[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


My guess is it keys on words. Otherwise all would need a review before being posted (but maybe that’s the case because even my most innocuous posts are temporarily blocked for review).


Are you both using the same OS or different?


Plz add pentaceratops and maybe even a new hybrid, pentastegotops


I literally can’t stand this update. The one supply drop that was convenient for me, as it is where I work at, is gone, yet dinosaurs still spawn there as if it’s there. The other supply drop that was close to my house has vanished. You’re all really making me want to delete the game. I’m definitely stopping my monthly VIP membership. The supply drops aren’t any better as a VIP anyway.


I liked everything about this update, except the battles. In the old battles I would lose a few and win a few. But now with this new system it is almost impossible to win. Now it isn’t even fun to do the battles, I honestly might go back to Pokémon go now. Hopefully you fix this system and make the matchmaking a little more fair, because it is currently destroying this game.


I believe the update broke the game. I’m going to give it a few days maybe they will fix it. The coin max lock only allows paying people to win, cloak not working unless you pay, cash max… added more stuff to collect not enough coin to upgrade. Game is broken. Wednesday, uninstall…hopefully it will be fixed.


we are both using the same os.it really is quite annoying.


Thank you for stayiong updated, in 4 months more then in 2 years of Pokemon Go 4 times faster then Pokemon GO, keep up working on the game. delivering great work! Live on! :innocent: :+1:t3: :ok_hand:t3:


If you make major changes to a Dino such as removing Pyroraptor’s armor piercing capabilities or adding cleanse to Stegosaur’s attack you need to change their rarity to. Pyroraptor doesn’t seem like such an Epic dino anymore and Stegosaurus is super buff for a common.


Did you check your setting as the giant banner at the top of your screen in this pic is telling you?


Awwww hell yeh. Im enjoying this update, cant wait for more. Anazing job, Ludia.


I got this, and it not going to be better I wait for 10 minutes and nothing happens. How is this possible?


Others players have reported having this type of issue @barbara_Honda-VT500, as you probably already know. One thing that you can try is tapping your “Collection” tab and then returning to the map to see if it will trigger the map to load in properly.

Otherwise, I recommend contacting Ludia’s support team. Just know that it may take 7-10~ days for them to get back to you. Good luck!


I’m facing same problem.,Blank map


I have been working on an article for my website relating to improvements,may I cite this suggestion and include in the piece? It is such a good one!


Hey barbara_Honda-VT500, I’m sorry that this is happening. Our team is aware of the map loading issue, and they’re still investigating. Take a look at this thread here: Have problem with map


Can someone elaborate this part? It looks to me we are able to “aim” for the right timing to strike in order to increase the chances of critical strike?




My level 20 velociraptor has been noticeably weakened as a result. Pounce used to do 2120 points of damage, now does 1942 (& health is lower too).


I have similar issues including “NO GPS” messages. However, when I check my Android settings I see that the game permission for it has somehow set it to off. I turned it back on & restarted my device & every thing loads up fine again. But I’ve had to do this several times. Very odd.