[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.14

Coming soon tryko with revenge shatter rampage

Is it possible to get some Wooly Mammoth DNA? I wasnt able to get all 150 DNA the first time it came out.


Not seen this already, but the in-game teaser said: check the patch notes for new features. I, however cannot find anything about new features in the patch notes. Anyone knows what this is about?

Did definite rampage loss it’s delay? If so IDK if it got better or a bit worse. Because it only says cooldown 2 and nothing about it’s delay. I realy hope mammolania dose not get nurffed because it’s the only thing i have worked for and i just got it.

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Is that your Leo in your icon? :o

I’m so sad the rare Gorgon is gonna be exclusive.


I was positive they would nerf indo G2… Why wouldn’t they?

Easy…it’s a cash cow :cow2: still not dry it seems

nope. still more of that exclusive dna to give out.

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I want a good Permian Unique that tears apart indoraptor gen 2 and procerathomimus

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That would be cool

Gonna miss having my chunky boi on the team :sob::sob::sob:



Still no hyberd for me

nice. some ludia devs just played the game (finally) and noticed this. i suggest playing more than 5 minutes, to discover all other alliance chat bugs.


The majundaboa looks almost exactly what i want from it. Just give it swap in ferocity like majundasuchus and itll be perfect!

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Like many of the people here I am really upset that they are nerfing my favorite creature to use in the game, the brontolamus. I don’t really feel as though it’s nerf is warranted. Although I’m really excited about the new creatures coming along with the new manjudaboa.

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I know how you feel I really do. I have to start looking for a suitable replacement… unless they decide not to go through with it due to all the negative feedback for her and or maybe the impact won’t be as bad as we think. I mean it will still be a useful tool against evasive foes… maybe, just looking on the bright side

I’m kind of happy they didn’t, especially since now much of a pain in the ass it was to obtain her. I’m happy she’s on par with her brother.

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sad brontolasmus noises

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mammolania sobbing