[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


Arrrrr, I didn’t know it didn’t include the “basic attack”


This feels like the game that Ludia wanted to release, but couldn’t due to deadlines to get it out before Fallen Kingdom.


When the pyroraptor is your favorite dinosaur, second to the gorgosuchus.


BTW … what do you guys think about that DilophoOuranoSaurus? It’s pic is looking … weird. That face … what the …


is this it??? xD cant wait


I’d say 100% no, unfortunately… probably is just maintenance


This could be so cool, but where it is?
And the maintenance will be how long?
A lot Of bugs in this app… Even that’s so expensive in money and battery, coool to know you add a battery optimiser…
But you ll lost so many users with all bugs and prices…


Hope I’m very wrong mind you… but they made a massive error yesterday with the game going down… so I can’t see this being the update


just hope doesnt last long. need to get my dailys gorgosuchus


Wish like yesterday, they are quick and put an announcement/note on Forum what this maintenance is about and the estimated downtime.


Hey dino hunters, we’re doing some maintenance in the game right now so keep checking back for an update from Jorge!


Can we plz get epic giganotosauris


is there any way to know how long the maintenance is going to last?


And give us your new apk instead of blocking app because there is an update wich cant be found!


At the moment you can’t access the game due to maintenance.

I really appreciate that there’s an ingame notice this time … much better than no communication at all one week ago when the game was down for a day (well, PoGO had an unexpected downtime at the same time as well from what I’ve read).

[glad I have finished Gorgosuchus Event already]


Hi all, we’re currently in Maintenance. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for live updates:


Question about the Utahsinoraptor. The patch notes say that Utahsinoraptor’s first ability is replaced by distracting impact yet Utahsinoraptor already has distracting impact?


Yay :heart_eyes: Looking forward to playing this evening! Thank you!


Man more drop spots? Thats great, i hop they add more park spawn areas, maybe for those who have parks but are too far to go to everyday.


Oh my God YES!!!