[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


I think you’re rolling the dice either way…arguments could be made for using it and waiting for patch. Better chance of getting something you want now that’s already out with the smaller pool available, or potential chance later to get some extra DNA from something new.


I bet with the introduction of the ‘scent pellets’ they remove the epic dino events… could be why they didn’t list what they will be this weekend. Too much free DNA being handed out.


Unlikely. The free scent pellets may not even contain epic dinos. They likely didn’t post epic dinos because the 1.4 update is dropping and they may do a special event for the new flyers.


Will it matter? I’m thinking that what’s in the incubator has already been cooked into it…
That said … I also have a 24 hour cooking. Hmmmmm … what to do, what do do.


Hello DPG Members!
We’ve edited some information on the above Abilities Board, please be sure to check them out!


Most of the games I have played, the stuff inside isn’t set till you actually open it. Wondering if that is the case with this game


Thanks ludia! Please, if some stats change, give us a list with that. :heart_eyes:


Why did you remove Ankylosaurus from having a swap-in ability?


If you are editing the original info, it’d be super nice if you could include those edits in a separate segment or highlight them in some way, since it’s kinda hard to track down the specific information you changed.


Hey @GPx, sorry for the misunderstanding, this was actually never meant for the Ankylosaurus, but for the new Hybrid Alankylosaurus.


Ah ok, thanks for the explanation, much appreciated! :+1:


Ok … going to wait too, then, just in case!


The announcement suggests a free scent capsule once a day from a supply drop. Still, if it costs only coins or dino dollars instead of real cash I’d be pleased.


Yes you get a free one a day in supply drops, but you’ll be able to buy them too. I’m guessing it will cost hard cash but i’m sure it wont cost real money.


I never see any in the wild, so I have zero dna :thinking:


They create an attack called “Swoop” and then don’t give it to any of the flyers… SMH :thinking: I do realize the term is not specific to flying animals, but just seems like a waste!


And it’s all swap not swoop.


Should just call it “Swaap” :wink:



if someone hits you with pinning strike, does that override you trying to do a swap-in action? or does swap-in override pinning strike?


If you’re pinned, you can’t swap. Swap-in skill don’t matter if you cant do it.