[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


All the updates look awesome, but there’s one thing I’d like to see: the ability to grow stronger due to battling.


Cool ! I’m looking forward to the new version.


At the same time. For instance, if an ankylosaurus has a shield and gets attacked by a monolophosaurus, it will receive 100% of the damage because the shield gets removed first.


To tell you what i think about this patch :

  • New dinausaurs : Always a good thing (Let’s hope for them to be good)
  • PvE Events : Good addition, but we already had it before online.
  • Pyroraptor Nerf : Very good, it’ll allow some less played dinos to shine.
  • Arena drops rework : Excellent !
  • Spinausaurus familly Buff : Let’s hope it to be enough to get out of carcass tier (and, let’s be crazy, out of Hatchling tier)
  • Cloak nerf : Despite playing myself I.Rex, i think it’s completely deserved. It was too much to nearly always lose a dino to kill him
  • Tanks getting Counter-attacks : Don’t think it was a good idea (Will probably end in a tank meta, especially coupled with the buff of raptors counters and Pyroraptor nerf. Oh, and also the lockdown strike on Tanks will be even worse for raptor players.)

To be honest, i think the tier lists will completely change, leading Tanks up to the top, beacause of them gaining the ability to absolutely murder Raptors (And to drink their tears at the same time). Wait and see !


just look on leaderboard and nobody have 30 lvl indoraptor…:smiley: so 10k real money is not enough :smiley:


Sounds great, I can’t wait to see better variety and rarity in the wild!


Some of they have it at 28, 29 and weeks ago i saw a guy whit one at 30. Cheaters and downgrading their rank of purpose to 300,400 rank. Not sure i can say names but one is a famous youtuber of jwa


All Extremely good improvements, wow I am really excited about those strike battles and the ability to play with friends! I’m still holding out for the possibility that the AR feature will become available for all devices with those capabilities… :wink:

And you know VIP supply drops are classically Lawful Evil but what can you do.


Must notice, I-rex now could been countered by nullifying attack dinos…
Yeah, just lost something.

But the more important thing is on I-raptor.
If dodge won’t increase damage like cloak does, now I-raptor will be easier to handle.
(Still thought I-raptor got too much health)

I think buff nullifying is a good try. But must see how useful it would be.


any estimated time of Arrival Jorge? :slight_smile:


That is actually a nerf. Armor Piercing Impact doesn’t destroy shields, just armor, but instead of dealing 2x damage, it deals 1.5x damage.


You are right, got some misunderstanding there.
I’ll go back & correct it.


I think a lot of people who use Indominus have been relying on RNG - sometimes it goes their way and they destroy whole teams, sometimes it doesn’t… and very often when an Indominus user has bad luck, the fact that they rely too heavily on the shield shows with their other team choices and/or the strategies they employ once Indominus has been knocked out. This change is going to make people think more critically than “I’ll slap cloak on her and one shot this dinosaur and then two shot the next” when they’re using her, but she’ll still be a force to be reckoned with. I think anyone who thinks she’s useless now hasn’t thought about her other strengths.

I definitely agree with your commentary on the current meta and I can’t wait to see the changes that will unfold due to the Indominus alterations!


Still think it’s a complete joke to nerf indominous when people have worked so hard to get it…

It is a pointless Dino now with cloak gone and it’s speed being awful.

While I’m at it, indominous is a cross between raptor and t rex… speed of 131 and 104 respectively… so how can i-rex speed only be 106… that’s a complete joke
Surely it should be in the middle of the two speeds seeing as it’s a hybrid of the 2…
I-rex speed should be around 119


Some more reasons to play. Glad I didn’t cancel my Vip. Updates 1.1 and 1.2 are already sitting in the corner having a huff.


This is unbelievable.

I’m really excited for what Ludia is doing. Way to go team. I didn’t expect so many concerns to be addressed so quickly. And for them to include added features (Friends list, friendly battles, etc) is amazing. I hate to say it, but this is so much better than all the time we spent waiting for Niantic to do what we’d been asking for them to do for months, or even years.


I suppose it’s incentive to work harder on leveling a battle team but having T-Rex DNA moved to Arena 7 is a bit of a kick to the shins for newer players. Seems a bit overkill to move it from lowest Arena to the (currently) highest.

At least I actually was able to finish making one, period, before this change goes through. I’m in Arena 4 now being thoroughly and savagely wrecked due to both level disparity and just not being able to compete with choice epic/legendary/unique teams.


Considering the changes regarding the arena, it would be great to start there anew. There are probably people who wouldn’t agree, so it would be great as an optional choice. How about this: you pay trophies, you get a few dollars. Food for thougt :slight_smile:


If you can do this relatively bug free, this game can gain the amount of PR that will elevate you equal to PoGo and bring in tons of new players and VIP money.

I say, take some time, QA the changes right.
make sure this update is broadcast-ed loud and clear in the game itself,


I love these big updates. It’s literally a game changer. Not only are some of my team getting decent updates, but some others not on my team are a lot more appealing. Delta’s Strike & Run is awesome!

And I LOVE the idea of the map updating based on the time of day.

There’s so much cool stuff to gush about in this update. Can’t wait for it to come out. Good job, Ludia!