[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


I would do so too if i still have enough Irritator DNA left :joy::joy::joy:


I also want all raptors to be useful, give them some love i am a big fan o raptor pack so i want all od them to be useful, Echo will have new impact but i think its rather nerf than buff, i would like to see echo with Swap in strike, it would compensate her being slower than every raptor, and many hybrids.


scent capsules…

sounds good. but,
can we earn rare or epic capsules
from incubators or supply drops?


Also, Stegodeus has really high armor. I agree it’s OP since its stats are already really good.

If we want to do subtle nerf to make people happy.

  • Its armor can be reduced to 15%.
  • superiority strike should change slowing to 10%. 30% is too much for a strike. The difference looks negligible but some high speed and high output dinos may fare better against it if thagomizer is wasted.


IKR? I was hoping for the rat-faced dimorphodon.


When is the update release


Cant wait until this stuff is over with. I used leathal impact after the opponent had instant crippled me and it only did 39 dmg for bleed each tick. Yall said that it was dealing dmg based off the opponents health, but that was obviously being calculated off my damage.


I read the notes above and did not see this information. Where did you get the info please.
I wanna check it all out


Update 1.4 isn’t live, these are the pre patch notes to let you know the upcoming changes. I believe it goes live Monday morning after tournament ends… if they did a big game mechanic change right at the end of a tournament cycle they would probably get some unhappy campers… like an umpire adding 2 extra outs in the bottom of the 9th to the home team. Anyway, look for the change next week


Can you tell me where to find the pre patch notes then. They seem to have some handy bits of info about monostegotops and Gorgeousaurus


Omg agree. Carnotaurus is my favorite dino of all time. I so hope to see a hybrid soon.


Me too. Such is life. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If that happens, Carnotaurus is going to need one hell of a buff in hp, speed, and damage first - just to make the hybrid a viable team player.

By itself, it’s not a threat, except maybe in arenas 1-3.


Nadopotitan =Nodosaurus+GiraffeTitan…??
Wow new LEGENDARY :thinking::hugs:


Or you could be in for a shock and it could be great… This is ludia after all😀


Next week. 2020202020


The next undefeated creature. Is it the first undefeated creature to the right of the auto-swapping one when you see the list ?


At the top of this forum thread. Look for a section called Battle. Press the arrow under the world Battle and enjoy


Looking forward to scents - live in rural area and no spawns nearby


hello everybody, anyone when the game will be updated?:sauropod::sauropod::t_rex: