[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


Update 1.4 will introduce Pterosaurs to Jurassic World Alive!
These flying creatures will have a significant impact on all facets of the game - from new hybrids to an iconic new battle arena! Speaking of battles, Pterosaurs will also add yet another layer to your battle strategizing, with the new Swap-In Abilities!

See below to prepare for a new aerial adventure and remember to have fun and stay safe when exploring!



JWA-FR-LockWood_Estate JWA-FR-Aviary


Scent Capsules

  • Scent Capsules emit special scents to attract more creatures to your location for 5 minutes.
  • The attracted creatures are only visible to you, the owner of the capsule.
  • You can obtain Scent Capsules from Supply Drops, limited to 1 per day.
  • Some scents are based on creature families (such as Stegosauridae, Dromaeosauridae, Ceratopsians, Theropods, Ankylosauria, Hadrosaurs, Sauropods, etc.)
  • You can also buy Common, Rare, and Epic Scent Capsules in the Market. As their name implies, Rare and Epic Scent Capsules attract more Rare or Epic creatures. These capsules last for 20 minutes.
  • All Scent Capsules are stored in your Inventory.


  • This is where your Scent Capsules will be stored. You can open your Inventory from the Map screen.
  • Your Inventory can only hold a certain number of each item. Make sure you use your Scents before you reach that limit!
  • In future updates, we plan to add new and exciting items for you to use from your Inventory!

Daily Battle Incubator

  • This Incubator is available to all players in the game via battle.
  • Every defeated opponent creature in PvP matches counts as 1 Victory Point.
  • Collect enough Victory Points in a day and you can collect your Daily Battle Incubator.
  • If you do not collect enough Victory Points to unlock the Incubator, your Victory Points will rollover to the next day.


  • Pterosaurs are now flying in areas near you!
  • Dimetrodon GEN 2 and Monolophosaurus GEN 2 are temporarily more likely to appear in the world. Collect these two common creatures to fuse Monolometrodon, the first Legendary hybrid using Common ingredients! Be on the lookout for similar hybrids in future updates!
  • September’s weather has caused some creatures to migrate. Hit the forums to discuss your discoveries!


  • Logging into Facebook will automatically add your actively playing friends. You can Log in through the Settings or the Friends interface.
  • You can also connect to your friends by creating a link that you share via SMS, Social, Chats, etc.
  • You can now block undesirable players from contacting you.


See BATTLE details

"Act First" becomes "Priority"
This linguistic tweak means that in-battle events can now occur before what was previously known as “Act First”. See Swap-In Abilities, below.

Defense Shattering Tweak
Defense Shattering will work even against creatures that are Immune, for the purpose of removing their Shields and bypassing Armor. This mainly affects the Ankylocodon.

Auto-Swap (Strike/Impact and Run)
Abilities that auto-swap will now auto-swap to the next non-defeated creature instead of a random non-defeated creature. This means that you have knowledge of what the next creature will be when you use auto-swap abilities.

Swap-In Abilities
Some creatures now have access to Swap-In Abilities (or SIA for short). When you perform a SIA, you get the benefit of having swapped out your previous creature, having swapped in your new creature and performing an ability, all in a single action!

A SIA only occurs if you manually swapped. This does not occur when you initially deploy your first creature, or when you replace a dead one.

When a creature has a SIA, it performs it before any Priority Ability has the chance to act, because all swaps are done beforehand.

Note that if both players swap to creatures that perform a SIA, the fastest of the new creatures will get to act first.

Order of resolution for a battle turn becomes:

  • Perform all swaps
  • Perform all Swap-In Abilities according to speed
  • Priority Ability
  • Speed order

There is one creature family that has Swap-In Abilities as a core mechanic: Pterosauria

Other creatures were modified to feature Swap-In Abilities, these are listed in the Swap-In Abilities table, below.

Swap abilities prevent the creature from swapping for one or two turns, this is called binding (a creature is said to be “Bound”). Note that this special type of Swap Prevention occurs even if the creature is Immune, since this is self-inflicted. However, this negative effect can be cleansed through the usual means.

Be aware that effects that give a free swap (i.e. Impact and Run) can “chain” into free Swap-In Abilities!

