[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23

Update 1.5 will introduce Alliances and Daily Missions to Jurassic World Alive!

See below to prepare for more information and remember to have fun and stay safe while exploring!


Ready to forge your Alliances?

    • Players can now create an Alliance or join an existing one.
    • Alliances are a great way to communicate with other DPG members and share resources!
  • Alliance - Chat

    • Chat with your Allies in any of the following languages on the My Alliance page: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian!
  • Alliance - Gifting

    • Request DNA from your Allies in your Alliance Chat and donate to their requests!
    • You can request DNA from Common or Rare creatures you have unlocked.
  • Alliance - Leadership and Participation

    • The Player who creates an Alliance will be its leader.
    • Players can be promoted to leader or kicked out of the Alliance by its leader.
    • Anyone within the Alliance can invite players into it.
    • You can search Alliances via their name in the Social menu.
    • You can mute allies in the chat, and will no longer see their messages.

    • Complete daily tasks from the DPG to earn rewards!
  • Mission Progression

    • All DPG Members start their mission career with easy goals. Keep completing them and you’ll rank up quick, and gain more rewards for your effort!
    • Your list of missions can vary every day. As you progress, you can even get more missions per day!
    • You’ll have 24 hours to complete your missions.
    • Missions can relate to many activities in the game. A well-rounded player can complete them all!


This update features a massive amount of accessible hybrids.


  • Dimorphodon & Darwinopterus
    • Need a fast creature to swap in and inflict Damage Over Time? Replace your current creature with a tiny pterosaur. These flyers focus on viciously inflicting DoT on their opponents.
    • These small creatures are dangerous and fast, but their small size makes them vulnerable to a more heavy hitter! Darwinopterus has Pinning Strike, Cleansing Impact and Swoop, while Dimorphodon has Pinning Strike and Gashing Wound.
  • Diplodocus
    • Our second Epic Sauropod comes with its own Swap In Slow. It boasts the new Decelerating Rampage and Shield Advantage, the latter of which lets it contend with more defensive opponents at a clutch moment.
  • Miragaia
    • The Miragaia is our first Common stegosauridae with spikes, so it comes with Armor Piercing Counter (1x damage).
    • The Miragaia is a balanced Tank creature that gets the new Shielding Strike, yet instead of the Thagomizer usually associated with stegosauridae, it gets Regeneration.
      • Hint: Bring out Miragaia when the opponent can’t easily deal with shields. When they seem about to take the upper hand to deliver a finishing blow (or a full turn before), Regenerate so that you can keep on hitting them back!


