[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


awesome update,keep continu like this.
The work is completly appreciated.
Just expect something done for stegodeus(remove the cleanse attack)
The rest is cool


The strategy employed to beat stegodeus beats trago just as easily. I don’t mind either having cleanse. The 33% slow on it is more annoying if I want to hazard asking for a nerf. Both of these creatures have counters and if the counters are leveled they win easily. They don’t need more counters imo but I could be wrong.


trago having cleanse is ok stegod is not


25 Monostegotops 4k Health 1238AP NO SUPERIORITY
25 Stegodeus 5k Health 981AP SUPERIORITY
25 Ankyntrosaurus 4.4k Health 952AP NO SUPERIORITY
25 Gigaspikasaur 4.5k Health 809AP NO SUPERIORITY
25 Paramoloch 4.5k Health 952AP NO SUPERIORITY
25 Tragodistis 3.4k Health 857AP SUPERIORITY

Tell me what makes sense about Stegodeus having superiority? ITS TOO OP!


Sorry mixed up the words on my post


Just remember that before superiority strike… rinse and repeat pounce was the move demonized by all. There will always be something over used or over powered. The easiest way to fix superiority imo is to remove the slow. Stegodeus can’t win if it only cleanse attacks for 1x damage. It’s being able to subsequently move first after cleansing that is the problem


Pounce was easy to defeat with thagomizer.


the superiority strike is good on some dinos but totally an overkill on stegod

also they nerfed raptors power so pounce isnt as op as it used to be.


Obviously there’s gonna be a new legendary made of the two creatures I ignored the most :roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


These creatures are all apples to oranges comparison except giga. I could easily ask why only one tank has nullify impact (mono) or why only one has instant cripple or why only one has impact and run. I’m just very reluctant to ask for nerfs because I think they hurt more than help situations.


Removing superiority won’t make stegodeus weak, it’ll make it balanced. Prior to 1.3 stegodeus was still an absolute beast with super high damage output and high health.


You are right about pre 1.3. And this data is all speculation prior to 1.4 and the potential damage output of wounding creatures. I’m sure Ludia is being cautious so there is not a swing to all wounders. They want to buff them so they are used… and not neglected as they are now, but don’t want them to become the new dominant.


What is the pyrritator changes?


Speed increased to 129, so outrunning Magnapyritor and Indoraptor.


New update sounds like a lot of changes a lot for the better but why give Rex a 1x defense shattering move that will never be used over their more damaging versions and then Nerf the attack of Rex for getting this new useless move. Seriously why nerf things that are barely even meta without the nerf


the daily battle incubator should be an epic one, if there’s only one per day. 15min/3h/8h were mostly fine


Mm nice so is better i level up mine to 21+ instead of working on future magnapirytor, what you think?


I much more looking forward and hoping for a better more reliable play experience from bug fixes. Great for the new dinos but it will take weeks and even more than a month or two to get anything new caught up enough to my current team to have them of any use.

This is why I wish pvp was based on our team’s highest dino rather than trophy levels. This way we could put together teams of lower dinos and play equal teams of those levels.


unfortunately it appears they are leaving the battle arena a total dumpster fire where nothing matters except who gets the crits, stuns and dodges.


No Dimorphodon :neutral_face: