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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23


Though the problem with sony xperia xz2. Control of the drum was very sensitive.
Something to do with it, because it is very impenetrable.



Hi, it’s not possible AR with my phone “honor.view 10” !!! It’s Incredible with 6 Go ram and 128 go memory. why?


Dang, thanks for making all my time, effort and coins a waste of time on my dipoltar. Seriously lowered the health over 1000 points. Just wow


Yes here the same, I puts some money :moneybag: in de Dino’s and some are changed. Goodbye strong team. And €1000 it’s very bad wen you put money in to the game


I use a Pixel XL and my sensitivity went way up after the update. Much harder to collect DNA now :confused:


Yea i use pixel 3 happened to me too


Wondering if it’s a problem with Android 9 users. Please fix Ludia! It’s a waste of darts and time in its current state.


How come cleanse doesn’t remove the damage over time negative from a creature?


Are u referring to cleanse or superiority strike. Cuz they’re not the same thing. Cleanse cleanses everything. Speed, distracts, pin/lockdowns, DoT. Superiority strike cleanses jusy distracting


Got another one 15 mins incubator now it works fine, may be it was some system glitch or my sleepy eyes :roll_eyes:


I like the updates.

However, how about killing pvp entirely. What is the POINT! Everyone has level 30 dinosaurs and I don’t want invitations to fight someone else when there’s zero reward. It’s just a waste of time.

Also, maybe fix Treasure Hunt. It has toggled on three weeks in a row on the SAME day. It’s also just an aggravating feature now. I might get ONE if I’m lucky, then it vanished and there are no more. How about NOT making them vanish so I can collect my four walking my neighborhood rather than what you seem to want us to do, drive all around town. :confused:


So that weren’t my sleepy eyes :joy:

What exactly happening in some case once you open an incubator: it adds up its coins amount (that’s correct), next it adds up it again so coins reward became doubled (that’s wrong, unfortunately :)), next the game makes correction and there is coins subtraction could be noticed.

For 15 mins incubator I’ve missed the doubling step because coins amount wasn’t big.

But today, especially with almost zero coins in my profile, I’ve opened 12h incubator and it jumps from 4+ to 9+ grands coins :grimacing: and next again returns to 4+.

Thus I know it wasn’t just mine imagination :slight_smile:


I’m wondering would their be any changes on GPS malfunctions because before the update I was rendered in a different location than I was like a significant difference and now after the update I’ have no signal entiarly and I have reset my internet and tweaked the setting and still no difference and my GPS was working perfectly fine before


Nice with new dinos and meta change, but what have you done to the epic scent capsules??? Decreased the epic spawns? Would have been nice if we’ve been told erlier so we don¨t get tricked into buying them ever more…


Hi @Finn_Reid, I’m also was having gps positioning issues at some places (while walking a park for example), but actual issue was a powerbank - somehow it was affecting iPhone’s geo location hardware so phone was getting incorrect coordinates or even get nothing.

I’ve solved the issue by handling phone and powerbank in different hands :hugs:


Chat doesnt work half the time, when will this be fixed?


So once again, my main tank has been nerfed. Happens after every dang update, I have to reconstruct my entire team and start over…again. So much time and energy and coins spent on those Dino’s only to have to set them aside and figure out new strategies. Where are the commons? No Stegos anywhere… WHAT the hang? I live in an Urban area and most of the Dino’s have disappeared only seeing a few 2-3 where there was 10-15.


I’m going to cancel my vip … I thought every month I would get an epic incubator … it’s only 1!


Hi there!
Your post states that Diorajasaurus’ HP at lvl 26 would be 4050 since 1.5.
But actually it’s 3900 right now.
Why is that?

Give Dioraja long protection?

Good question @Ulfhednar.