  • Dimodactylus
    • The fusion of the small DoT-inflicting Dimorphodon with the DNA of a short-term, high impact Tupandactylus counter-attacker gives us the offensive capabilities of the former and the defensive capabilities of the latter!
    • Dimodactylus is a fast creature that has access to the powerful Swap In DoT as well as Lethal Wound, while also benefiting from Short Defense, Impact and Run and a Pinning Strike.
  • Dracoceratops
    • Fusing the Gen 2 versions of Dracorex and Triceratops, our second “Long term goal, easily accessible ingredient” Legendary hybrid is here! It boasts a Cleansing Impact while being able to stun its opponent with Greater Stunning Strike.
    • The Dracoceratops combines a bit of armor, average speed and high mobility (thanks to a Swap in Stun and an Impact and Run). It is able to invest in obtaining the speed advantage thanks to its Minimal Speedup Strike. This versatility comes with more Hit Point “bulk” than the Triceratops Gen 2 parent, making this a balanced Resilient creature that is a great addition to any mid-tier team.
  • Tyrannolophosaur
    • Fusing the Gen 2 versions of Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaur, our third “Long term goal, easily accessible ingredient” Legendary hybrid is here! It’s the first one that has a component Rare creature.
    • While it can’t spit acid, the Tyrannolophosaur boasts the same type of high damage, HP and critical hit chance of other Large Theropods. However, the Tyrannolophosaur has a higher speed than other large Theropods. Annoyed by creatures that dodge? No longer! The Nullifying Strike lets this predator hit precisely where it hurts. The rest of the kit comes with the expected Distracting Strike as well as the beloved Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage.
  • Tenontorex
    • “I want my T. Rex-equivalent to be faster. How can I do that?” Mix enough Tenontosaurus DNA to your Tyrannolophosaur, and you get the Unique superhybrid: Tenontorex! The Tenontorex eschews the usual anti-tank basic attack Defense Shattering Strike for a versatile Superiority Strike in order to get ahead of the pack in the speed department. It can also withstand the opponent’s onslaught thanks to its Distracting Impact. With its high damage, high critical hit chance and high HP amount, this anti-tank Unique obviously comes with the mandatory Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage abilities.
  • Thoradolosaur
    • What happens when you add Tarbosaurus DNA to an already-potent Allosinosaurus? You get the Thoradolosaur, a Unique superhybrid. It has a similar ability set to its hybrid parent, yet boasts even more attack power and a mighty 40% critical hit chance!
  • Purrolyth
    • You’ve all been waiting for it: a Lythronax hybrid! This one combines the DNA of the Lythronax with that of the Purussaurus Gen 2. This fierce Counter-Attacking Rare hybrid combines Long Protection with Ferocity Strike to ensure that it can dish out the damage while surviving over multiple rounds. It has the ability to keep its prey in place thanks to Lockdown Strike. As a crocodilian, it gets a bit of armored protection. Speaking of armor, the Purrolyth’s Counter-Attacks are Armor-Piercing!
  • Grypolyth
    • Yes! As per 1.4’s first Common+Common=Legendary, we present to you a new way to establish a superhybrid creature’s rarity that is not the usual recipe of “best rarity +1”. Enter the Grypolyth, a Unique superhybrid fusion of the Gryposuchus and the Purrolyth.
    • Combining these strains lets us obtain a creature with even more health and twice the armor, and a mightier counter-attack thanks to its Defense Shattering Counter Attack! The abilities are otherwise similar to its hybrid parent.


Read on for updated Arena Distribution.
  • Most exclusive creatures remain available at the same arenas, except for Alanqa and Arambourgiania, which have been moved to Arenas 1 and 2 respectively, and Irritator Gen 2 (which becomes available in Geoloc while also being distributed in Battle Incubators).
  • Furthermore, we have redone the distribution of creatures-per-arena in order to favor access to certain hybrids at specific times (when disregarding Geoloc distribution). This means that a greater variety of creatures are now distributed through battle rewards.
  • When access to a given creature grants the user first-time access to a hybrid through battle rewards only, the creature is added to the list in the third column for clarity purposes.



What's new on your maps?
  • Small flying creatures are now available on the map. Can you find where and when to collect them?
  • Rebalancing of the creature spawning to provide a better, more focused experience for new players.
  • Irritator GEN 2 can now be found in the world, not just in Battle Incubators.
  • Improved balancing ensures all players have access to the ingredients required to make Rare Hybrids.
  • Not all dinosaurs are created equal. As you probably all know, some creatures like the T. rex or Blue are very high-rated, while some other like Iguanodon are less impactful. As for creatures like Lythronax… well… let’s not talk about Lythronax! In this update, we have taken into account the value of each creature to balance each place in the world. Play it and tell us what you think in the forums!


We're re-working our old Seasonal Tournaments.
  • The game feature that was formally known as “Seasonal Tournament” will now simply be called Seasonal PvP. Thanks to the player feedback, we’ve re-imagined this feature into something more inclusive for all. This new version of a Seasonal leaderboard will be a BETA, and will continue to be refined with the help our players! Furthermore, we are committing to bring back Tournaments as a separate Battle feature from the Seasonal PvP Leaderboard in a future update.
  • More details about the next PvP Season will follow shortly.
  • This feature will also include a tweaked matchmaking system. Details coming soon!