In this case, the SIA is performed immediately after the creature enters the field. Note that if the opponent hasn’t acted yet, this SIA occurs even if the new creature is slower than the currently-present opponent.

Triggering SIA is all about the finesse, timing, and prediction of what your opponent does! Note that most creatures with SIA are so versatile that their attributes are under the average of other creatures of a similar rarity.

Speed Marker Position and other Battle Communication Improvements
To improve player comprehension of changes in creature speed relationships, we have reworked the way that the speed marker is represented during the battle. As the different abilities and status effects begin or expire, the speed marker gets updated. This helps us precisely explain the cause and effect related to the question: which creature is faster?
We have also taken the time to give specific iconography for:

  • Swap-In Abilities (see above)
  • Critical Hits
  • Counter-Attacks

Damage Over Time Overhaul

Foreword & Context

We have started working on Damage Over Time to be more useful (powerful) in the game.

We wish to shake up the prevalent tank meta. Combined with SIA (see above) we should obtain a more dynamic battle gameplay.

Please note that creature balancing relative to Damage Over Time is an ongoing process and is subject to change over the upcoming updates–hence why we created more Damage Over Time abilities than what is currently used in the game (see New Abilities, below).

It is intentional that a lvl 1 Suchomimus could do as much Damage over Time as a level 30 Suchomimus when the target is the same. Depending on feedback from players, we will adjust the DoT-using creatures (and potentially the ability percentages) in further updates for a fair and balanced experience.

Damage Over Time (or DoT for short) is now calculated based on a percentage of the opponent’s maximum health. It has more efficiency against high Hit Point creatures, since the effect deals more damage in total. DoTs are an easy way to say “no matter what your health is, you will be defeated within X turns”.

  • DoT effects stack and are not modified by damage increases or decreases.
  • A vulnerable creature does not receive more damage from DoT.
  • DoT bypass Armor and Shields (even Invincibility). Beware!
  • As with other status effects, DoT can be removed by Cleansing the affected creature, or by swapping it out.
  • DoT do not affect Immune creatures.


  • The Spinosaurus has Exploit Open Wound. It does 1x damage and inflicts DoT 0.2x for 3 turns. It also has Gashing Wound, which does DoT 0.3x for 2 turns.
  • The Apatosaurus has a maximum of 6000 HP.
  • On turn 1, the Spinosaurus uses its Exploit Open Wound on the Apatosaurus: The Apatosaurus is affected with DoT 20%. This means that it will receive 0.2x6000 = 1200 damage at the end of the turn for the next 3 turns, including this one (unless the Apatosaurus swaps).
  • On turn 2, the Spinosaurus uses its Gashing Wound. The Apatosaurus will now receive DoT 50% (3000 damage!) for the next 2 turns, since the DoT stacks.
  • Unless the Apatosaurus swaps, it is defeated by turn 3!



These creatures have Swap-In Abilities. Note that creatures that existed prior update 1.4 had their attributes adjusted in order to maintain balance.



As with previous updates, some minor attribute adjustments have been done. This occurs every update, since a creature’s abilities and attributes are calculated by being based on the global pool of available creatures. Notable adjustments are listed below.

Allosinoaurus Ability Tweaks
It has Defense Shattering Strike, Armor Piercing Impact, Defense Shattering Impact and Instant Charge.

Has 6000 HP and 870 damage.

Has Cleansing Impact instead of Nullifying Impact.

Gallimimus Speed Buff
Now at 130, it loses a bit of HP in exchange.

Replaces Adrenaline Surge with Cleansing Impact.

Lockdown Strike becomes Strike.

Impact becomes Ferocity Strike.

Pyrritator Speed Buff
Now at 129, outclassing Magnapyritor and Indoraptor.

This superhybrid has been reworked extensively.
At level 26, the Sarcorixis’ attributes are now: 3840 HP, 1300 damage and 117 speed.
This means that if you have a Sarcorixis against a same-level Einiasuchus, you will go first.

  • Gain a Swap-In Defense (see New Abilities, above).
  • Basic Attack remains Armor Piercing Strike
  • 1st special ability becomes Lockdown Strike
  • 2nd special ability becomes Greater Stunning Impact
  • 3rd ability becomes Ferocity Strike

1st ability becomes Gashing Wound.

