play

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Alright, sorry. To be fair, I never used Nemys. I want to, so I guess I’m angry that it’s constantly being changed around before I can even try it out /^^

I know that Alloraptor relied on the rending to make most of its damage output, but do you think the nerf was necessary?

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No of course not a lot of them weren’t I’m saying that some actually were and key word is some not all

Does anyone has a feeling that Dracoceratops, and Indoraptor gen 2 isn’t even enough?

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Isn’t even enough what? If you mean to further nerf them, I don’t think they need further nerfs than what this patch brings. In fact Dracocera didn’t need the attack nerf. It was at least able to fight with 1500 attack.

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You need to nerf the procerathamimus…its ridiculous


I mean I guess bat that erildom lvls of attack which o don’t think it deserves as for indo like this is just a slap on the wrist

Okay. I see now

Can’t tell if sarcasm or not. Lol


On the plus side, I know not to bother boosting any of the new stuff because it’ll be nerfed by the time I’ve gotten it up to team strength. Cons: my team is as entrenched as ever before.


At least crit and armour boosts never happened.


Smaxima thinks Indo G2 nerf is going to make it easier to beat it. Indo G2 now cannot cleanse the slow, it must go for evasion on 2nd turn.


I mean that what a lot of indos did to counter maxima also maxima just go nerfed lol and I just unlocked it :crazy_face::joy::rofl: isn’t that great

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Okay ya there is that to be thankful for

Idk but mine still will probably have a lot of HP left. Currently has 6.4K HP at T10 hp.

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I don’t mind this patch. People need to stop complaining about Quetzorion getting nerfed. I don’t think a nerf was necessary but if you look at it’s ancestry… Quetzorion is WAY better than it should be. It has no immunities in its ancestry yet it is immune to distraction. It has no dodge moves in its ancestry yet it has swap in dodge and sidestep. It has a 20% Crit chance despite neither pteraquetzal or tany having one. Oh and it’s damage is still WAY higher than either of those two. Rip me apart, but this thing deserved a damage nerf. That’s the least of our problems in this patch.


Ya I didn’t wanna day anything but it can still counter erlidom well like it’s not the end of the world If anything more counter will come out of it but again it’s not as bad as the nerf in alloraptor or Thylacotator which everyone can agree was unjust and no one wants a change

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The alliance leaderboard has no bearing on the rewards you get. You get rewards solely based on how many alliance points your alliance accumulates.

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If Indo G2 predicts that and goes CS, MF then DSR, Maxima still wins, but only by 10 HP.
So Indoraptor G2 would have at least a 20% chance of winning, and if it’s boosted higher than the Maxima then RIP, it’ll be down to that prediction.

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This update really bothers me a lot. This is because they are moving the goal posts for end game dinosaurs. It is also an indication that Ludia messed up badly. When a game rebalances a creature, it is done because the game developers made a mistake.
4 out of the 5 best creatures were nerfed. They also nerfed 10 out of 20 of the best creatures in the game. That is 50% of the best dinosaurs in the game, and Ludia is "rebalancing them… All of these creatures should be allowed to have their boost fully refunded to reallocate them.
Ardentismaxima was hit point nerfed. High Tyrant
Entelemoth had its damage reduced. High Tyrant
Smilonemys had its damage reduced. High tyrant
Indoraptor Gen 2 had it’s attack changed with the reduction of cleanse. High Tyrant

Quetzorion had its damage reduced Low Tyrant
Phorusaura had its damage reduced. Low Tyrant
Mammotherium had its damage reduced. Low tyrant

They also nerfed three potential tyrants in Thylacotator, Dsungaia (people were just starting to get it to 30) and Alloraptor.
So what does this mean?
This is a strong punishment to anybody who trusted Ludia to not drastically move the goal posts of the end game dinosaurs.

Many people have invested lots of Boosts into these creatures. Not to mention the time and effort to get all that DNA.

Ludia once wrote [Q&A] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0 “We don’t want to create an ecosystem where players can, with no consequence, ping-pong their Stat Boosts from one creature to the next as often as they wish–if that was the case, we would have made slot-based items that you could move from one creature to the next in one operation.”

On the other hand, Ludia wants to create a system where they face no consequences for messing up. Let me be clear, and reiterate, rebalancing is an indication that Ludia messed up.

I will say this again, every time a creature is changed, because Ludia messed up, that creature should be allowed to have a full refund on the boost.

Either do a better job of creating a balanced environment that the players can trust, or make it so the players can trust that you don’t nerf creatures just to milk more boost money out of them.

For people who want to know what the 20 best creatures are, it is a little subjective, but there are 14 tyrants. 5 high tyrants and 9 low tyrants. There are also 15 High apex creatures
The 6 best High Apex creatures based on ability, usage and testing are arguably Alloraptor, Dsungaia, Diorajsaur, Tryostronix, Tenontorex, and Thoradolosaur
Feel free to go to the game press website if you have any questions.