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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


False. The post lists dinosaurs that have minor/lower Stunning Impact moves, which all of those will have those stunning moves removed from their basic attack. It’s Ludia’s way of preventing 3-turn stun locks


I have my own hybrid?

Now I’m becoming a daddy ahhhhh!!!:scream:

But that hp nerf for Monomimus is somehow too much.
I think 3000~3300 would be more appropriate.


I have a question:

If you ever entered Lockwood Estate and skipped the incubator offer.

So with the new changes to arena distribution, if we re-enter Lockwood Estate again, will we get the offer?


i would think not… because that specific offer was triggered already.


I know all dinos that have basic stun moves (ones without cooldowns basically) will no longer have those moves, but why wasn’t Monostegotops listed among the effected dinos since it also has Stunning Impact? It said Stunning Impact would become Greater Stunning “across the board” that’s why I ask.


My thought is, Monostegotops’ basic strike isn’t a stun, it’s a Nullifying Strike, so it will either keep its Stunning Impact (33% chance) or that ability will become Greater Stunning. Don’t think they’ll give Monostegotops a significant buff by giving it Greater Stunning, so it will just keep the Stunning Impact.


monostego gets a slight hp buff and greater stunning impact which is 75% stun, i would assume because they legit say that move gets replaced. but i could be wrong.


its still a 25% damage loss but if you get the stun then its an extra hit…


Just recently had a battle some Stygy managed to kill me because it keep stuning me with the basic attack, aslo why in the seven hells they gave Stygy the Priority Charge?! It outspeeds almost everything except for raptors


It’s as @Pateradactyl pointed out. They listed out the dinos that are having their basic attacks replaced. Monostegotops does not have a stun basic attack, hence not needed to be listed. But they did say that Stunning Impact for dinos would be “Greater Stunning Impact across the board”. So atleast we would imagine Monostegotops would fall under across the board


Neither do dracorex which we still got it on that list. My take on this is monostego probably had something else for a change.


I don’t get why indoraptor got hp buff.


Because it gets killed in 2 turns by a Stegodeus if it doesn’t dodge…which mine never seems too lol.


I was waiting for your post! :heart_eyes:


There are always going to be bad counters. Most people who rely on evasive shouldn’t be couraged to use it more. I think indoraptor was propably best balanced unique in game.
Also reason why indoraptor got two shotted was because most indos are lower lever. If they are at same level indoraptor survives thago + apr.


Since you guys are trying to “balance” the game, calculating “survival ratios” and such, I got a question.

If the (only) Local 3 unique Erlidominus is pitted against Local 1’s Utarinex and Tryko what’s its survival ratio do you think? How much does it improve after you’ve added Thoradolosaur to the Local 1 team?


You have to look at the bigger picture. Games need to constantly change to stay interesting. The nerfs and buffs are to balance the whole ecosystem, not just your dinos. I know it seems frustrating but just wait and see how many amazing new things are introduced and then make up your mind. I bet your team will feel great in a week’s time.


You’re not hearing me. I agree that the game needs to change, but the cost of leveling dinos is too punishing. They need to either lower the coin cost to evolve or give us coins back when they nerf things. I’m not going to pay money to level dinos that are going to get nerfed in a couple months, and I’m out of TapJoy deals to do. When I run out of coins, I’m just going to quit. No other choice.


We all understand the frustration. Coins can be gotten daily so use what you have and save for your next project. Weekends provide solid coin bases from stime events etc plus your daily coin limit


Well, one thing’s for sure, this update will effectively make creatures like Suchotator twice as deadly as they were before, since tanks can no longer cleanse their lethal wound…