Spinosaurus GEN2
1st ability becomes the new and improved Lethal Wound.

1st ability becomes Gashing Wound.

1st ability becomes the new and improved Lethal Wound.
2nd ability becomes Swoop.
Damage value increased to 1270.

Stegoceratops Speed Nerf
The speed of the Stegoceratops has been reduced to 110, in order to be below that of specific immune creatures. This gives those immune creatures more chance of a fair “counter pick” matchup.
The Stegoceratops’ armor has increased to 25% to compensate.

Its ability becomes Gashing Wound.

1st ability becomes the new and improved Lethal Wound.

Tyrannosaurus Rex and the GEN2 variant get Defense Shattering Strike
They lost a slight amount of attack power in exchange.

Utahsinoraptor damage increased from 1350 to 1500
Nothing was lost in exchange!

Swap-In Abilities attribute tweaks
Some creatures that existed pre-update have been tweaked to integrate the Swap-In Ability mechanic. Most of the creatures that received the benefit of this mechanic were underused creatures, notably hybrid ingredients.
Their attributes have been adjusted to balance the increased utility of this mechanic. See New Abilities, above.

Ability Updates
With the new functionality of Damage Over Time (see Damage Over Time Overhaul above), some DoT abilities have had to be revised.
We also allow Instant Charge to happen on Turn 2.

Exploit Open Wound
Target is Vulnerable for 2 turns. The DoT is 0.2x for 3 turns.

Instant Charge
Delay is now 1.

Lethal Wound
Damage 1x. The DoT is 0.33x for 3 turns.

Wounding Strike
Damage 1x. The DoT is 0.15x for 2 turns.

Wounding Impact
Damage 1.5x. The DoT is 0.15x for 2 turns.

Wounding Rampage
Damage 2x. The DoT is 0.15x for 2 turns.

Between now and the next update
If we need to do any Battle Balancing adjustments to Swap-In Abilities and the new Damage Over Time (and their related creatures), they should occur as soon as we obtain a large enough sample of feedback on the matter.
We will also be looking at the random chance in the game. Someplayers mention the feeling of unfairness related to the randomness, especially when it comes to stuns and dodge chances.
Be on the lookout for upcoming polls on these subjects!


  • A new [i] info button is available on Supply Drops to display the daily limit for each currency and item you can receive from them.
  • The AR button in character sheets is now highlighted for those who have never used it. Also, the game will now inform you if your device is incapable of running AR.
  • Access to the Fair Play page is available in the in Settings menu, so that you know the rules of fair play and avoid unacceptable actions.


  • We are working towards drastically minimizing connection issues, as well as reducing download times.
  • Our Support team is working on cutting down the wait-time for replies. To help, please be sure to only submit one ticket at a time when reaching out to Support.
  • This being said, please be sure to submit any encountered issues to support here: Ludia Support



Assume after the current tournament is over.
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Love it bring it on Lets playyyyyy

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What worries me is the incubators… meaning now DNA is going to be alot harder to get? If you have to get certain amounts of points to obtain and inc?
I like the method of running incubators constantly


Also the whole swap in Dino thing completely lost me… no idea how it works


Something I don’t understand! Will the pterosaur arena be available to all or only when you get to it? It says arena 9 and 10 so do I have to get above arena 8 to even use them or are they a completely separate set of arenas


You’re reading far to much Into it… it’s just a background for a new arena


Hell yeah XD this is what im talking about! I really like this update! It paves a way for water Dinosaurs like the mosasaur! Any release date for 1.4?


Ok it did say a new arena but wasn’t sure!

Love all the new stuff but oh god, a unique from Dilorano with Deiniocheirus(butchered!). Already facing plenty of lvl 20 Diloranos in the arena at 4200. I guess all big players will have that instantly X_x


A scent capsule question. Will the purchased ones only work on visible dinosaurs?

In other words if I drop an epic and no epics are seen is it wasted or will the epics smell them from far away and bring them in


Bet they cost a fortune :joy:


guess they need to be lvl 15
Then 500 each time


If they bring in dinosaurs that are not seen they will be worth it!

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