[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


If T-Rex is the big prize it should be in the higher arenas. New players don’t really need T-Rex DNA, Ankylosaurus is perfecly useful for them. And Rex is after all a global spawn. Incubators are supposed to help you out a bit with the DNA, not be your main DNA income. New players can hunt Rex out in the wild. However having Rex in Arena 1 was making many high level players downgrade on purpose to get it, which meant a lot more unfairness for newbies.

Rex isn’t that good anyway. She is useful for making hybrids but she needs a health buff to become good for higher arenas. As it is now, she dies way too fast. She is one of my weakest team members, sometimes I think I keep her in my team just because I’m fond of her.


Yeah, as soon as I have Indominus she’s outta there. And since a Rex just spawned outside my work today I have only 8 DNA to go before I can do my “final fuse” and recruit her.

I knew I should’ve gotten closer. I didn’t want to miss out so I launched my drone while sitting at my desk.


I’m more excited to have my Gorgosuchas this week, lol.


I’m so glad to see crocodile-like creatures getting to be somewhat relevant, Gryposuchus looks like a beast!


indominus has “ok” hp. not enough to survive pounce and follow up attack so i wouldnt consider it good health. hopefully this completely reworks dino HP so that things stop dieing in 1-2 hits. making battles longer by tripling hp would do wonders for the game. at that point indominus would be more balanced without changing immunity preventing removal of debuffs.


Dinosaurs with Pounce can’t remove positive effects so it doesn’t really matter. Cloak still works with raptors. Indominus certainly isn’t one of the dinosaurs with most health in the game but she isn’t a weakling either, she can take a punch and do decent damage in return.


yes, but they did add 5 new stronger nullifying impacts to dinos as well to support dinos. plus whatever the new ones will have. im hoping that the api in place of his 1x debuff will help indominus a bit too. been plenty of times i was just shy of killing someone with a 1x move.


IM so excited for this to drop! thank you ludia this will make it THE GAME!


I know it’s been asked probably a lot by now, but when’s it happening? I was able to log in and grab my two incubators, but it’s still at 1.29.


Awesome update hope modified GPS in the future


The first thing i thought is WHEN?! Days, weeks, months??!


Thursday’s event dino is a trash common in the middle of a bunch of rares/epic. Most people probably won’t bother. Seems like a chill day to push an update. :man_shrugging:t3:


Is Mosasaurus,Suchomimus,Carcharodontosaurus and Deltadromeus there in this game ? and please add a weekly login calendar.


Suchomimus had already showed up in this game.
Other dinos you mentioned are not. (And won’t be released in this update)


Nice Looking forward to it :+1:t2:


Mines level 15, its done me well… ferocious strike followed by rampage is the way to go…
But I believe they are nurfing her in the update so it may not be as good in the future :frowning:


We need this update as fast as possible. Come on Ludia. Bring it! Hype! :smiley:


How is it gonna be nerfed? It’s gonna gain Defense Shattering Rampage, which still deals 2x damage but also destroys shields and breaks through armor. If anything she is going to be buffed, or am I missing something?


From what I read on the update it’s losing 1 of its moves and I think it’s ferocious strike


Is it? I don’t have gorgosuchus yet so I don’t know the order of the moveset but I thought the one they were losing was Rampage. Instead they get a similar 2x damage ability which also destroys shields. But I might be mistaken.