[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.13

These are actually some pretty solid balance changes. Looks like a great QOL update as long as there are no bugs.

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Maxima nerf will hurt mildly, but Mammo, Phorusa, Orion, Nemys, and Thyla nerfs really nail… just about the rest of my competition that was able to field them and boost them to team level. A boon to those that stayed the course over previous metas, a direct shot to those that switched recently.
Not sure if it will have a significant impact, but it will have some sort of effect on the upper leaderboard.

And I think it’s safe to say Dracocera will become even rarer.
EDIT: and Gemini is now safe to deploy! MUHAHAHAHAAAA


Looks like an overall solid update. Only questionable thing for me is the balancing. Why did you make Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor even worse than they currently are? I don’t understand the Smilonemys nerf either.


Maybe the worst uodate…one more time no new dinos…and the 3 hybrids are all with the new animals and the 2 are uniques???good luck


Yikes, Procera and Ardentismaxima (even with the small nerf) will rule the game!!! So easy to get DNA for it. OUCH!

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you should not tell the truth - or you get flagged and silenced here

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Eucladoceros only spawns on the moon i’m guessing? and not scentable?
and looks like all the hype for allo2 tournament was for nothing


and by cryers about IG2*

Yup I can finally handle indoraptor 2 with DOT!


I’ll be interested to see how this goes. I know nerfs and buffs are a thing, but it is soooo disheartening to get a dino to team or almost-team level to find, yet again, that it’s no longer that viable. I really wish we’d get a (voluntary) full boost reset every major update. Then committing boosts wouldn’t be such a hard decision (“Will I need to strip this dino next update and lose 50%?”). Of course, I realize that boosts are a money-maker and resetting them is not necessarily in Ludia’s best interest. Then again, for me personally it’d take the stress out of how best to boost and I’d battle a lot more. And honestly I think they’d still sell plenty. Stripping boosts any time other than a major update would still follow the 50% back rule. One can dream.


Relax, nothing got nerfed to the point of nonviablity. A 1 tier drop at most.


Fix the maps please! I hate not having near me or barely anything in my town.


I had my heart set on carbotoceratops. As a permanent member of my team. But more importantly, everytime i get close to something great or finally achieve that one unique it gets nerfed. I don’t even get to play it for a month before I’m back to starting from scratch.


Wow, most of these balancing changes are so bad :smiley:
On top of that, looks like this game will continue to crash on iOS devices for a couple more months…


I hope language settings will be added along the way as well.


Hybrid 1 is Wooly Rhino and a new common will likely be weakish and could get a Unique later. So not work pushing past L20 If even worth that.

2nd is a Mammoth Unique splitting an undartable epic to a 3rd Hybrid.

3rd Hybrid has Nasuto (Undartable) and Turtle that people are using for Nemis (most are still working on it so probably have low stock)

Amazing job Ludia. Exactly what everyone was asking for!!


Do u no what we need an ankyladon hybrid

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thanks for the new dinosaurs …

I’m not excited about this update at all…

Maybe the alliance tournaments and roles but let’s face it they will be broken somehow.