[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)

A MASSIVE new update is coming! See below to prepare!
Remember to have fun and stay safe when exploring!




  • Over 30 Achievements available via the Achievements menu under Player Level.
  • Earn a Cash reward for completing each Achievement, and collect more the further you get!

Seasonal Tournaments

  • More information to come, so stay tuned!



  • Higher chances of encountering Rare or Epic creatures.
  • Improved map visuals with more texture and clarity.
  • Added more Supply Drops to help you in your exploration.
  • Normal Supply Drops are now orange to make them more visible on the map.
  • Payouts on VIP Supply Drops will give double rewards with every spin.
  • See the map change from day, night, dawn and dusk.

Strike Events

  • Strike Events are PvE battles that take place on the map in two all-new arenas, Daybreak and Nightfall! New Strike Events will appear on your map on a weekly basis. Unlike normal battle, Strike Event battles last several rounds. In a Strike Event, you’ll need to defeat the opponent team to move onto the next round. But be careful, this team will become stronger with each new battle.
  • Every time you win a battle, your progress will be saved.
  • You’ll also get a set of retries, that allows you to re-enter battle at your current milestone if you’re defeated.
  • If you can win every round before using up all your retries, you’ve won the event!
  • Even if you don’t make it all the way to the end, you’ll collect rewards every time you progress. But if you win, you’ll collect the grand prize!

Location Reporting

  • The new Flag Button can be used to report a dangerous spawn point or Supply Drop on the map.


  • The News Center can now be found with your Mail in the Message Center.
  • Use the all NEW Social tab and start building social groups with the Friends feature.
  • Once you’ve invited your friends via their gamer ID, you can challenge them to all new Friendly Battles.
  • Friendly Battle will not affect your trophy count or Leaderboard.
  • During Friendly Battles, all creatures are set to level 26 for a fair competition that tests your skill.

We’ve reworked the creature roster in order to create a globally balanced experience and to avoid power creep.

See BATTLE details

Hybrid Rebalancing
This update economically rebalances the metascore of the hybrids and superhybrids in the game according to the difficulty of obtaining their component elements. A Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between a Common and an Epic is not worth the same as a Legendary that is created by performing a fusion between two Epics. This is reflected in the changes to abilities and attributes as seen below.

Attribute Reallocation
The speed value of every creature has been better accounted for in the game’s balancing, which means we had to reallocate attributes for most if not all creatures for this update. Instead of being part of the creature’s pool of “attribute points,” the balancing of speed is done for a given creature’s every ability by factoring in each ability’s speed, including abilities that Act First.

Raptor Duelists
A few notable changes provide counters to the prevalent “raptor meta”. Some creatures have been redesigned or tweaked accordingly. Note that raptors are functionally unchanged: other creatures are now better counters against them.

The following Hadrosaur family creatures gained Superiority Strike: Edmontosaurus, Iguanodon, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Tenontosaurus and Tragodistis. They had to lose a hefty amount of speed to compensate for this powerful ability. This brings them in line with their new functionality niche as Raptor Duelists. They achieve this by combining a self-cleanse (potentially removing Pounce’s damage reducing effect) while also reducing the opponent’s speed for one turn. Stegosauridae (Stegosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Stegodeus) and the new Brachiosauridae (Brachiosaurus and Giraffatitan) also possess the same Superiority Strike.

Brachiosaurus and Giraffatitan also have a new ability: Surprise Bellow. See Ability Updates (below) for more information.

Last but not least, the following Sauropods replaced their Basic Attacks with Lockdown Strike: Apatosaurus, Amargasaurus, Argentinosaurus, Gigaspikasaur and Nodopatosaurus. This equips these creatures with a way to prevent the common tactic of Pounce-and-Swap.

New Counter Attackers
The following creatures gained special versions of Counter Attack (where the damage multiplier of the counter attack is less than 1x):

  • Amargocephalus (0.5)
  • Ankyntrosaurus (0.5)
  • Gigaspikasaur (0.5)
  • Kentrosaurus (0.5)
  • Nodopatosaurus (0.5)
  • Trykosaurus (0.25)

Decelerating Impact
This ability is now more in line with Thagomizer: the speed reduction is 50% for 2 turns. However, the cooldown is only 1 turn!

Remove Positive Effect
Removing Positive Effects now works on creatures that are Immune. Example: you can remove an Indominus Rex’s Cloak, but you still can’t stun her! We want players to have control and completely avoid the random 50% Dodge Chance if they simply decide to field creatures with Nullification effects.

A dodge is a random chance that an attack’s direct damage is avoided entirely, similar to Cloak’s dodge chance. Note that other effects of the attack that was dodged (such as Stuns, Speed Reduction and Nullifications) still apply.

A dodge can be removed by Removing Positive Effects (example: Nullifying Strike).

Matchmaking Duration
In order to have the most chances to be matched with a level-appropriate opponent, we have increased the Opponent Search durations.

Since there are few players that have reached the end-game, this means that we have to search for a longer amount of time before having a chance to be matched. For an optimized experience, please refrain from canceling the match search.

Max search duration of 30s
Fallen Kingdom, Mt. Sibo, S. S. Arcadia, Nublar Jungle

Max search duration of 60s
Badlands, Lockdown

Max search duration of 120s
Sorna Marshes, Jurassic Ruins

Arena Battle Rewards
Exclusive creatures are unchanged. However, battle creature allocation has been updated per arena.

  1. Fallen Kingdom: Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Amargasaurus, Ankylosaurus
  2. Mt. Sibo: Ophiacodon, Utahraptor, Koolasuchus Gen 2, Secodontosaurus
  3. S.S. Arcadia: Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Dimetrodon, Delta, Kentrosaurus
  4. Nublar Jungle: Triceratops Gen 2, Triceratops , Charlie, Rajasaurus
  5. Badlands: Parasaurolophus, Postosuchus, Echo, Monolophosaurus
  6. Lockdown: Tanycolagreus, Megalosaurus, Pyroraptor
  7. Sorna Marshes: Allosaurus, Giraffatitan, Tyrannosaurus rex
  8. Jurassic Ruins [NEW]: Euoplocephalus, Tuojiangosaurus, Sinoceratops, Baryonyx

Note: Battle incubators now award Exclusive Creatures without replacing the regular incubator reward slots: this means a steadier income of Exclusive Creature DNA!

  • Small Incubator (15min) focus on Rare Exclusives
  • Standard incubator (3h) focus on Common Exclusives (starting at Arena 2)
  • Large incubator (8h) focus on Epic Exclusives (Starting at Arena 3)

The majority of creatures had their attributes updated.


Abilities Update
Note: The leftmost ability of a creature is called a Basic Attack. “First ability” means the first non-basic ability–it is usually the first that has a cooldown (the second from the left).


  • Vulnerability Strike becomes Nullifying Strike


  • Basic Ability becomes Vulnerability Strike
  • 1st ability becomes Short Defense
  • 2nd ability becomes Cleansing Impact

Deinocheirus (fit with other creatures of its type)

  • Basic Strike becomes Minimal Speedup Strike


  • 2nd ability is Impact And Run


  • 2nd ability becomes Nullifying Impact

Dilophosaurus Gen 2

  • 1st ability becomes Distracting Impact


  • Armor Piercing Strike becomes Defense Shattering Strike


  • 2nd ability becomes Distracting Impact

Diplocaulus Gen 2

  • 2nd ability becomes Instant Cripple

Dracorex Gen 2

  • Basic Attack becomes Low Stunning Strike
  • 1st ability becomes Impact and Run


  • Loses immune
  • 1st ability becomes Pounce
  • 2nd ability becomes Cleansing Impact

Erlidominus (match with the free swap gameplay of the Erlikosaurus)

  • 2nd ability becomes Strike And Run


  • 2nd ability becomes Defense Shattering Rampage

Indominus rex

  • 1st ability becomes Armor Piercing Impact


  • Replace Cloak with Evasive Stance: Act First. Dodge 3 turns.


  • 1st ability is Ferocity Impact
  • 2nd ability is Cleansing Impact

Koolasuchus Gen2

  • 2nd ability becomes Instant Cripple


  • 1st ability becomes Nullifying Impact
  • 3rd ability becomes Defense Shattering Rampage


  • 2nd ability becomes Nullifying Impact


  • 1st ability becomes Distracting Rampage


  • Basic attack becomes Basic Attack Vulnerable


  • 1st ability becomes Rampage and Run
  • 2nd ability becomes Instant Charge
  • 3rd ability becomes Greater Stunning Strike


  • 2nd ability becomes Defense Shattering Impact
  • 3rd ability becomes Adrenaline Surge


  • 1st ability becomes Ferocious Impact


  • Pinning Strike becomes Vulnerability Strike
  • 1st ability becomes Lockdown Impact: 1.5x damage + Target is swap prevented next turn and the turn after
  • 2nd ability becomes Ferocity Impact

Purussaurus Gen 2

  • Pinning Strike becomes Vulnerability Strike
  • Expose Weak Spot becomes Lockdown Impact


