[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


so does anyone know how this actually works?

If i am battling with a Pterosaur and it has a swap -in shield move, to select it i would have to already have that bird in battle. Or does it protect the next dino that swaps in? or do you have to hope if you are using another dino and swap that it is next in line to battle?

does that make sense?


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When is the update due?


We have not been told. We were not told with 1.3. We don’t know for sure its today.

So with total confidence I say 3pm UK today get ready to play after 2 hour maintaince ends. :yum:


My deinocerous dna stands at 37k … wasn’t bothering to evolve it as it’s a pretty useless Dino … hope it gets a legendary mix at some point. Glad they’re finally changing the global, fed up with just getting deinocherus and dilophosaursus gen … got thousands of them and nothing important comes in … or very rarely :smile:


It will just be like the chronechest in CR i think :wink:


Now i DEFINITELY PREFERE this over pokemon go. No hate i loved dinosaurs as a kid before pokemon and all this is just awesome! Tickles my childhood makes me happy


it + diloranosaurus is the new unique that is coming in the update :+1:


I just got a 24 hours incubator.
If I start it after the patch, will I get new Dino?


i would guess if you opened it after the patch you would have a chance of new dinos. i don’t think it sets the DNA in the incubator until you open it. not when you start unlocking it.


No they will be flyers


Wow lol looks like you’re right…!

Game is “under maintenance” as of 7 minutes ago… 1pm UK so…

It’s cooooming!!


It was already known that the game was going down for maintenance at that time, @David_Courtney doesn’t have a crystal ball haha! It’s just the scheduled maintenance hasn’t been confirmed to include 1.4 yet, we are all hoping and praying it does. Otherwise next guess would be Thursday.






Ludia won’t tell us because it’s unpredictable and even sometimes updates need to be rollbacked and worked on more.

But last update took 2 hours. So thats my guess in the DPG sweepstake.

Whatever I’m excited will take rest of day off if its 1.4.


So it can wait :slight_smile:


Would like to see a way to sort dink’s by skills or stats


Can’t wait for Flyers! Shame how there appears to only be one hybrid for them so far, but that’s my only complaint.


Here it comes downloading update :+1:


Same! Downloading now and it IS 1.4!!!