[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


actually wait yea:/ indom doesnt need the dice roll. and indom can survive one hit from the erlidom.


No it’s not. All these dodging dinos really depends on the RNG. Whichever luckier could one shot the other. For me Erlidominus is better than I-rex cos of the speedup strike and impact and run.


I totally agree. I probably dodged some bullets reading the forum.

I do hope the game remains competive for as many as possible through the changes.


Personally I want them to change evasion and cloak.

Cloak gets one turn dodge (so it becomes an instant invincibility like move and gets its power boost). Only dodge one time as opposed to dice rolling

Evasion gets one turn dodge and counter attack as opposed to 3 turns

Basically try to make the moves more tactical, try and use them to absorb a high damage attack rather than… instant cloak/evade and hope for the best. This is an early morning idea though


Will we get a spino / utahraptor / kaprosuchus or spinotahraptor + kapro event? Also looking forward to a rajasaur event.


the winner of this patch might actually be utahsinoraptor. both a damage buff and insta charge delay decreased to one with no single nerf so against tanks you crit impact t1, they use superiority, insta charge t2 hopefully stunning and distracting impact t3


Yeah, I’m happy for these changes since I used him in my team in the upper ranks (currently I’m 110, unless I’ve moved a bit). His buffs will make him easier to use in more situations. He’s definitely useful as is though


Yeah the forum definitely helps. I’ve leveled loads of useless things. Hoping they will be of some use in the future.

I’m currently at 4600 and over half my games don’t require any skill just remembering the order of moves and hoping I get a critical hit or a dodge… is getting a little boring.

Love the game though.


im just sad for gorgo since he is ded now


He needs a small health buff so he can use the cleanse. But admittedly mine is low level so if he can take a thogomizer and armor pierce from stegodeus and live when both are the same level he now will crush steg every time, I’ve not tested it since I use a different dino


You know Gorgo is losing its cleanse?


gorgo cant survive a thago+rampage unless adrenaline


No, it lost adrenaline rush and got cleansing impact in return. It gets a cleansing attack.


it doesnt have time to use that attack


Ah my bad. Would still have preferred adrenaline


One thing I am confused, they say they want to shake up the tank meta and yet they don’t remove superiority strike from stegodeus?

DoT still useless on this cancerous dino.


I’m indifferent to the change since I don’t use gorgo but if it makes no sense tactically then I’d say it’s a poor move. I don’t have all the data though. Perhaps they don’t want gorgo beating stegod but this seems silly since gorgo is a tank buster


There are not many high end tanks with a self cleanse… and if none had it, after this patch you would see all DoT teams become Meta. And stegodeus is only cancer because he’s typically way over leveled bc of easy to find ingredients. Stegodeus is beatable by several creatures but many are far lower level in the matchup so they can’t do it.


i mean… what? the best 2 dinos that everyone uses has cleanse…


Stegodeus doesn’t need it because it has high health. Tragodistis has a lot lower health and thats why it’s suitable for it.