[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


Major troubles with update install - wiped my level 12 - almost 13 account back to initialized beginning!
Downloaded and installed the update, but kept getting error 10044 … can’t connect to our servers error…
Restarted app many times; restarted phone several times while on a LTE 4G connection. No luck.
Got to my hotel with high speed internet. Still no luck with the 10088 message.
Did a hard stop of JWA app. It then took four tries before it loaded; and SURPRISE: back to initial start status with request for new user name (I used my original Wavejumper) and email address (also used the same) and it gave me a different 8 letter user code. Wow! All the work, time and $ spent goes down the drain! Asking Ludia support to either reset me or refund my purchase $ for me to then quit this game as I refuse to have to go through all the work of getting up to 3525 + and Sornia Swamp status with level 16 - 19 battle dinos lineup. :angry:


It just takes forever for the game to refresh and do a full reload so it is actually easier to just turn off the phone.


Maybe it’s just me but shooting at the flying pterosaurs remind me of a rubber chicken toy.


Did you cheat? sounds like you got reset


I don’t even know how to cheat! Please refund my money if you can’t reset from your poorly deployed update! I am filing a charge dispute if you can’t reset my account.
R C Eng


re: scent capsules - from my experience for common creatures it spawn ~1 creature per minute or half a minute. Is it so or it depends on day time, environment and so on? :thinking:


The Update Overall ist great BUT You get a big big big DISLIKE from me, for changing the Position of Speed-Advantage in Fight. That Costs me a Lot of loses.i hate that You Made in so worse to See!!!


lol just got a strange app’s glitch: once I’ve darted some tangy* (one looking like a kangaroo rat :crazy_face:) I got a pop up about the last arena battle won :thinking:


Same here, hunted dino and bum! saw an incubator of the pterosauro event.


It says in the game update notes that you can have a CHANCE for scent capsules lmao i have since updated the game an have yet to get a scent capsule that way…i refuse to use any of the bucks for buying capsules anymore. Im supposed to have a chance at them but 24 hrs of play later absolutely nothing other than what was in my mail or what i used bucks to buy…


Just keep spinning supply drops, you can have one common scent from the orange one and the other one from the green supply drops.
They are more or less as rare as the green bucks spinned, and my experience is:
Yesterday spinned one scent from an orange SD
Today spinned two scents, one from an orange SD and the other from a green SD


I’ve had four since the update… so it does happen.


I feel like they’re just trolling us now; Swoop has the “Roaring” annimation, not… you know… the swooping one!


If they adds trading feature that wold be great


Then ww can make 2 account and trade the dna ouraelf. Bad idea.


good day to you
and bye
good game to play


This rubber chicken reminds me of Monomimus… lol


First Indominus Rex fallen at arena because Alanqa’s kungfu is a bit better! :yum:

It was hard to believe so the screenshot is right after the moment. Obviously I wasn’t able to make two in row :roll_eyes:


The attack counts don’t even make any sense.