Balancing changes coming to your Battle Arena.
  • Hit and Run issue fixed
    • When a creature performed a Hit and Run ability against a Counter Attacker, and that Counter Attack took out the Hit and Runner, we had an issue where the game still auto-swapped to the next creature (even if no one is performing the "run" part of Hit and Run). Now, as designed, the "Run" part can be interrupted by a Counter Attack. If this happens, any remaining action by the Counter Attacker is played out, then the turn ends and the owner of the Hit and Runner can choose which creature they use to replace their recently taken-down creature (as usual when your opponent scores a point).
  • Attribute changes are included in release notes
    • While there are many, many risks of human error between the balancing sheet, the game’s data and the present document, care was taken to attempt to list out most of the attribute changes from 1.4x to 1.5x.
  • Follow up on pterosaur balancing (and the Twitter polling)
    • You may remember a recent Twitter poll regarding the balancing of the Pterosaurs. We have some analytics that allow us to verify a creature’s win rate when it is part of a team in PVP matches.
    • Compared to other creatures of a similar rarity, most Pterosaurs had a win rate that befitted their rarity and did not actually need to receive any substantial increases. We have still decided to give some pterosaurs some adjustments, such as much greater speed for some counter attackers. See below for more information.

Ability Updates

  • Rename
    • We’re trying our best to coherently have consistent naming in our abilities. Reducing Damage will be called Distraction, so Instant Cripple is now named Instant Distraction.
  • Vulnerability
    • Now provides +50% damage instead of the previous +25% damage.
  • Pinning Strike
    • The Swap Prevention lasts 2 turns, letting the user pull off the effect without having to time it properly on the turn before when the swap out would happen.
  • Cleanse/Healing Iconography
    • We are using the old Adrenaline Pulse Icon for the new Regeneration Ability since it is a large healing, “sub-cleanse”. We are making a new icon for Adrenaline Pulse (which is a “large cleanse, sub-healing”).
    • We hope that this communicates the following: “this one is more important for cleansing”, “that one is more important for the damage buff”, and “this one is more important for healing”.



Check out what new attacks will be added to your arsenal!


Read below for the extensive creatures re-balancing!

Stun Overhaul
If the player wants to avoid stun lock, they can field Immune creatures, and they can even swap to creatures that still do something on the turn they come in (thanks to Swap In Abilities), so as to feel like it’s less of a “wasted turn”. From the perspective of the players, it seems that this was not enough.

We have taken a long, difficult look at creatures that had stun abilities. In essence, the main reason why stun can be irritating is when one stun is linked to another stun then linked to another stun, leaving the victim disempowered. This series of events is often associated with creatures that have stun special abilities (with a cooldown, and potentially an initial delay too). In a vacuum, that design is fine: the user can stun their opponent, then they can’t do so for a short while until the cooldown is over. The problematic situation occurs when a creature also has unlimited access to a Stunning basic attack. With a bit of luck, chaining those 75% chances with a 33% chance and finishing with a 10-20% chance can effectively create the unwanted scenario of a player whose creature (or even its swap replacement) is stun-locked for up to three turns.

We have decided to completely eradicate the three turn stun possibility by heavy-handedly removing any stunning basic attack from the game.

Furthermore, Stunning Impact becomes Greater Stunning Impact across the board, ensuring that all player’s perception of this Impact move is that “it has a high chance to stun”.

We are setting expectations here: there’s only a 25% you don’t stun/get stunned when this ability is played.

The following creatures are affected by this change:

  • Dracorex (Attack: 1,280)
  • Dracorex Gen 2 (Attack: 1,140; HP: 3,000; Speed: 108; remember that it gained Swap In Shattering Rampage)
  • Einasuchus (HP: 3,870)
  • Einiosaurus (Attack: 1,400)
  • Paramoloch (Attack: 1,130; Speed: 126)
  • Sinoceratops (Attack: 1,350; HP: 4,050)
  • Stegoceratops (HP: 4,650)
  • Stygimoloch
  • Stygimoloch Gen 2
  • Triceratops (Attack: 1,200; HP: 4,770)
  • Triceratops Gen 2 (Attack: 1,260; HP: 4,050)
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Utasinoraptor (Attack: 1,590; Speed: 127)
  • Utarhinex (Attack: 1,420)

Ability Overhaul

Superiority Strike
Superiority Strike was initially meant as a way to counter the prevalent pounce meta near the initial release. The goal was that you could remove the pouncer’s damage reduction AND gain the speed advantage, all while also dealing damage.

After this change, Superiority Strike still does all that but limits its Cleansing to removing any active Damage Reducing effects (such as Distracting Impact and Pounce’s Damage Reduction effects).

You can no longer remove a Slow, Swap Prevention, Vulnerable or Damage Over Time effect using Superiority Strike.

Counter Attack Adjustments
We’ve decided to re-evaluate the counter-attack costs associated with creatures based on their estimated survival ratio, resulting in an adjustment to their attribute points.

  • Amargocephalus
    • Attack increased to 950. HP increased to 4,500.
  • Concavenator
    • Armor Piercing Impact becomes Defense Shattering Impact. Attack increased to 1,050. HP increased to 3,750.
  • Diorajasaur
    • HP reduced to 4,050.
  • Gigaspikasaur
    • Attack increased to 900. Speed increased to 109. Armor Piercing Impact becomes Rampage.
  • Kentrosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,400.
  • Lythronax
    • Attack increased to 1,000.
  • Majundasuchus
    • Attack becomes 880.
  • Majungasaurus
    • Attack becomes 1,000.
  • Megalosaurus
    • HP increased to 4,200. Attack increased to 880.
  • Megalosuchus
    • HP reduced to 4,260.
  • Nodopatosaurus
    • Attack increased to 900. Armor Piercing Impact becomes Impact.
  • Nodopatotitan
    • HP increased to 5,100. Short Defense becomes Long Protection.
  • Pteranodon
    • Speed becomes 127.
  • Rajakylosaurus
    • HP reduced to 4,350.
  • Rajasaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,050.
  • Tragodistis
    • Attack increased to 1,000. HP reduced to 3,990.
  • Tuoramoloch
    • Greater Stunning Rampage becomes Greater Stunning Impact. Basic Attack becomes Superiority Strike. Attack increased to 1,070.
  • Tupandactylus
    • Speed becomes 126.
  • Trykosaurus
    • This Unique Superhybrid gets an overhaul in order to inherit a move from its Ankyntrosaurus parent, while having as much Counter Attack damage as the Kentrosaurus ancestor.
    • Speed increased to 108. Attack reduced to 1,600. Counter Attack becomes 0.5x. Armor Piercing Rampage becomes Instant Distraction.

Immunity Adjustments
We’ve decided to re-evaluate the Immunity costs associated with creatures based on their estimated survival ratio, resulting in an adjustment to their attribute points.

  • Erlidominus
    • Attack increased to 1,500. Speed increased to 129, surpassing Magnapyritor and Indoraptor levels.
  • Gallimimus
    • Because of its low survivability, this creature’s Immunity adjustment netted a lot of extra points. We’ve decided to keep its low HP in order to keep this creature’s niche as a “glass hammer”. Attack increases to 1,280.
  • Indominus rex
    • Attack increases to 1,270.
  • Ophiacodon
    • HP reduced to 4,050.
  • Ornithomimus
    • Because of its low survivability, this creature’s Immunity adjustment netted a lot of extra points. Attack increased to 1,400.
  • Postimetrodon
    • Adrenaline Surge becomes Regeneration.
  • Secodontosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,340.
  • Tryostronix
    • HP increased to 3,900. Speed increased to 124.

Some tanks lose access to Armor Piercing abilities.
Tanks are supposed to be excellent against fast creatures, let’s keep these creature’s focus in that direction.

  • Gigaspikasaur, Nodopatosaurus
    • See Counter Attack Adjustments, above.
  • Nodosaurus
    • Armor Piercing Impact becomes Decelerating Impact. HP reduced to 4,350.
  • Stegodeus
    • Replace Armor Piercing Rampage with Rampage. HP increased to 5,400.

