[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


please add language switch system in all your games!


Yeah, 2nd ability is 50% buff one while 3rd is x2 ability.


Oops, then they did break Gorgosuchus. There goes my hype for this week event.


Double reward for VIP is great.
Now please increase the amount of darts we can carry…:blush:


They didn’t break it. Gorgosuchus currently has rampage as its 3rd attack, but it will be replaced by defense shattering rampage. This attack inflicts 2x the damage, ignores defense and destroys shields.


Ooooh okay then it’s as I first thought. Cool thanks!


Man this update needs to come asap! It sounds great and I cant wait, how silly am I for hoping it’s some time today?


Oh … I see … they do not count basic attack as 1st one. So Gorgo is buffed indeed.

But that means at the same time that Pyros/Deltas Pounce is counted as 1st ability and NOT removed. Pyro is getting another x2 ability and Delta is getting Hit and Run instead his more or less useless healing.

Yay, my sweet Raptors are actually kinda buffed. :heart_eyes:



OK I’m confused. It doesn’t look like it’s getting another x2 ability but swapping one 1.5x. So If pounce (2x) is the 1st ability, that mean it’ll be losing Armour Piercing Impact (1.5x) :frowning: and gaining Impact (1.5x) as it’s 2nd ability. Dang! Gonna have to re-think my armour piercing dinos :confused:


Isn’t Impact the x2 ability without debuff (the one Erliko got)? Well, I’m not used to the English names.

But Pyroraptor 1.3 will look like:

  • Basic Attack
  • Pounce (1st)
  • Impact (2nd)


when did the update happen?


It hasn’t gone live yet, although it has in beta.


So it’s only in its beta form for now?


No there is a beta (for testing updates), and a live version. As soon as they’re happy with beta it’ll be rolled out to live. :wink:


Man, I hope it’s soon! I’m so hyped for this!


Nope, not 2x, just 1.5x

Deal 1.5x damage.
Cooldown: 2 turn


Yes…Delta become the only raptor able to hit-and-run.
But see how they change Echo.

That means, Echo becomes Delta(ver.1.2), but Delta itself comes to be other things.:thinking:


Nope. Impact is 1.5. Pyro is losing armor piercing.

It’s getting nerfed. Unnecessarily.


No they’ve removed ferocious strike. One of the best things about it


No they didn’t. Read the disclaimer at the top of the new abilities section. 1st ability is 2nd from the left. 1st ability is not basic, it’s the next move after.

Gorgosuchus is getting a huge buff. They’re framing it up as a counter to the new raptor counters.