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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


I feel that this is why this is happening not balance reasons every competitive player is having to do exactly the same thing imagine the amounts of real money people are gonna spend to get new creatures just up to their current team strength, I feel bad for the top players who have lvl 30 Dino’s that are being made redundant


Haha got to work on my spinotasuchus 2 weeks ago and only a few more karposuchus i need to unluck him otherwise been working on meglasuchus for months and still no luck


my team so far but going to replace gorgo and maybe stego level trago up and put in tryostonix and spinotasuchus


In my opinion, if my team has at least 4-5 immune fighters, I don’t have much problems with bleeders or stunning at all. Occasionally, I do get stunned but it doesn’t drive me mad anymore.


Nice team i made about 3 mistakes this weekend and regret them all now


Could we introduce a way to jump to the post without scrolling through 300 comments? Maybe even hide comments? This is ridiculous.


Tap on the reply count on the bottom right corner (currently 248/248) and a menu opens up with options including “jump to…”.


I very much doubt that anyone will drop Stegodeus over this (I certainly won’t). Even with the SS nerf and losing armor piercing, it’s still the most powerful tank currently in the game.


Yh i think i will just stick with the tanked up stego just change a few around him since i got obe of the best in the game (monostego)


I don’t think I’d really call Monostego a tank. I think it’s more of a tanky nullifier. Though I guess that’s just semantics.


Yh he is just a beast realy and i am kind of glad i went with monostego instead of monomim


I am loving that you have a level 23 brachiosaur!
I was playing around with it in a Friendly battle with a friend and it’s surprisingly good at a high level!


I can’t even find enough to level past 13 never mind a massive amount like that


Leveled monomimus to 24 and half and monostegotops at 26 and half, could had a monostegotops at 28 if didnt levelev monomimus xd


Still a quality level but think most try not going over 20 incase a unique hybrid pops up eventualy


Does anyonne know how much HP will lose rajakylossaurus before the update?
I have him at lvl17 he has 3000HP how much he will lose? Same with megalosuchus


What level Of Dino are they talking about?


26 is the standard for everything @Sweethartrose


With what it is replaced? Like, what’s the basic attack after the update?


Im assuming attacks like low stunning strike just become strike