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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


Nice to see finally some counter atack love


Spinotasuchus is going to start getting more love



Within 3 days chill


What are you talking about? Dracorex & Dracorex Gen2 BOTH have stunning Strike attacks. Look it up.


Dracorex is going to be a beast from what i saw


My mistake. Thought you were talking about the impact


The amount of coins you can get daily is not nearly enough. The prices to level dinos in the upper levels are outrageous to begin with. And the value you get from it is now even worse, because Ludia is just going to nerf anything that is good.


I misinterpreted the post I believe. I thought it was going to lose rampage period, but I was informed it was only going to lose 1 rampage and still have another rampage. So it probably won’t be bad. Might actually be improved, maybe.


No, but If I go after Anky I can unlock Diorajasaurus this Weekend or soon after. With Sino I only could level Up Utasinoraptor or Allosinosaurus.


Got my rajanky to level 18 now so all in sino for 7 atempts at just on level 13


Ludia finally adds a lythronax hybrid!:heart_eyes:


I am seeing so many dinos i need now i can’t dart them all its great


Thanks to the swap in, Dracorex is slower then me


Loved most of it… but Indoraptor HP buff??? Oh god why :sweat_smile:


I’m sure he has been saving coins up for the next project but after weeks of saving a good investment is now a waste of money


“Indoraptor - HP Increased…” WHY? What need could there possibly be to BUFF this thing in any way? All this is is “we noticed there’s this 1 common that has a really good matchup against our favorite movie monster, and we decided that was unacceptable and made sure that couldn’t happen. Please let us know if any more dinos people might actually have decent access to start having good matchups against our beloved so we can fix that as well.”


@Ulfhednar with the new update, utharinex still good to evolve? I’ve read uthasinor also increased to 127 speed and attack as well…lf thats the case… utahsino is better now than utharinex then???


Gonna be a tough call. Utasino looks much better on paper. But who knows how the head to head match up will play out. Time will tell


Collecting dracorex is pretty hard the fact is 500dna of it to evolve Utharinex… so i hope even this new updates, unique dinos are still the one to be considered…