[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


please add compies (Compsognathus)…

I know they are very small, but you could make them a swarm start with 5 at lvl 1, then add 1 for each lvl… as you fight they get killed off 'till they’re all gone.


True but they could do it like Pokémon go where they float there


no one amongst existing players have level 30 dinos. it must be in game bots when you cant find an opponent


That’s going to be in the update !!!


perhaps they just spent more then you? I know a few ppl who have spent over 10k on the game


Kind of hope you give us a gift of coins for all the coins we sunk into dinos that will be potentially obsolete when this update hits. I just used 40K coins on 2 dinos in the last few days. If I’d have known an update was coming I would have held off. Not to mention I wouldn’t have wasted so many coins on Echo if she was losing immunity and Nullifying Strike. :confused:


Armor piercing was great on Pyro. This update is really going to mess with my team.


Question is…when? The hype is real


Don’t agree with being able to remove cloak from an indominous…

People have worked hard to get indominous for that reason, without it, it’s a pretty pointless Dino.

The only people that want to see indominous debuffed are people that haven’t got one, IMO


I am certainly not the final word. Bots are fine as a part of the game as long as you know they are bots! When they have bots mascaraiding as real people that’s where it is deceptive and divisive. I would like to see these new additions and features play out. Also what are these rewards are they cheap or are the meaningful? More things to do in the game is better. Does it make up for what feels like an eternity since the beta was released?..YES. Still a (potentially) significant step forward in a game we have invested so much Time, money, and effort to is better than the game we have played for the last 6 weeks.


Crazy news! Good job ludia!!! :+1:


Now we only need event spawns to be spread evenly, so that we rural players can also participate. But still, that is kind of a big deal since the events are such a big part of the game. So, nicely done Ludia, but still thumbs down to from me.
Please can you do anything to spread the event zones more evenly. It’s is such a disillusion to know that you’re missing out on such a big part of the game, and no matter how much I want to, it is destroing my interest of the game.


Well done Ludia… it looks like you’re succeeding where PooGo fails, you’re bringing in PvP friendly battles. This game just keeps getting better!


How about making the damage fluctuated in every attack instead of a fixed value all the time, as this change would result in more rng bs complaint but in the end of the day that’s what keeps the amusement going.


When does this update go live?


I hope not. Only a few dinosaurs can remove positive effects; Indominus will still be a beast against the rest. And even without cloak she has good health and damage, but at least now she has counters.


Or people who have it and just don’t find it so fun to use it… when something is op, people want it to be nerfed, even if they have it. I have a high level velocirraptor and win almost every battle when I have her on my team, and I still want her nerfed despite my high investment on her because winning by doing Pounce-switch all the time is just not fun. Same with Indominus, there was no strategy whatsoever, just a gamble and that is not fun.


FYI level 30 are bots not cheating!


A question! When someone removes positive effects and has a 1x damage does the removal work at the same time or on the next move?

Basically I am asking this for indominus!

If my opponent removes my cloak does it happen at the same time he hits me? If yes what’s the point of even having cloak?


Ikr and was pretty disappointed to see it go. Since then the indominus had no real opponents but tanks which still took massive dmg even with shield. The anky is the only ‘perfect’ counter vs an indominus… And why would anyone ever put 1 single dino in a team to counter just 1 dino. Or legendaries but you can’t be realistic about those for any regular player who doesn’t buy incubs.

Thats what recks diverse and creative decks. Completely the same vs raptor n’ swap. In games like clash of clans players can achieve high rank with diverse decks and strategies, even when outleveled (level 1 decks). Same goes for hearthstone… There is no 1-deck meta only, multiple ones are available and work accordingly and have numerous counters, not just one.

Most players who own the indo just bought it with the incubators, which were sold at least twice. Hence why you should have at least some decent counters vs a free kill dino. If you can’t counter something properly with over 100 dinosaurs available, people simply quit like i did. Current meta is not fun to fight go look at top 100. At least every deck has either 3 - 4 raptors and / or erliko, indo combinations and thats it.

With over 100 dinosaurs available thats a disturbing sight; hence why the balance changes will finally diversify the dino decks.

Not every dinosaur has remove positive effect; thus you simply need to utilise your indo smarter. It still recks armored targets because of armor pen skills, for example. She is a very decent pick with decent overall stats; she is never useless if used properly.