Other Creatures
As we add more creatures to the game, we have to account for the global pool of available creatures (ex: adding more armored creatures means that bypassing armor is more useful).
Lower speed creatures now have more points to compensate for their statistical likelihood to suffer damage before getting to act on their last turn.

  • Alankylosaurus
    • Speed increased to 114. HP reduced to 3,990.
  • Alanqa
    • HP increased to 4,200. Attack increased to 1,000.
  • Allosaurus
    • HP increased to 5,010.
  • Allosinosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,600.
  • Amargasaurus
    • Decelerating Impact becomes Decelerating Rampage.
  • Apatosaurus
    • Attack becomes 1,000.
  • Arambourgiania
    • Attack increased to 900.
  • Argentinosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,150. Impact becomes Extended Critical Strike.
  • Baryonyx Gen 2
    • HP reduced to 3,510.
  • Brachiosaurus
    • Critical chance becomes 30%.
  • Charlie
    • Attack increased to 1,420.
  • Deinocheirus
    • Speed increased to 131. Attack increased to 1,300.
  • Dilophosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,200. HP reduced to 3,750.
  • Dilophosaurus Gen 2
    • Attack reduced to 1,100.
  • Diloranosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,200.
  • Diloracheirus
    • More variety compared to its ancestor. Abilities become: Superiority Strike, Distracting Strike, Greater Stunning Rampage, Rampage and Run.
    • Attack increased to 1,450. HP increased to 3,450.
  • Dimetrodon, Dimetrodon Gen 2
    • HP reduced to 3,990.
  • Diplotator
    • Reworked to fit with the Koolasuchus, Diplocaulus and so on. It is a Cunning creature rather than a Fierce creature.
    • Basic Attack becomes Nullifying Strike. Attack increases to 1,300. HP reduced to 3,000. Speed increased to 127.
  • Dracorex Gen 2
    • Rebuilt into a One Hit Wonder. Attack increased to 1,140. HP reduced to 3,000. Speed becomes 108.
    • Swap Ability becomes Swap In Shattering Rampage.
  • Dsungaripterus
    • Attack increased to 900. HP increases to 3,300, speed increases to 125.
  • Edmontosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,100. HP increased to 5,250.
  • Euoplocephalus
    • Impact becomes Rampage. Attack reduced to 900.
  • Giraffatitan
    • Attack becomes 1,150.
  • Gorgosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,600. HP increased to 4,200.
  • Hatzegopteryx
    • Attack increased to 1,140. HP increased to 4,500.
  • Iguanodon
    • Attack becomes 1,200.
  • Indoraptor
    • HP increased to 3,900.
  • Irritator Gen 2
    • HP reduced to 3,750. Attack reduced to 1,000.
    • Swap Ability becomes Swap In Shattering Strike.
  • Koolasuchus Gen 2
    • HP increased to 4,500.
  • Monolometrodon
    • This Legendary Hybrid inherits a bit more speed and attack power from its Monolophosaurus parent, in exchange for some HP reduction. Increase attack to 1,000. Increase speed to 126. Reduce health to 3,750.
  • Monomimus
    • There was a gross miscalculation in this creature: it was way too powerful when considering its component ingredients and rarity. During this new balancing, it was decided to put this in the “glass hammer” camp, similar to Utahraptor and Velociraptor. You keep dodgin’, you keep survivin’!
    • HP reduced to 2,700.
  • Monostegotops
    • HP increased to 4,440.
  • Nodopatotitan
    • Speed increased to 108.
  • Parasaurolophus
    • Attack increased to 1,200.
  • Purussaurus Gen 2
    • HP increased to 4,500.
  • Pyroraptor
    • Wounding Impact becomes Distracting Impact.
    • As you may have noticed with some tanks losing their armor-piercing abilities above, note that we are also ensuring that the Raptors also don’t have specific anti-tank capabilities (such as armor piercing or wounding). Instead, we aim to bring it more in line with Monolophosaurus: it is possible to stack a -50% and another -50% to reach a rather potent “no damage for one turn” on your opponent if you time Pyroraptor’s abilities properly. Compared to Monolophosaurus, Pyroraptor deals more overall damage and is faster, but cannot make the damage penalties last as long.
  • Quetzalcoatlus
    • Attack increased to 1,000. HP increased to 4,200. Speed increased to 117.
  • Spinotaraptor
    • HP increased to 3,150.
  • Stegosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,200. HP increased to 4,500. Speed increased to 117. Armor increased to 20%.
  • Stygimoloch & Stygimoloch Gen 2
    • With its protective domed head, this stubborn creature gains a defensive ability in exchange of losing out on a bit of total HP.
    • Its basic attack becomes Shielding Strike. HP becomes 3,000.
  • Suchotator
    • HP increased to 4,620.
  • Tarbosaurus
    • HP increased to 4,650.
  • Tenontosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,160.
  • Triceratops
    • HP increased to 4,770.
  • Triceratops Gen 2
    • Attack increased to 1,260. HP increased to 4,050.
  • Tuojiangosaurus
    • Attack increased to 1,130.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex
    • Attack becomes 1,800. Health becomes 4,350.
  • Tyrannosaurus Gen 2
    • Attack becomes 1,700. Health becomes 4,350
    • Armor Piercing Impact becomes Defense Shattering Impact.
  • Wuerhosaurus
    • HP increased to 4,800. Attack increased to 1,400.


