[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


OH MY!!!



I love new updates I caught this look at how awesome it looks


I used the Rare scent that they give you for free - it guarantees 1 rare creature and increases chances of other rare creatures for 20 minutes. Only 1 rare spawned, and it was 130m away from me, so my time to collect DNA was limited. I did have 6-7 commons spawn on me but they were all the same (Sarcosuchus) a shame… i had expected more from these scents :frowning:
Otherwise a great update.


Hi Sir.
Please add AR capture mode for Samsung A6plus…
Please sir…


No jokes Ludia! I’m in! :sunglasses:


@Nicolaj_Ertmann got 2 delta and a utahraptor app hung on spinosaurus, had to restart it and it was then lost. This was in area where no Dino’s ever spawn and no supply drops nearby (home!)
It also attracted some commons, so very happy with that as a freebie. I was in location with rock solid GPS and all spawns inside the scent circle


New update awesome ,more incubator when defeat opponent,it’s good idea thanks for yours hard work Ludia and all supporters. :heart_eyes::+1::clap:


How do you buy 5 capsules when your backpack only holds 2?


I don’t know if it´s intended but if you tie a battle it doesn’t count the dinosaurs you defeated for the daily battle incubator


My god! That pulsing noise from the locator screen cannot be turned off!!! It follows you everwhere! Drivin me nuts


Thank you for saying this. Love, all of the female species in the world, including the extinct ones.


Cool :wink: show :wink::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


It only holds 2 free ones, I got 5 x 2 and used some my inventory is now holding 10


The swap in ability works when you swap the dino with it in. When it is swapped in, it’ll use that skill right away.

For example:

Quetz have a swap in shield. You swap her in and she instantly uses the shield, regardless if the other dinosaur is faster or not. Then the other dinosaur does her move. I think you have to swap the dino in rather than putting her into the battle after the previous one died. Swap in ability does NOT work if the dino is the first one.

I tested this out with strike events.


Before the update this dinosaurs shield could not be destroyed by dinosaurs with shield destroy attacks? Was this intentionally removed?


I must be make mistakes about earn cash :grin::heart_eyes:


For me it was appearing only if I select AR some dyno but it wasn’t spawned for a reason, thus you need kick off the app from memory and launch once again.

I’ve reported this bug previously, wasn’t sure if it persist at new app version.


Hi Ludia, do you mind to add few more in-app achievements for using JWA air forces? :wink:


Sorry for bothering. But how can I write a seperate entry under the topic?