  • 2nd ability becomes Impact


  • 1st ability becomes Distracting Rampage


  • 1st ability becomes Long Protection
  • 2nd ability becomes Extended Critical Strike


  • 1st ability becomes Long Protection
  • 2nd ability becomes Extended Critical Strike


  • Pinning Strike becomes Vulnerability Strike
  • Expose Weak Spot becomes Lockdown Impact


  • 2nd ability becomes Exploit Open Wound

Spinosaurus Gen 2

  • 1st ability becomes Lethal Wound: 1x damage + 0.66x Damage Over Time for 3 turns


  • 1st ability becomes Wounding Impact: 1.5x damage + 0.5x Damage Over Time for 2 turns
  • 2nd ability becomes Distracting Rampage


  • 1st ability becomes Lethal Wound
  • 2nd ability becomes Wounding Impact


  • Basic Attack becomes Superiority Strike
  • 3rd ability becomes Armor Piercing Rampage

Stygimoloch Gen 2

  • Basic attack becomes Minimal Stunning Strike (10% chance)


  • Basic Attack inflicts Vulnerable
  • Special Ability becomes Lethal Wound


  • Loses Immune
  • Basic Attack becomes Superiority Strike
  • 1st ability becomes Lethal Wound
  • 2nd Ability becomes Nullifying Impact
  • 3rd ability becomes Instant Cripple


  • Basic Attack becomes Superiority Strike (see above)
  • 2nd ability becomes Long Invincibility
  • 3rd ability becomes Greater Stunning Strike


  • 2nd ability becomes Defense Shattering Rampage


  • 2nd ability becomes Defense Shattering Rampage
  • 3rd ability becomes Ferocious Strike


  • 2nd ability becomes Pounce


  • Basic Attack becomes Low Stunning Strike
  • 1st ability becomes Distracting Impact

Tweaked Decelerating Impact

  • Deal 1.5x damage
  • Reduce Speed 50% for 2 turns
  • Cooldown 1
  • Delay 0

Creatures affected by the change: Amargocephalus, Amargasaurus, Apatosaurus, Argentinosaurus, Gigaspikasaur, Nodopatosaurus

Tweaked Increase Damage and Increase Critical Chance

  • Problem: previously, players saw the Visual Effect of the Increased Damage/Critical Chance during the Action Phase while the bonus would have expired before you get to act.
  • These effects now expire at the end of the creature’s action, resulting in better communication to both players. Once the creature does its thing, the Visual Effect ends (and so does the bonus).
  • This affects abilities such as Ferocious Strike and Ready to Crush.

New Ability: Evasive Stance

  • Act first. Dodge 50% 3 turns.
  • Creatures affected: Indoraptor, Monomimus.

New Ability: Evasive Strike

  • Dodge 50% 1 turn.
  • Attack 1x.
  • Creatures affected: Gallimimus, Ornithomimus.

New Ability: Surprise Bellow

  • Act First
  • Shield 50% for 1 turn
  • Reduce Target Speed 50% for 2 turns
  • Delay 0
  • Cooldown 2
  • Creatures affected: Brachiosaur, Giraffatitan

New Ability: Superiority Strike

  • Cleanse Self
  • Damage 1x
  • Target: Reduce Speed 33% 1 turn
  • Creatures affected: Edmontosaurus, Iguanodon, Ouranosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Tenontosaurus, Tragodistis, Stegosaurus, Wuerhosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Stegodeus, Brachiosaurus, Giraffatitan


  • An option to improve the Battery life on older devices is available.
  • To prevent impacting your data plan, Supply Drops no longer have ads, however, rewards have been increased to compensate for this. Nevertheless, you can still choose to watch ads on Special Event Supply Drops to respin and collect more rewards.
  • AND… minor text fixes.

Soo many news, I can’t wait this new update coming! This will (I suppose) fix many problems!


What an update!! I’m impatient now


Alright I’m coming back


Whens is the update coming?


All nice, but when cheats bans? I wasted like 3000€ im game and still defeated by guys whit indoraptors at 30


question about friend battles do we get rewards or is that in the dark and we find out by our selfs lol

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Been gone for some time but clearly the major feature of this patch is (finally) the long awaited sauropod buff.

‘OP’ creatures like indominus cloak can FINALLY be removed with ‘remove positive effect’ as it should’ve always been! Long live the dilo, we have our counters back. Same goes for raptor 'n swap meta, which clearly ruined a lot of arena experiences (especially multi raptor decks).

Finally we have controle in battles again; one of the major arena problems imo and made me play little to not. It is still the key feature of JWA. Viable counters and max opportunity for every creature will make so much more dinos viable again; in other words diversify the dinosaur builds and create (way) more opportunity.

I also see double VIP rewards, more supply drops (thats right, its a go game!) and world PvE events. Friends is also interesting to test new builds. Also inceased matchmaking timers to avoid bots and gain more opportunities to play vs players. I can remember a lot of these changes been discussed on a regular basis and am glad they actively worked on multiple solutions.

Sounds very promising Ludia, well done and looking forward to the update. Thanks for listening (but i still would love to see a roadmap lol)!


Reading all the new skills, i think will be now a tank meta, stegodeus, tragodistics, gigas, and the new sauropods will be op, and monostegops vs thats cloak, perhaps i kick my indominus of my team now, and whit the new dodge skill indoraptor will not do crits of 7,8k anymore( i guess the new skill dont give x2 dmg like cloak, so indo nerfed hard)

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Wow. So many changes! Thanks for working on the updates.

Those are bots. Check leaderboard, nobody has lv30 indoraptor.


Yes there are some guy whit indo at 30, and just fought a guy whit indo at 27, bots dont use indoraptor only epics


AND… minor text fixes.

I see what you did there :wink:


Omg I’m so hyped for this! Is my buddy, my Dilophosaurus, really getting a hybrid? So excited!


Awesome update hope we get water and flying Dino in the future


Oh wow! All this sounds amazing!

Sadly, almost all new hybrids sound like they require one or more dinosaurs that literally never spawn in my area :frowning: I hope you plan to fix that as well in the near future.

Cash rewards, achievements, tournaments, friends, more SDs and SD rewards, PvE events! Many things we’ve been asking for and things that will make the game less monotonous. Yes to everything!

However I’m not too happy about this. Let everyone take care of their data plan and how much data we are willing to spend, right? Anyway, glad we are getting increased SD rewards.

The balancing changes sound simply delicious. Raptors remain unchanged which means they remain powerful but a buff to their counters will certainly help. I’d still prefer it if Pounce prevented raptors from switching, rather than giving some counters an ability for that, but it’s better than nothing. Those buffs to some tanky dinosaurs like Nodopatosaurus or Amargocephalus will also help a lot to increase their survability and make them more tanky. Dinosaurs like Edmontosaurus and Iguanodon really needed the buff, too. Also, being able to remove positive effects to immune dinosaurs will balance Indominus at once, thank you! We reeeeally needed Indominus counters. The addition of dodge chance will make matches more interesting, I’ve always felt that if there was a small chance that an attack would fail (just like there’s a chance for a crit) things would become very intense, in a good way. Full RNG makes battles boring but just a bit of RNG keeps them interesting! It also seems higher arenas will begin being more rewarding, as it always should have been. I just hope you reduce the chance for exclusive DNA from arena incubators, as people keep asking you to do.

What you still need to fix:

  • Each arena needs a maximum dinosaur level. If players downgrade arenas with level 30 dinosaurs, they will be scaled down to the appropriate maximum level of said arena. This is key to avoid scaring away new players.

  • We need a way to get more coin. Like, a lot, lot more coin. Unless you REALLY improved supply drops, we still need more. MOARR COINNNN :money_mouth_face:

  • Tyrannosaurs NEED a buff. They needed it before, but now, with raptors remaining as they were and tanks getting buffs too, poor Rexy and family will have a hard time in meta. All they need is more health (about 20% more health minimum). Otherwise, with their low speed, complete lack of armor or any other debuff against enemies, most of the time they won’t survive to strike twice and their high damage will remain useless. Show some love to our Queen! :t_rex:

  • Reduce the level of the high arena bots, or better yet, scale them down automatically to player level (2 or 3 levels higher than the average dinosaur level of the player). Seriously fighting level 30 bots is just not fun at all and might be the reason why some high level players quit the game.

But overall this is a good first step. Now let’s party! :tada::t_rex:


Aaaand my feedback post in which I expressed my opinion (mostly praising these changes) got fiItered! Ok here’s another thing you need to do ASAP:

-Ditch the forum fiIter!


Oh yay! Finally. I haven’t played in weeks. Hopefully these changes shift the meta away from being so raptor-centric, opening up the meta for new viable dinosaurs in battle, and less predictable gameplay (i.e raptor pounce-swap, same dinos in every single battle, etc).

Well they aren’t technically dinos but they are according to Jurassic Park/World Universe but Water they may have to do seperate Arenas for considering they won’t be able to move on land.

I doubt it. Any kind of friend reward could easily be exploited. It’s just for fun and testing.