[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


Lots of changes. I don’t feel I can try them. Because of coins because so many resources get put into the 8 team. Because lvl 24 is so far from lvl 15. Level 15 being where my not you dino’s normally end up.

I’m hoping combat 2.0 will force different teams to get played. Because currently the need to win means I’m not going to choose fun over winning.

So many changes to dino’s that still will not get played.


the SIA s are bigger than you think i believe. you now know what dinos you will run into and imagine a paramoloch (which can raise in tier because of rampage and run) rampage and runs, switches to a high level majundasuchus, its attack increases, then your attack hits and you get counterattacked.another case is you have a i.rex and opp has any non nullifying creature. you cloak they attack. second turn youattack but they switch into ankylosaurus,absorbs the double damage and then long protection next turn. SIA means you arent giving yourself any minus attacks on switching. i think it might be a part of the meta. why doesnt the new legendary pterohybrid have any SIAs tho


adrenalin surge really helped gorgo tho. you ferocious t1 and stegod uses superiority. now its a rock paper scissors type of thing gorgo can either adrenalin or dsr and stego can either superiority or apr. if dsr and apr are chosen stegod wins, if superiority and adrenaline is chosen, stegod wins. if apr and adrenaline, or dsr and superiority is cosen, gorgo wins. now gorgo cant beat stegod at all. it is a rare vs epic battle but give him a chance no?


SIA is a comparatively limited passive effect.
You could notice those extant dinos changed to SIA are really weak in ver.1.3.
(Contain the weakest dinos, Monolopho Gen2 & Dracorex Gen2)

So this reinforce seems more likely trying to “save” these poor dinos.
If Pterosaurs could doing well with SIA, maybe there will be some SIA legendary or unique in the future.


So many people in here asking when the update is being released but not bothering to pay attention to the posts in the thread that clearly state it is coming next week!


I think it is more like a daily quest type of thing on top of the normal incubators that you receive from battles rather than a replacement for them. It basically just allows you to do more battles and therefore you can play even more whilst at home or not travelling.


Can’t work out Sarcorixis. Swaps in with 50% shield for two turns. Can throw a two turn lock down against swaps. But having trouble believing it can kill anything after.

I think Einiasuchus is really vulnerable now. May just spend the fortune to get it leveled.

Also has anyone considered the mental knowledge we need now. You need to know multiple cooldowns on swaps and skills to anticipate your opponents move. Only to get stunned and unable to carry them out. Literally popping a Tentosarus in from nowhere 66% to stun. This is very different.


If you want to know, Sarcorixis got atk+260. spd+2.
This means all stats the same or higher than Einiasuchus.
(Slower and damage weaker than Einia in ver.1.3)

So…Sarcorixis might become interesting, because only nerf is for lockdown attack.
Couldn’t define if it will be powerful, but I’ll try it after update.


Can’t find how they nerfed its lock down.

Thought that would be more important with SIA not less.


1.5x > 1x
Changed from Lockdown Impact to Lockdown “Strike”.


Thanks. Still get my 2 turn lock down. Still worth the coins to test it.


You’ll get a separate incubator slot that is awarded with an incubator everytime you defeated 10 dinos from PVP regardless of you winning or losing the match. That’s my understanding of it.


Pocemon how many rank yours at tournament now? I like yours YouTube about JWA


SIA is not that limited. now you know what dino will come up when you use hit’n run. and you can switch to a dino selectively. yes they are given to weak dinos because why would they give it to already strong ones? this is a situation where with SIA s, you arent getting punished for switching in that dino. this might change the meta since you can for example ankylosaurus switch into a dilorana gsr


I think Ludia are clearly going for scissor rock paper everything has a nemesis gameplay. It’s not just make uniques and you win everytime.

So if the result is vertical it will keep changing until its circular. All good in my opinion. Good for the long term.


Great sounding update; inventory and scent capsules, new creatures including flyers and a hybrid that makes use of two Gen 2s, resource counters, victory points leading to an incubator and minor tweaks rather than wholesale changes to abilities. What’s not to love? Thank you Ludia :smile:


Literally disappointed by Pyrritator buff. Level 16 Pyrritator can now slaughter Magnapyritor.

What on earth make you guys think an ingredient dino should slaughter the end-product dino?


I just saw delta normal spawn in solid echo territory. Wonder if migration is already happening.


Ludia haven’t talked like you do.

If you go purely on stats and numbers not words. Then uniques are more like speciality versions.

Seems reasonable to not build an off shoot version if the stats currently don’t justify it. Play the game not the wordy expectations.


I’m sorry but it doesn’t make sense that a legendary can kill its unique hybrid… gonna be another stegoceraptops :sleeping: