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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


I know what I’m going to build.
Just for the fun of it.


Well, Utarinex was never really appealing to me. For Speeders I recommend Indoraptor, Spinotasuchus, Erlidominus and Magnapyritor. Well, maybe Monomimus will still be useful. I expect to encounter more Immunes, so Utarinex would be less interesting.


So @Jorge, I’m the patch notes it says Diloracheirus’ health is getting buffed to 3450…but that’s where it’s health currently is already, so what’s story?


Soooo…Diloracheirus’ health is already 3450. Text error in the patch notes?


I’m kinda bummed about stegodeus losing armor piercing on his rampage. It was kind of neccessary to kill tragodist after his shield went down.


It did get a lot of counters added besides tany, like diloracheirus, monomimus (r.i.p.) and now erlikodominus as well.


this is gonna help a lot, also I think there needs to be a lot more coin in treasure chests, and also just make postimetrodon have more damage and gorgosuchus with immunity (properties the other has that one needs) also what would you do with aquatics, make like aquatic supply drops??? Just saying…




Will the zones still stay or everything is random everywhere?


I see there lots of mixed reactions. There will always something we not happy about. For me not sure what I think. I guess I will see.


when will it come out?


I agree that SS should still remove bleeding effects. Because the fact of the matter is is that this update is basically just going to make bleeders ridiculously over powered.


So hence the meta change and tanks no longer the most powerful in the game


Yeah, so they’ve just changed the complaints from Tanks to Bleeders. Brilliant plan.


Yh so why complain about the game been so predictable and needed changing


It’s what they do lol immune also getting a buff because bleeders are being buffed which is important to remember a whole diverse team will be needed rather than 6 tanks a mono and indo, which is currently every team in ruins ATM!


I admit i got 3 tanks an indom a raptor a stunner a power up dino and a counter attacker in there but one of trago or stego will be gone soon enough


My team is diverse enough for this update to really only be a nuisance, thankfully.


Thing is i ain’t prepared for this i need atleast 2 dinos and then see what the new ones can bring then change the whole face of my team and only got 40000 coins


I’m just really glad I decided to level up Suchotator in spite of all the naysayers. lol.