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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


This is probably a goober of a question, but hey… this is the very first game I’ve EVER played besides Solitaire and the originalTetris. My question is how do I update my game??? I use iOS,and its all current on its updates but I cannot find the update anywhere.
Again sorry for the silly question but I quite stuck in the past…



It will be in ur app store but its not out yet. Just published the changes for now. Update could go live anytime


All in all, I think this update looks great!

I was hoping to see that Indominus Rex would get a defense-shattering strike (basic attack) though. Perhaps another time?

Also, I think it would be cool to have more than one roster, especially when going into Strike events.

Along that line, with different creatures in each league, you have to continually flip-flop in your trophy count if you want incubators for a particular dinosaur in a specific league. This sort of makes me wish that leagues weren’t point-oriented, but instead depended on the level of dinosaurs in your roster. Save the points for tournaments!


Aha I agree on the coin issue. Coins are either too important or there should be more ways to acquire them. I was referring more to accepting the coming nerfs and boosts. Let’s first see if the ecosystem is more balanced and the playing environment more pleasant. Coins will definitely cause me to play less or lose interest as I will soon reach the point where collecting DNA will be pointless without coins to use all that DNA. I have 80 dinos to evolve at the moment and they are just about tired of waiting.



From all those Patch Notes, this is what I was expecting the most, since the game launched. And the SD Card bug correction is a bless (this game is too heavy for my android’s internal memory.

Thank you Ludia !

P.S.: I’m taking back my greets on the GPS improvement. It still disconnects A LOT (9 times on a 30 minute train travel today) and my data connection is allways on full force 4G…



This is the most important one to me

  • Improved balancing ensures all players have access to the ingredients required to make Rare Hybrids.

Though I hope it’s not just rotating zones every 6 months. Game gets stale quickly when it’s all the same Dino’s walk after walk.


and in short, when is the date of the update? … I think we all have that question …


I’m beginning to see a pattern and I don’t like it. Players finally find a team that can win so of course they start leveling up those particular dinos, spending many coins in the process. Then since soon a lot of people have a similar team Ludia nerfs them. So players are forced to reinvent their team. Find a good team, spend coins to level up, & nerf. Find a good team, spend coins to level up & nerf. Wash & repeat.
I completely understand that the game has to change. But it feels like a punishment for leveling up dinos. Honestly why bother? The ones that end up being effective after this update will most likely be nerfed at the next update.
And why is it our fault for leveling up Stegodeus or Monomimus when we should have known they were too powerful? Did we set the stats? No, Ludia did. Now after a lot of players have used very hard to get coins they say oops our bad, they’re too powerful and their moves don’t fit focus.
This is why I no longer battle. When they figure out how to introduce dinos with the correct stats and focus then I’ll start battling again. It’s hard enough living in a small town and seeing the same few dinos every day to be competitive without the people behind the game handicapping us even more.


Wait, what? Tragodistis has 3810 hp and 900 att at lvl 26. How his hp is reduced to 3990?


its a typo. theres also a typo with dilaracherious


So then it should be 3790 or 3690, maybe even lower? Who knows. We’ll find out. :grin:


It normally does it automatically for you mines off for maintenance so it might be here shortly


Holy heck… Did the sensitivity change? Feels like I’m driving on a sheet of ice


Hi everyone lvl 14+. Join xrawrx alliance, k? :3


Amazing Update! But I had some trouble fighting in the arena now. My opponents got 4 critical hits in a row and i got none of them. Is it just me or anybody does anybody else had the same thing?


On my iOS device after the update it’s fine. But my android it’s insanely sensitive for controlling the drone


My brother is having the same issue on his android phones. I have not experienced that at all on iOS. So, it sounds like a legit bug for android users.



I was having the issue on my andoroid too. In the player section, in settings I changed power saver to ON and its seems to be helping. Takes away some of the cool graphics in battle, worth it for me. Maybe it will for others until this gets fixed. =)


It’s great that I’ve invested that much in stegodeus, and without cleansing deaccelleration and without armor pierce he basically sucks now.


Not sure but it seems to be what 15 mins incubator drain money not add to your account :grimacing:

I got this one only once after the update, does anybody also noticed this? :thinking: