[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


I’m 90% certain Velociraptor health is exactly as it was, she just got a damage nerf.


Yep! I’m forever chasing those darts. :joy:


Waiting with bated breath to see what 1.3.15 entails. Got it d/l’d… curious what the fixes are.


I’m 100% certain her health is now lower. I’m sure it was in the 1,800s before the update.


Well, someone made this, it wasn’t me but it confirms what I’ve seen:

I just double checked because I was surprised by your comment and didn’t trust my own memory :stuck_out_tongue:
The thread is this, to give credit to the author:
1.3.11 Stats Changelog - Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common


I HATE this update… at first glance it sounds great, but there is one MAJOR FLAW… dont get me wrong there are a lot of great new features, and as much as i love the raptors i will admit they were extremely dominant and borderline unfair to match up against … but then again they were one of the most common creatures to find at night so anyone was able obtain them… now the raptors have virtually gone extinct at night and if youve have one on your roster im you realize theyve gone from first to worst, i mean THE RAPTORS REALLY STINK IN THE GAME NOW!
but heres the worst part… hasnt any one noticed that the stegosaurus is now the alpha creature? I feel like the game has been ruined with this update… Of all creatures the stegosaurus is one of the most lame of all time… it is the opposite of cool, and in real life it was almost as dumb as a sauropod… why Ludia???
Why not make the T-Rex the new alpha? … i dont think anyone would complain about that! (By the way the T-Rex should be legendary in my opinion)… i do not feel that a TRex belongs in the same conversation as say, Ouranosaurus, or stygimolich (even though i think those dinosaurs are cool)… T Rex would dominate!!!


I’m now more confused than ever.


I’ve had the same problem a couple times honestly I just close the app and reopen the it was fine


T-Rex is pure dino and is strong but no armour so like the raptor slow it down or decrease it’s attack and it’s vulnerable. V-Raptor was op because it was very common early and the field was not growing fast enough to survive or counter it’s pounce. I learned pretty early have a higher raptor or put something that can take the pounce and slow down the raptor I could win against.


So nothing worth keeping VIP for? Id love to reinstate my VIP but not worth it at the mo :neutral_face:


Is it normal for ALL the Dino’s to be 1 meter or more outside of our range? There are lots of Dino’s just outside my range and maybe 3 a day that are in range. If I join the VIP, will all the Dino’s be just outside that range as well?


Yes, with vip almost always I have 1 or 2 at 203 meters


The dinos are globally generated (not for individual person) and a lot of their spawn locations are pre-defined/influenced by marker locations like restaurants, bus stops etc.

Keep a frequent tab (take hourly screenshots) of where dinos spawn around you. Once you switch to VIP, the dinos should continue spawning at the same points. How many dinosaurs fall within/outside range will depend on how much the 200m circle covers!
If most of them were spawning just outside 150m range earlier, they should all get within reach then.


Got the same happening since the spawns were adjusted. Don’t even bother no more to keep the game open at home.


Go into phone settings>storage>JW Alive and clear the game cache. Do not clear the game data. If that doesn’t work, clear your phone’s cache partition by going into recovery mode then restart the phone. Neither of the options will cause you to lose any data at all and will almost assuredly fix your problem.If it doesn’t fix it for some reason, you can clear the game data and then reinstall the game. Then log into your Google account again and it will download all your game data again. I wish you well! :slight_smile:


First time commenting, not sure where is appropriate but here seems as good of a place as any since this issue has only arose since the most recent update.
PvP battles are now ridiculously hard. I’m now seeing constant level 20 common, rare, epic and legendary enemies. Since I have not even got a single legendary yet, nevermind not owning a dinosaur at level 20 (highest owned is 17), it seems a bit messed up and like Lydia are trying to push you to pay more real money if you want to be competitive. Need to sort out the map loading times, offer availability time (one chance is simply not fair, Ive missed out on offers because of my phone dying which has hindered progress and also made me lose out on the increased value purchases) and now the match up problems before you get any more money out of me, at least.


Do Rex have got buff or what, I feel like she is now more powerful! Or it’s probably because Nodopatosaurus is at weak spot against T-Rex!


Yes because it’s not guarantee you’ll get response from your friends list…


Was just checking to see if you were aware that this thread was about the 1.3 update. We’re already on 1.4.23, currently…