[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.4.11)


So…will Pyrritator able to deal with those tanks like some pieces of cake as Magnapyritor do?

I think their niche just not change a lot.


I feel for people who plan ahead and then rebalancing hurts them.

But to build something knowing it currently isn’t worth it then complain it isn’t worth it seems to be a mistake on the players part.


I have pyriator and he is currently useless really. I don’t mind the buff itself but you can’t not then buff the unique version of it. There’s counters to every Dino. But magnapyriator is obviously made with pyriator so should not be getting killed by it in my opinon. Especially with how hard uniques are to create


Do you have Magna? I bet you don’t have one so never knew how much effort we have to put in this Unique.

Any Unique worse than it’s ingredient? I guess not.

Why should we spent so much time and money in a worse unique dino?

Magnapyritor is supposed to be a good counter against Indoraptor for it’s nullifying skill, but it’s not, thanks to the most difficulty in leveling it up making it almost impossible to outrun an easy leveling-up Indoraptor. It even doesn’t stand a chance against Erlidominus cos of the latter speedup strike.


I made a few mistakes in the game. But are getting better at planning and reading dinodex. I did see the HP Wound coming not the SIA.

Sorry you made the wrong thing. But I expect many metas but I doubt unique meta will ever happen here. The needs of the few are less important than the needs of many.


Uniques are supposed to be end game dinos. Instead you’ve got the top 100 using epic dinos and benching their uniques. Don’t see how that makes any sense to anyone.

Not about making mistakes. It’s ludia’s mistake having unbalanced dinos.

Doesn’t really matter anyway stegod is still the counter to pretty much everything.


Each games is a new and separate intellectual puzzle. There is no supposed to be end game in any release notes.

They are certainly not meant to be pointless. But you can’t guarantee end game strategy is an obvious thing.


Sometimes I can make a noob question as well :sweat_smile: Where I can see all those detailed info abut each dino? I have 90k coins and about 500 bucks so theoretically other 25k coins… I want to spend some :rofl:


An ingredient dino can slaughter a lot of end products. Especially in the raptor line… in fact the pyrritator is crushed by pyro raptor in its own line of ingredient beats product. The product creature typically becomes more versatile against a wider array of creatures (this is mainly true with the fast hard hitting line of raptors). Pre raptor nerf even the I. Rex could die to her raptor ingredient. But currently there are still several hybrids that lose to their quicker ingredients.


Dinodex is useless if they keep changing like this. Whoever spent and grew up fast tends to be more hurt. Why should we spend then? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You’re right but i talk about uniques not legendary. Plus this update will make Pyrritator better than Pyroraptor.


There’s no end game as such but they are the last dinos to unlock. 2 of the top 3 have an overleveled tanya which sums it up really.

I get that they become more specialized but
Trykosaurus for example is incredibly hard to take down but utranix seems useless against 99% of dinos.


I don’t want them to encourage full unique teams as that’s just complete ptw and takes the fun away from the game for me personally.

But they shouldn’t be so damn hard to unlock only to be useful against… well nothing?


Technically the change hasn’t gone into effect so dinodex is still accurate. What becomes obsolete is user input “strategy” in the dino dex. In fact it’s been outdated since the 1.3 update but the stats and movesets get updated. As for leveling up, you got to use the Dino’s you powered up for awhile now. And they will still be strong in this new patch… I’m excited about the new Dino’s but the sheer volume I will have to dart for them to get into my top 8 means I’ve got a whole tournament of NOT using them ahead of me lol.


isnt i.rex better than erlidominus?


“Better” is hard to answer. In what way is it better? Both perform better against different enemies. Matchup and level matters more than “I have a unique”. Neither of the two you mention have an upper hand against each other as it’s going to be mainly down to luck


they are both luck based but when i said better i ment against each other. the reasoning being erlidom is faster


Comes down to roll of the dice (cloak)


if both players have the same chance on the dice, erlidom wins


Gotcha, I agree in this matchup I’d prefer erli bc it’s faster. Which means it only needs to pass one 50% test (whether it dodges or not).