[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


Amazing, can’t believe it. Cannot wait for it !!


This is insane I can’t wait to know when the release date is for the update I’m excited


Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.


Wow, this is quite a mouthful. Excited to see this go live. I guess you guys have reached your monetary requirement to move forward with a more complete game. Awesome! Glad I could help :crazy_face:


Even better regarding the bots, have the bots use player’s teams from the same arena. Problem solved.


The thing is bots are dumb. They will always use worse strategy than players. So I understand they need to be a bit overleveled. Just not THAT overleveled. Automatically scaling to a bit higher than the player level should be easy and solve the problem perfectly


Those are bots… Sometimes you get stuck in all bot battles until you can beat one… It sucks! But it’s possible…


I didn’t receive the new update yet , when is it?


Cool hopefully ya’ll will add Acrocanthosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus in the next update!! :slight_smile:


obviously they spent more than u…


This is great, honestly. I’m happy to see Ludia actually cares about their game here.

2 things that I would like to see change still, however:

  1. Friendly Battles I feel like you should have the OPTION to fight each other’s dinosaurs at the same level, but part of the fun of them is seeing if your team is better than your opponents, or allow yourself to use lower level dinosaurs against less experiences players.

  2. Bots. I don’t know if these new queue times eliminate bots, but I don’t see them being addressed here when a player loses 2 consecutive matches, so I hope something is still being done about them, ideally their removal.


This game is not playable for people that don’t have more than 6 gigs. I played the game for an hour using my data and it used 400mb that’s not good please fix it!!!:stop_sign::stop_sign::stop_sign::stop_sign::stop_sign::stop_sign:


Pls create a content to allow battle among friends


Fun/Great game so far with amazing graphics but I was wondering if there will eventually be a distance/walking reward? Such as every 2 miles you will receive a common incubator or if you can implement daily login rewards?


it used be be removable but it made indominus garbage so they buffed by making it not removable. now they making removable again so it better get buffed in a different regard


I wish they would post the updated speed for the dinosaurs that were affected. Tragodistis used to be fast so now… slow and low health?


I can’t wait for the update


This all seems great for the game. Wish it would have pushed out sooner, though. I would have spent my coin quite differently.

Also, I don’t see any reason for Pyro to lose armor-piercing. :thinking:


Honestly, I may just download the game again because of this update, although…I am still hoping for a Spinosaurus/Dilophosaurus hybrid…still hoping…


I cant wait for this update…i love this game more than my life​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:…i have some future update proposal …plz add flying terosaurs and water dinosaurs in the game … Amd ludia plz add an dino egg hatching concept in the game…:heart: