[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3.11)


New Version Looks good so far. Unfortunately I already encountered some Bugs. Of the new hybrids only 2 are accessable. Sarcorixis and Tuoramoloch. The rest partially can be found via their ancestors.


I only have 1 GB and play all month long, for hours a day and don’t go over on data. However, I do make sure to start in WiFi since sometimes there is an update, then I will turn off WiFi after I know there isn’t one.


What’s wrong with the upgrade? Gps always disconnected and need to restart the phone… Rubbish!!
Once internet dropped, GPS disconnected, everything gone…


The next rubbish, once gps restored, the map no longer load… Rubbish 1.3 update


Quick question on Distracting Rampage; it is supposed to be 2x damage, correct? The text for Spinotahraptor states 2.4x(!)

EDIT: Just tested it; is only 2x - so is just a text thing


I can’t believe how much this update has improved the game!! I had a grumble because I couldn’t do my “quick battle while inhaling breakfast on the way out the door” routine this morning…

I logged into the game just before work and almost made myself late lol. So many QOL changes! Friends battles, achievements, better maps, spinners with contrasting colours, more supply points. Freakin love it all.

And MORE STABLE!! I didn’t get stuck in a crashed game for ten minutes waiting to reload when my screen went to sleep today! 10seconds of the game “thinking” and then I kept playing.

Awesome update guys :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hi, is there any fix for the map not loading known yet?


New stuff, new dinos, pvp rebalance - many thanks team :slight_smile:


But not in my city dude.


I don’t care much about the HP/ATK changes … but they changed SPD of some dinosaurs as well. Wasn’t Ouranosaurus like 127 SPD pre-update? Now he’s at 114 SPD … lol

Just one of many examples.


Hadrosauriformes (Ourano, Iguanodon, Parasauro…etc) got a spd nerf.
The main reason is for they got SUPERIORITY STRIKE.

Stegos don’t got additional nerf, cuz they were not so fast. Now Hadrosaurs got similar spd with Stegos.


So I’m impressed with the new update and can hardly wait to see what’s next. While it’s not perfect, I’m sure they’ll do a pretty good job of fixing the glitches.

Kudos to the developers!

Tarbosaurus - my Stego (lv 18) got the Superiority Strike in the middle of a battle…was crazy, went to use strike and all of the sudden the attack changed. Had me going “What the hang was that? I used strike.”


Hopefully they find the missing Hybrids, can see but not able to create even with enough DNA.


How nice is it to be wrong sometimes! It was an update and a big one, but with the normal glitch or two…liking this so far. What say you?


Map not Loading. pls fix it


After last update the game became inadvisable for people with epilepsy. Becouse of flashes in the time of hunting. It coulod be dangerous for epileptics.


My maps don’t load since the last update! Can’t see supply drops or dinosaurs! Can battle & open incubators but what’s the point? Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve deleted the game & re-installed it but that hasn’t worked. :neutral_face:


I’m so thankful, I love this game so much. Fantastic update I’m so soooooo happy


In the JURASSIC WORLD™ ALIVE can not play. Text message. “We are having trouble connecting to our servers.Please check your internet connection and try to log in again” But I have 100Mbps internet.
Can you help me with these problems?


Since your update the supply drop outside my home has disapeared yet my partner can still access it when she plays and she has more supply boxes in area for her game.Not normally a bad thing but I’m a person who rarely goes outside due to anxiety issues.Any help or explanation would be appreciated.