[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


I am worried epic scents will cost same as epic incubators.

But stoked at probably getting a common scent most days from supply drops.


Some time next week.


Thank you, Ludia, these sound like exciting changes! Two suggestions: allow VIP members 2 free daily scent capsules and/or double the time they are active and in the future also add items that attract dinos to a specific supply drop for a limited time. These could be combined with scent capsules for significantly increased spawns in a limited time.

Again, thanks, especially for running this forum and communicating with us!!!


Can we PLEASE have a better Carnotaurus? I’m puzzled by how this animal, which is such a charismatic minor player in JW2 and The Lost World book, can be so much harder to find and so much less fun to actually PLAY than wrong-in-every-way creatures like DIPLOTATOR.

Love this game, just can’t figure out why this game hates one of my favorite dinosaurs.


It’s not a new idea. It’s the same like smoke in Pokemon GO. But still nice to have it here too and even nicer to get some for free.


How is it spectacular? There are no ‘limits’ on supply drops now. You can hit a supply drop every 15 mins. all day right now. Works great when I’m going to be somewhere for a while … like … home?

Or, am I reading more into this “i” thing …


No you can’t, there’s a daily limit on coins and cash.


It’s not a limit on supply drop, as it says it is a limit on what you can receive from them, as there always has been.


It’s like that whether or not there is a tournament. Ludia has been playing dino stats shuffle WAY too much on this game. I realize the game is new, but that’s just too bad. You can find ways to balance the game that don’t remove stats a player has invested in for a dina. 4 significant NERFING stat shuffles in less than 4 months is complete disregard for the committed player. A player invests heavily into a dino, finally after a ton of struggle, commitment and let’s not leave out money, they get their dino … and then it’s nerfed! … take backs are not cool! They should be done only rarely, to a VERY small number of dinos, and only when a dino is truly breaking the game.


Nodopatotitan = Nodopatosaurus + Giraffatitan


If you’re going to remove the ability for Ankylocodon to resist its shield being shattered, you should consider upping its attack power. As of right now, it has the lowest damage in the game tied with Nodopatasaurus, which is a little bit ridiculous in my opinion, if it isn’t going to be allowed to fill the niche it was filling previously with armor + short defense + immunity, then you need to give it some sort of attack boost so that it doesn’t become completely outclassed in both immunity and defense at the same time.


Yeah, the displayed daily limit “data” is what I’m interested in. It will be one of the first set of in-game stats that we get (granted it should reset every day), so it might make for smarter, more efficient resouce gathering. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.

Any stats or strategies that I don’t have to tabulate myself are good, in my opinion…:slightly_smiling_face:


wait… alankyntrasaurus doesnt have a swap in ability?


Thank you. I’m waiting.


So, with these scent incubators, it’s basically attracting dinosaurs to the same area? if so, that would be very useful.


Update why? :cry: Seriously


So when does this update release


Most likely Thursday as they revealed the Common/Rare dinos this week for Mon-Wed but left off the Epic dinos.


More time waiting so frustrating


I have a 24 hour imcubator cooked, open now or wait till update?