[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


I just walked my dog around town and had the most fun playing this game I’ve ever had since I started. Granted it was mostly common dinos, but for once there was stuff everywhere! I hope it doesn’t revert back to a graveyard after the update stuff dies down!


Why new arenas when people stay locked up in the arena they already in for months? When is Ludia doing something about that problem. The problem isn’t the strength of the dino, but the trophy system. If people cannot go back, deliberately, then others have a change to go up


Am I the only one that can’t use the camera function? Is it because I have an android. The app has permission to use my camera and I even reinstalled the game.


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Heather i love your color commentary


Yep that is what worked for me is to reboot my ios and restart the game. Cleared it up for me. Thanks!


I think device reboot is overkill because once you kicked off some app from the memory it shouldn’t affect you device in any means unless you have jailbraked/rooted one. But glad to hear what the issue was solved :+1:


Oops, I thought it was only for the tournament thing. Stupid me. Thank you!


New birds are dying so artistically so I’d like to promote them for the Oscar this year! Anyone knows the Academy email? :wink:


The new arenas will spread out the player base. Give it a week or so and I think youll see things fall into place. Most people complaining about match making went on lucky streaks and advanced beyond themselves… Theyre just sliding back into their strike zone.


Hired the very first bird to my team, may be it was funny for my opponent as it wasn’t able to fight against his stegodeus (literally my bird made just one bite!), but anyway my team won and three opponent’s dynos have been added to the arena’s incubator counter! :wink:


Personally like new sky looks with these flying guys :+1:


There’s a limit to how much gold, cash, and now the scent makers you can obtain from the supply drops. No limits of the darts. Just click the little i thing and you’ll see what you can obtain from them.


Great changes except for :

Think it’s a fatal error - Hope u have plenty of Sinoceratops DNA for hybrids !


I think that was actually a great way for raptors (utahsino and also allosino I guess) to recover from superiority strike. That move, as great as it is,kinda gave raptors the shaft and an easy 1-2 kill


These updates make the game much more fun so far. Idk about nerfs to trex. Indo rex seems op same with gorgosuchus is pretty ridiculous to be killing trexes he’s like twice as strong as postimetrodon and secondontosaurus. Well nice update with scents and more dinos. I like collecting more than battles myself. More Trex!


I love the new update…


Interesting that I posted that idea in the forum weeksvago…


No Clever Boy, Indoraptor is a girl


it’s an indisputable fact that it’s a boy.