What else is new?
  • The game is fully functional on iOS 12 and Android 9
  • Improved download flow.
  • Improved layout for phones with a “notch”.
  • The Message Inbox and Newscenter are now located in the “Profile/Settings” tab, which is accessed by tapping on the Level indicator (top-left).


How will Update 1.5 improve your overall experience?

The update is filled with bug fixes and connection improvements to offer a more stable experience, including but not limiting to better disconnection management and GPS permission. You can now also install the game on an SD card (Android only).

We also made several gameplay improvements such as :

  • Deceleration effects were set to 90%, which made some mathematical rounding errors between Stegoceratops and Stegodeus deceleration effects. They also did not fit with the localized information, which is problematic for obvious reasons! We have set the deceleration effects to 50%, which should have resolved both issues.
  • In battle, the "bound" status effect (associated with Swap Abilities) lasted one less turn than what was written in the localization (and than what our balancing required). This has been fixed across the board so that binding now lasts as it should.
  • And much more.

Amazing. I am extremely excited to dive right in. When is the update going to be pushed live? @Jorge?


Any news on when Ludia will acknowledge there’s life in Local 3? Was really hoping for this update, but I guess not.

Every zone’s anytime epic has a unique hybrid except for Local3. Local1’s Sino now has two of those. Ever heard of balance?


With all these new unique dinosaurs it would really be nice if coins were made a little more abundant.


Black triangles return. :smile:

Hmmmm…Instant Distraction on Trykosaurus…mixed feelings on that one


Just awesome

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Controversial but I’m glad metas change. Been hoping they’d follow through. Thanks.

My Postimetrodon says thanks for regeneration.


Patch Notes Translation…


OMG I’M IN TEARS :sob::sob::sob:
My counter-attack team is getting a HUGE buff with APC and DSC
Thanks Ludia :pray:t2:


Wow this whole game is going to be different


Tyranolophosaur OMG my accidental lvling dilo gen 2 gonna pay off lol FTW!


AP counter on rajanky and megalo…ap counters…despite having health lowered. Plus tryo hp and speed increase!!!


megalosuchus gets hp nerf :no_mouth:


Fair trade, she had some to spare anyways. I’m extremely excited about it :grin:


@Jorge i apologize for leaking this info but ppl started calling me crazy lol.

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Gorgo got HP and attack buff… :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait to level my baby to 25 :heart_eyes:


What a great time to be a Meg user :star_struck:


great time to have a level 25 gigaspikasaur aswell lol